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New From LeslieAnn

Here’s my latest lines, all created within the past few days of an unabated spate of textile creativity!



Interpenetrating Dimensions One-Piece Swimsuit, $225

Isn’t this amazing? There are a lot more fashions available than I thought, on PAOM, and I’m putting a few of them into this blog and a few more blogs just like it, so you can get an idea of what you’ll be able to create, and what the retail of each item will probably be. Continue reading

How Does Bilocation Work?

Bilocation is really very simple to understand and, with the Prosperity Path system, even easier to use and master. Matter that is unobserved acts as a wave. Once its speed or location is known, it behaves like a particle, and if it’s ever, ever going to be under observation, it behaves like a particle even before the observation begins. Secondly, matter that is unobserved and acting like a wave can be in several very separate and distant places at once without losing its identity. So long as you remain unobserved and unmeasured, you can do the same, and I can prove it to you in a matter of minutes, and will, at the next Prosperity Path Convention, Labor Day Weekend upcoming. Now, Bilocation is your friend, your ally…I’ll explain further how it works…

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