New From LeslieAnn

Here’s my latest lines, all created within the past few days of an unabated spate of textile creativity!

Interpenetrating Dimensions One-Piece Swimsuit, $225

Isn’t this amazing? There are a lot more fashions available than I thought, on PAOM, and I’m putting a few of them into this blog and a few more blogs just like it, so you can get an idea of what you’ll be able to create, and what the retail of each item will probably be.

Datastream Lifestream Slip Dress, $225

Harmony Bikini, $125

Teamplay Fairgame Coach Jacket, $225

Atlantean Society Cropped Bomber Jacket, $175

Magnetic Attraction One-Piece Swimsuit, $225

Zig-Zag & Swirl Gabriel Held Chiffon Blazer Top, $250

Circle of Peace Gabriel Held Chiffon Slacks, $225

Cactus Flower Bikini Swimsuit, $125

Sumerian Magic Eyes Bodycon Dress, $175

Puma Punku Portal All-Cotton Bathrobe, $300

Zero-Gravity Full Suspension One-Piece Swimsuit, $225

Low-Flying Whatnots Over Heaven One-Piece Swimsuit, $225

String Theory Unisex 55% Linen 45% Cotton Tie, $140

Zebra Tie-Waist Jumpsuit, $350

Parallel Universe Halter Top, $85

Sumerian Magic Eye Kimono, $150

Losel Wood Chillin’ Shorteralls, $350

“Protection” Designer Summer Shorts, $140

Love Me Tenderly Gabriel Held Zip Skirt, $160

Tubular Bells Mini Tube Skirt, $85

“Contact” Dirndl Dress, $450

Atlantis Blue Swim Shorts, $150

That’s enough graphics for one page…go to the next page for more…

See You At The Top!!!