Mystical Voyaging Helps You Learn How To Escape From Planet Trump

On the Black Falcon, ready to board ten passengers for a Mystical Voyage.

Mystical Voyaging Helps You Learn How to Escape From Planet Trump, FAST!!!

One way to get off the planet real fast without any prior training or recollection of your Atlantean Self is to take repeated Mystical Voyages, which you can do in the Ashram without ever having to learn the basics of visualization.

In Mystical Voyaging, you learn to FEEL your way. You get used to passing through PORTALS until it becomes second nature to you.

As a matter of fact, using the Ashram’s Mystical Voyaging as a tool for transformation is as simple as singing or playing guitar for five minutes every day. It sort of transfers to the higher centrums, more or less by osmosis.

It’s a painless way to learn. You do, and do, and do, and after a while, it just does itself. Please allow me to explain how you can apply this in your daily life:

Get aboard the Black Falcon — we’re just about to take off on our Mystical Voyage.

Ritual is a set of actions, sounds and operations that opens a PORTAL.

Those actions, sounds and operations could look like dance, theater, drumming, chanting, processioning or walking through a Zen Garden in Walking-Zen Meditation.

The ritual can take almost any form, and must contain all the releasing and unlocking and invoking tools you’ll need to open, activate and operate the PORTAL.

This is useful to open and operate almost any PORTAL, once you’ve found it.

Red House offers wonderful meeting rooms and Online Convention facilities.

Online Conventions, lectures, meetings, chats and demonstration lab classes can be held in the Ashram. All you need do is ask.

PORTALS are another matter. They’re hard to spot sometimes, and then again, even if you know exactly where it is and how to operate it, the thing sits stubbornly dead & empty.

It can be a major stumbling block to not know where the MAJOR PORTALS might be located and more specifically, where the NEAREST PORTAL to your house might be found.

After you’ve found, seen or Remote-Read & Mapped a PORTAL, you need to be directly in front of it, right?

My little Handy-Dandy Portable PORTAL folds up into HyperSpace when I’m not using it.

So the next item on your list is GETTING TO THE PORTAL, unless you’re planning to build your own Home Vortex Particle Accelerator, or you happen to have a SHAMAN’S SHED PORTAL right there in your back yard  — hey, not a bad idea, these days, what with a shooting war just around the corner.

Hear screaming, shooting, explosions? Do you see a mob of hysterical stampeding humans passing by, looting as they go?

Why not duck into your Shaman Shed and bug the hell out of there?

A PORTAL can be kept in a Shaman Shed in your backyard and no one will know that it is a GateWay to another dimension! Duck into it in a pinch, and disappear!

But how do you “Bug Out” into another dimension???

Okay, once again I’ll go over the “Carnegie Hall Drill”. Read my lips: “Practice, Practice, Practice.” So what didn’t you understand about practice?

You pick up the Voyaging Skill as you run through many, many Mystical Voyages performed in the Ashram. Many, many.

Repeated Mystical Voyages will have several desirable effects, one of which is that you’ll AUTOMATICALLY find voyaging to be easier and much more fun and far more interesting than “Real Life” — much more fun than you’d ever have expected.

Here’s a Selfie at Murray’s Kosher Zen Monastery on the Island of Larga.

You think I’m kidding, or exaggerating or just plain fibbing? Not my style. Try it, you’ll like it.

And it’s even better if you learn to serve in our Voyaging and Flight School, where Avatars can learn how to fly and how to sail in the Ashram.

If you can learn to fly a plane in the Ashram, you might enjoy the little Pocket-Sized Drone I got for Christmas. It comes from Hammacher-Schlemmer, and is the damndest little thing you ever saw.

Ashram Flying is Fun & Instructive

I prefer my Mi-24 HIND to the little drones — you can’t beat the firepower.

That thing rises up a foot or two, maneuvers around a cafe table, takes a photo or video, then flies a wobbly line as it lands gently on the table in front of me, and then gets tucked away into my pocket.

That’s the small, pocket-sized version of the personal drone, but they have them much bigger and capable of much further flight and much more flight control with larger, more complex computer-driven personal drones, some of which have a controllable live-action range of five miles and a payload of 38 POUNDS!!!

I can only imagine the kinds of things someone could put into one of those.

You can buy one that carries a boxful of stuff, like the AMAZON DRONES that fly your package right to your door, and sometimes through a picture window.

But you get it the day you ordered it.

Gee, those PERSONAL DRONES arrived just in time for the Big Blowup, eh? There are literally THOUSANDS of them for sale everywhere, and there are entire stores such as Radio Shack, that specializes in PERSONAL DRONES.

My HIND helicopter is so handy — I park it in my driveway and fly it to work!

Myself, I prefer the feel of my trusty Mi-24 HIND chopper which I keep handy in the Ashram in case of Nuclear War.

It’s got terrific firepower, and it’s the choice of more than 50 different countries, none of which is the United States. You will really like the comfort of the ergonomically-designed air-flo contour seats, and the New-Age look of the cockpit and instrument panel.

You will FEEL the higher vibrations when you unleash the firepower of this little baby on the average woody countryside, and remember, it can all be rebuilt in the blink of an eye, so don’t hold back!

The chatter of machine-gun fire is so soothing, you might prefer it to just flying around in the Black Falcon, but believe me, even wildass sky combat gets boring and tiresome after a while.

One small learning curve in this particular SL aircraft is that if it hits something, it tends to crash and burn and then explode. Best in the hands of expert drone-style flyers, I suspect.

One terrific result of drone flying and flying aircraft in the Ashram is that you get direct personal experience in Remote Viewing, and it’s all at high-speed, so you learn quickly how to maneuver without crashing into something.

Remote Reading can also be accomplished by using cyberspace entry, where you’d create a duplicate of the space, then invade it with an Avatar and explore it, getting the mental images as you work around in the space.

This works well if you have the layout already in hand. If you don’t, you’re stuck with the old pencil and paper “draw what you see” style of Remote Viewing.

Well, let’s leave the military aircraft behind, and proceed to our next Mystical Voyage Destination, the Garden of Zen Delights.


I took this Selfie at the beautiful Zen Garden where we walked in Zen Style.

We only walk through the garden on our Mystical Voyage, but you can take a moment to capture the teleport on your viewer, and return whenever you like.

The water sounds are an important part of any Zen Garden, and water features are vital for the success of the vibrational magic and overtones set up by the garden vortex, which is rooted on the x/y axis in the exact center of the garden.

This produces a vortex effect when activated and a mild magnetic field effect when it’s not.

The curved bridge over the water is a vital element, as are the garden lights on either end. Waterfalls and smaller falls or rippling washboard pebbles and dripping stones can add a lot of magical effect as well as higher aesthetic levels.

This is the famous Tajj Monastery, where you can sit in meditation or prayer if you like.

Aesthetic levels are where it’s at, in terms of rising through the Aethyrs, which is really what it’s all about.

You want to be able to go up and down the ladder, up and down the elevator, up and down the slider, up and down the column, the tree of life, the circles of consciousness, the scale of creation and more.

You’ll note that the lower levels are very robotic, that the program is everything, learning is nothing.

Progressing up the Scales of Cosmic Reality, it will be evident that greater and higher levels of consciousness rise as you go up the Scale.

Meditation will also give you the skills to move up and down the Reality Scale.

Higher Consciousness also means greater ethics, higher integrity, stronger willpower.

It’s easy to travel Jacob’s Ladder when you know how, and it’s even easier to learn than guitar!

WHAT is easier to learn than guitar?

Why, moving up and down the REALITY SCALES, of course!

When you get to the top, you’ll know.

Moving from the Dung Pits of Glyve all the way up to Buddha’s Pure Land & Beyond, taking the floors two at a time.

Of course, you can’t do that with your human body. But you CAN use your experience in a human body to access these quantum levels.

These skills tend to jump over boundaries, and you’ll find yourself having an easier time Remote Viewing, Remote Reading and Astral Projecting and Jaunting when you’ve done a few Mystical Voyages with us.

These are worlds that exist on many different levels, many different relative scales, but all pretty much the same in detail and configuration from one level to the next.

In short, a pile of rooms stacked one on the other, all the way up and all the way down, and there is no end to “up” and “down” on any scale, due to a trick of infinity.

So how do you determine which level you’re on, if they all look the same?

This Selfie at the Krishna Temple was SO hard to take. It looks like I have no lips!

That’s part of your Shamanic Training, to learn to distinguish one from the other, but first you must become an easy voyager, knowing pretty much what to expect and how to deal with the inevitable oddball psychic and historical effects of voyaging.

One way to perform actual voyaging is to become so comfortable with Mystical Voyaging that it becomes Second Nature to you.

You want Voyaging to be something you do instinctively and naturally.

Voyaging becomes second nature, when you voyage a lot. One way to implement this idea is to DO something in your voyaging, like t’ai ch’i exercising with us on the Main Island in the Ashram.

You can organize events in the various chapels, meditation halls and temples, and processionals are always a welcome sight at the Ashram.

You might want to schedule a lecture or a talk or a forum — you can do that, too!

We stopped at this stunning Roman Temple for a snack and a chance at the rest rooms.

One fantastic thing about Mystical Voyaging is that you never have a baggage or luggage issue. You travel with everything you need in your stash bag, which carries more than can be contained in a single universe, so not to worry about a large handbag, it’s redundant.

You’ll need to know how to FIND a PORTAL, how to RECOGNIZE a PORTAL, how to BUILD a PORTAL and how to TRIGGER and OPERATE a PORTAL, all of which you’ll learn easily and naturally as we go along in our Mystical Voyages.

Yes, Virginia, VOYAGES, which means “more than one”. It takes a lot of REPETITION to set in the habits, and a hundred Mystical Voyages later, you’ll still be learning and getting incredible results.

Habits is what you need, and REPETITION takes it right out of the mental and into the direct experiential, and one of the most important habits you’ll need to develop is RIGHT TONES with your INCANTATIONS, CHANTING or PRAYERS, and you can use our “Sing With the Angels” Practice to accomplish that.

CORRECT PITCH means that you’re “on-key” rather than “off-key”, which is a result of practice, practice, practice. You are expected to GET that practice using the H1 Harmonizer. You need to be able to correct your vocal pitch and keep it corrected with minor adjustments of abdominal muscles, breath and vocal chord manipulation.

All this sounds terribly complex and horrifically scientific, but it isn’t. It comes easily, I tell ya, when you practice Mystical Voyaging on a daily basis, even if it’s only five minutes a day. Actually, 20 minute sessions and 1 hour sessions are more common and produce much better results, but anything is better than nothing at all, when it comes to spiritual practices.

Grishy & I run “G&G Enterprises” to keep everyone supplied in materials & tools for transformation.


Intonation means the QUALITY of your tones more than the precision of their frequencies, although that is important, too. The quality of your voice will change with the strength of your outbreath, the setting of your vocal chords and the shape of the mouth, but really, it’s about the TIMBRE, which is hard to grasp until you have LOTS of experience personally experienced upon which to draw for massive sets of examples of TONES.

Intonation is subtle, and I wouldn’t expect to catch on to what it is or how to use it until you’ve had hundreds of hours of practice.

You’ll eventually pick up the nuances. Don’t expect Mastery in the first few minutes.

You can practice your tones at the Ashram, here at Gorby’s Place.


Tones are the notes as they are seen against the entire TONE SCALE, which technically is the entire range of SOUND within HUMAN HEARING, which is not very much in the way of spectrum, if you ask me.

You’d normally view TONES within a much larger horizontal chart of frequencies along the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum, or EMS.

If you turn that scale sideways, so that the lower or deeper TONES are at the bottom of the scale, you’ll be able to figure out how that relates to musical tones.

There’s a LADDER there as well, ranging from lower notes at the bottom to higher and higher notes at the top.

This LADDER is arranged in groups of repeating tones at OCTAVE intervals.

We call the various notes “C” or “D” or “E flat”, but they are indeed DIFFERENT notes, even though SIMILAR NOTES repeat themselves at octave intervals throughout the TONE SCALE.

Once I find the Village String Shop, I can orient myself and find the rest of the route easily enough.

Of course, the notes in the WESTERN SCALE are usually of the Tempered Variety. I find that I have to use many different TONE SCALES, both Eastern and Western, to get the great quantum TRANSFERENCE and VOYAGING effects that I would like to see happen.

If you ever expect to PHYSICALLY TRANSFER from one dimension to another, you’d better not rely upon just stumbling onto, in and through a PORTAL into another dimension.

For one thing, you never know what it’s attached to, what’s at the other end, unless you are already familiar with that particular PORTAL, because they’re all different, and they all lead to different places, different times and even different realities so far apart that you might not recognize them.

In short, it can get really weird, and the sooner you get used to it, the better.

See You At The Top!!!