Yet More New From LeslieAnn

Here is the third grouping of LeslieAnn Fall Fashions for your consideration. These will form part of the catalog that you can receive in printed form or download it and print it yourself, $35 covers the cost, and you can sell both wholesale and retail from my full-color catalog, which is sure to become a collector’s item. I flat-sign every copy that goes out of here!

Midnight Special Maxi Ball Gown, $225

Here are just a few more of my more than 1,000 fashion offerings. I hope you find something of interest here, and keep in mind that you could be reselling these items in your hometown or online. Just ask, to find out how to cash in on this exciting amazing spiritual breakthrough “Cloaking Technology”, to change how your life happens and what happens to you as you move through the gameworld called “Planet Earth”.

Preferred Stockholder Designer Baseball Cap, $89

Queen of the Dance Maxi Ball Gown, $225

Forest Dweller Zip-Up Hoodie, $175

Many Rivers to Cross Twill Jacket, $225

Clear Light Prayer Halter Top, $85

Line Over Line Zip-Up Hoodie, $175

Alternate Dimensions Kid’s Blouse, $89

Sunrise Sunshine Kid’s Party Dress, $125

Shimmering Wonder Summer Dress, $225

Patterns of Light Kid’s Bloomers, $85

Spacy Spirals Kid’s Unitard, $175

Linear Curvature Trousers, $225

More Science High Varsity Jacket, $275

“Calmness” Kid’s 100% Cotton Button-Down Dress Shirt

100% Cotton Twill Zig-Zag & Swirl Mini Skirt, $150

100% Cotton Gauze “Sugar Plum” Kid’s Tent Dress, $120

“Strung Out” One-Piece Swimsuit, $225

100% Poly Jersey “Checkerboard Square” Cuffed Long-Sleeve Top, $89

Bardo Space Bikini, $125

“Dimensions” Long-Sleeve Movements Shirt Top, $125

Riptide Brane Power Bikini, $125

“Dimensions” Women’s Tie-Waist Movements Costume, $350

Boxy Linen Movements Shirt Top, $150

“Dimensions” Long-Sleeved Cuffed Movements Shirt Top, $89

“Coral Waters” One-Piece Swimsuit, $225

“Dimensions” VIP Silk Movements Top, $350

“Jagged Lightning” One-Piece Swimsuit, $225

“Hot Night in Hell” One-Piece Swimsuit, $225

“Dakini Bikini” Swimsuit, $125

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