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OMG, Even Yet More From LeslieAnn!!!

More Late Summer & Fall Fashions from LeslieAnn at Tattoo-Fashions!

Here’s yet another list of even yet more already, Late-Summer and Fall Fashions from LeslieAnn here at Tatoo-Fashions. These are all genuine, real-world items, so YOU will wear them on your human Avatar!



Logarithmic Blue Skywalker One-Piece Swimsuit, $225 Continue reading

Yet More New From LeslieAnn

Here is the third grouping of LeslieAnn Fall Fashions for your consideration. These will form part of the catalog that you can receive in printed form or download it and print it yourself, $35 covers the cost, and you can sell both wholesale and retail from my full-color catalog, which is sure to become a collector’s item. I flat-sign every copy that goes out of here!


Midnight Special Maxi Ball Gown, $225

Here are just a few more of my more than 1,000 fashion offerings. I hope you find something of interest here, and keep in mind that you could be reselling these items in your hometown or online. Just ask, to find out how to cash in on this exciting amazing spiritual breakthrough “Cloaking Technology”, to change how your life happens and what happens to you as you move through the gameworld called “Planet Earth”. Continue reading

How to Use Movements for Healing

As outlined in Angel’s Healing Journey, Gateways Books 1997, various angels can be invoked for assistance with the Human Biological Machine. Consult Angel’s Healing Journey for specifics.

Exactly how to invoke the help of those angels is the subject of this little essay.

Make certain your space is clean and clear, then begin as follows: Continue reading

MetaProgramming the Human Biocomputer

EMO DEVICES such as GUIDE RINGS, GUIDE BRACELETS, GUIDE EARRINGS & GUIDE NECKLACES are only useful as GUIDES to BLUE SPACE when they are activated by the Movements.

The Movements can be viewed as a series of postures connected by specific transitions. They can be linked together into Kathas, or Forms, creating chains or strings of powerful invocational “passes” or moves.

This can in turn be linked to space-time, creating a Causal Plane Effect, if the system is turned on.

Turning on the system requires triggering actions, which are initiated by wearing the specific amulet, EMO gear, within a radius of 9 meters or less from the SuperBeacon & Matrix Altar Area. Continue reading

What’s Going On Here, Anyway???


This blog started out on the subject of How to use your Brane-Power Ammy Induction Apps — merely wear the Ammy of choice, download and run the corresponding Ammy Induction from your iPhone or Android, but then, in the middle of it, came The Announcement about SpaceBuddhaa’s resignation from the Cloister, on facebook, and I’m including some commentary on it. Relax, it’s nothing to get hung about. Read on. Continue reading