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OMG, Even Yet More From LeslieAnn!!!

More Late Summer & Fall Fashions from LeslieAnn at Tattoo-Fashions!

Here’s yet another list of even yet more already, Late-Summer and Fall Fashions from LeslieAnn here at Tatoo-Fashions. These are all genuine, real-world items, so YOU will wear them on your human Avatar!



Logarithmic Blue Skywalker One-Piece Swimsuit, $225 Continue reading

New From LeslieAnn

Here’s my latest lines, all created within the past few days of an unabated spate of textile creativity!



Interpenetrating Dimensions One-Piece Swimsuit, $225

Isn’t this amazing? There are a lot more fashions available than I thought, on PAOM, and I’m putting a few of them into this blog and a few more blogs just like it, so you can get an idea of what you’ll be able to create, and what the retail of each item will probably be. Continue reading

Where Did You Get That???

Where Did You Get That???

At the bottom of the blog, I’ll reveal where YOU can get these items for yourself!

Here’s my newest, latest line of stuff, mostly experimental designs on very interesting 3D items — their photos are goddawful small and there seem to be no larger images available, so my alternate plan is to actually order a number of items and send for them and when they arrive, put them on our own models and photograph them for our website and sales venues, plus of course magazine covers, etc. — The photos are intended for easy viewing in cell phones, but when we get our own photos, they’ll be much larger than what you see below.

Draped Short-Sleeve Tunic MoMa — $59.95 — I don’t know if you can pick up the detail in this beautifully draped short-sleeve tunic — it is really swell and dandy, and a total bargain at only $49.95! Continue reading