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Forget About Trump!

Dimatteo’s Pizza is a very popular pizza spot, and the products are delicious.

Forget about Trump for a few minutes. I know it’s hard to drop the subject — he’s plastered all over the news, and his ugly pig-face is absolutely everywhere, but let’s do try for a few minutes to concentrate on something else.

Oh, are you finding that difficult? Trump IS a major distraction on the Path, but don’t let that throw you off your spiritual stride. What you really need to put in place is a majorly powerful “Keep-Away” of some sort, and I recommend a TRUMPENITE DOME, combined with a TFZ MEDALLION. See my other blogs about those items or call and ask about them.

Even with those “keep-aways” in place, you might find Trump still very much in your face and in your mind, maintaining a constant CLOUD OF WORRY over your head.

That’s how an NPD maintains power, and Donald Trump is an NPD and a half. He actually falls well within the highest scoring nuttos on the planet, and that’s on a definite bell-curve. Continue reading

The Magical Mystery Tour is Coming to Take You Away …

the magical mystery tour is coming to take you away...
the magical mystery tour is coming to take you away…

How would you like to take a walking tour of the Between-Lives State and never leave the apparent safety of your desktop computer?

Merely send for “Practical Guide to the Labyrinth” and you’ll have an adventure in sight, sound and text, created just for you from my original 35mm color photos, put together with soundbytes and interactive fun, by computer wizard Wayne Hoyle. Continue reading

What is “The Game of Bardo” & How is it Played?

“The Bardo of Friendly Guides”, coming soon to your neighborhood theater.

Video Gaming is an important part of ANY Healing Process. It is not in itself a Healing Action, but supports Healing Actions with a Restorative-Regenerative Process within the Essential Self, expressed as an increase in the general neuro-plasticity of the brain and nervous system of the organic body.

The Video Game called “The Game of Bardo” has direct ties to a variety of organic ills and difficulties that tend to manifest in the body when things are not quite right in the Between-Lives State, because the Higher Bodies are very “senior” to the organic and other lower bodies, and what happens Up There profoundly affects what happens Down Here.

The Bardo Hooks that are ACTIVE tend to poke right through the Bardo Walls right into the Present Lifetime, and that can be quite painful and annoying, interruptive and hurtful, disrupting your inner and outer worlds and making your life a general hell on Earth.

Getting rid of those Bardo Hooks makes the corresponding things in your daily life go away, one item at a time. It isn’t important that you feel better as a result — if that happens, fine — that’s a brilliant bonus, but the REAL importance is that you can SEE A DEFINITE RESULT WITH YOUR OWN EYES, and can know by these signs — called “Organic Indicators” — that a corresponding change has taken place in the invisible world.

The only way to detect an uncharged particle is by some secondary effect. Invisible means just that, “not visible”. Eliminating the so-called “neuroses” in your organic self is nice, it makes you feel better and perform your life-tasks better, but it’s far more important that it indicates that something happened inside yourself. It is a visible signal that serves as an indicator of a successful operation in the invisible world, see? Continue reading

Hacking Death

Get your map here for the next stage of the Between-Lives State BEFORE you go!!!

How do you hack death? Nobody escapes death, we all know this. As my friend and next-door neighbor on Rothdell Trail — a small street behind the Laurel Canyon Market, now renamed “Love Street” from a Doors song — Jim Morrison said, as we sat around in the back of my shop on Hollywood Boulevard, on a hot July day in 1967: “No one gets out of here alive.”

Not alive in the organic sense, no, but the Essential Self merely disconnects from the organic shell and moves on, or remains trapped in the Bardos, waiting for the next exciting chapter in The Rebirth Game, the longest-running daytime soap opera in history.

So how do you hack death? You die before you die.

Everyone says that, but how??? It’s actually easy, and you can do the whole lot in just TEN HOURS in five two-hour long personally coached sessions in a total of 3 days, which means you can take the whole course on a 3-day weekend of your choice.

Each student is personally coached through the Bardo Stations, one station at a time, until the entire 10-Hour “Unchain Me” Package has been completed. What exactly does that deliver?

Here’s the straight talk: If you are thoroughly aligned with the robotic Humanoid in which you currently have your domicile, and you have elected to allow the robot to run things, you’ll be having a tight and difficult ride through life. Continue reading

NEW YEAR’S EVE SPECIAL — Black Falcon Project Takes Off —

Captain LeslieAnn of Black Falcon Airways prepares the cabin to host passengers.

Are you ready for an AfterLife Adventure? On New Year’s Day, LeslieAnn will pilot the very first of many InterDimensional Expeditions into parallel worlds and past lives. You can sign up now for the event. Seating is very limited.

But what exactly happens on a Black Falcon Adventure? Continue reading

BLS #2 — Between Lives State — WarfTown Secrets


Yeah, there are so-called “secrets” of the afterlife, just as there are about painting, sculpture and window-cleaning, the real kind of window cleaning, not washing & wiping, and this is one of them: look carefully at this scene…it’s just as it will present to you. Do you see anything unusual? Anything of which you should take note? There are two doors in sight, between which is a small Will-Call window. Just below the window is a switch; throw it and both doors will open.

Continue reading