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Mystical Voyaging Helps You Learn How To Escape From Planet Trump

On the Black Falcon, ready to board ten passengers for a Mystical Voyage.

Mystical Voyaging Helps You Learn How to Escape From Planet Trump, FAST!!!

One way to get off the planet real fast without any prior training or recollection of your Atlantean Self is to take repeated Mystical Voyages, which you can do in the Ashram without ever having to learn the basics of visualization.

In Mystical Voyaging, you learn to FEEL your way. You get used to passing through PORTALS until it becomes second nature to you.

As a matter of fact, using the Ashram’s Mystical Voyaging as a tool for transformation is as simple as singing or playing guitar for five minutes every day. It sort of transfers to the higher centrums, more or less by osmosis.

It’s a painless way to learn. You do, and do, and do, and after a while, it just does itself. Please allow me to explain how you can apply this in your daily life: Continue reading

NEW YEAR’S EVE SPECIAL — Black Falcon Project Takes Off —

Captain LeslieAnn of Black Falcon Airways prepares the cabin to host passengers.

Are you ready for an AfterLife Adventure? On New Year’s Day, LeslieAnn will pilot the very first of many InterDimensional Expeditions into parallel worlds and past lives. You can sign up now for the event. Seating is very limited.

But what exactly happens on a Black Falcon Adventure? Continue reading

God World In My Pocket


I’ve been terrifically busy lately, doing several things; the first is finishing work on the lower levels of the Ashram, and this is going well. Secondly, development of the use of the marketplace for Shamanic Skill Expansion, and Thirdly, my plan for world domination and control through the marketing of God World in my Pocket stuff.


I’ll explain how it works. Basically, you can stuff anything, however large and complex it might be, even a whole world, into one of my Magic Pouches, and it will not only stay there, it can be retrieved and if you’ve a place to rezz it, you can live in it, explore it, use it and so forth.


Each one of my God World in My Pocket items is a real place with its own time and lives. Remember in Hitch-Hiker’s Guide that mysterious satchel or bag that his aunt gave him that could hold absolutely anything, no matter how big??? Well, that’s what my Magic Pouch does! It can hold an entire universe, probably several billion of them, as a matter of fact, although the sorting and retrieval system would be nightmarishly slow at mere lightspeed.


My first experiment is with what you see in the screenshots — Norton Street West. It has everything and is lavish to the extreme, but it doesn’t matter, unless you try to manifest it in a sim, in which case, someone will complain. But in a Magic Pouch or Bag, it does no harm and has ZERO land impact!

In a sense, you are in the world, and yet you’re wearing it or carrying it, somewhat like theĀ  “Galaxy” amuletic necklace on the cat in the first Men in Black film, right??? The contact you will receive from this effect is absolutely staggering, mind-blowing, and guaranteed to work, and work so good you’ll be astonished from toe to crown, or your Lindens back!!!

If that isn’t Magic with a Capital M, what is???


The screenshots of Norton Street West say it all. It’ll be up for sale in just a few days, on my “EJ Gold Guru” shop, called The God Particle in Second Life Marketplace.

I’ll soon have Cosmo Street and my Dad, Horace L. Gold’s, creation — The Old Curiowsity Shoppe (from our collaboration sci-fi stories in Retro SF and other novels) ready for sale, and many more treasures. Be sure to ask about the Magic Pouch at the ICW tomorrow!!!

See You At The Top!!!


Bunraku Puppetry at Prosperity Virtual Ashram


Bunraku Puppetry Rides Again!!! — Yes, it’s true; everyone who was a member of the NABT, North American Bunraku Troupe, is invited to participate, and newcomers to the art are very welcome! You will learn how to manipulate a puppet in Second Life. Just as in so-called “Real Life”, the sound is provided by the “chorus”, or in some cases, might be pre-recorded, but the puppetry is always LIVE action! How is this done? Classes in Second Life Puppetry are starting right now at Prosperity Virtual Ashram. If you don’t know anything about it, this is the time to find out, and that hurdle is the First Initiation. We are actively looking for great puppeteers, and the troupe elders are very excited to have the opportunity to pass the art to the next generation!

Continue reading

Live-in-Person Music All Day Long???


Gorby’s Place — Live Music All Day Long — In the Ashram Tower — The address is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prosperity%20Ashram/127/173/178

There will be a lot of new folks visiting the Ashram today, so I thought a short tour of some of the high points might be in order… Click the thingy to read more about it…

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Amazing ThingsTo See…


Little Jenny from BardoTown visits Prosperity Ashram, May 21, 2013, photo by EJ Gold.

Today, I’m going to break my rule — no nudity on my blog — to bring you an amazing video of a ritual dance, performed to a fascinating violin interpretation of deFalla’s Ritual Dance of Fire. Well, she’s not actually nude…with more careful observation, I note a wispy, almost ethereal, thong and pasties. Okay, that’s beach-wear these days, so I’ll ignore the butt-cheeks and the full-frontal pulchritude. Here it is, then — after which I’ll show you a few incredible things that some very imaginative folks have done within the context of the sim worlds, notably Second Life. If you know your exotic dancing, you’ll note that there are very few repeats in her dance, with very few notable exceptions. Vanessa Mae was the artist for the soundtrack; the video was created and performed by Slappy Doobie. It was performed live at Ellie’s Burlesque Club in-world. Look for Virtual Burlesque for more.

And now, let’s look at some perhaps even more amazing performers on Second Life! Keep in mind that you’re not expected to watch the entire video — just enough to get the idea.

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