Cloaking — How it Works

Prosperity Path Vineyards #1 by ProsperityPath

The idea of “CLOAKING” goes all the way back to when people wore animal skins to hunt animals on the plains, and if you want to count previous incarnations and cosmic cycles, it goes back all the way to the Blueline Game Map of the Universe itself.

Yeah, that far back.

The Blueline Map of the Game is real, it really exists, and it’s really, really simple. You wouldn’t believe how simple it is to program in the MoveAct Code, to make it appear as if the entities are intelligent and self-aware, but in reality, they’re just chat-bots, like your friends and neighbors.

There are a very few responses that living creatures have available on encounters:

  • Run Away.
  • Kill It.
  • Eat It.
  • Have Sex With It.
  • Ignore It.

It doesn’t sound like much to work with, and it isn’t, but believe me, most human beings have no need for more than the dial-tone level of consciousness in order to seem very human, with all the human values that endear humans to not very many Higher Intelligences.

If you penetrate the SIM successfully, you can easily see the workings, all exposed and revealed before you, as it were. It’s easy to see the strings, the connections, and if you can see them, you know exactly which strings to pull.

Like This.

Cloaking is a simple way of changing yourself from one thing into another — a sort of self-transformation, something like the famous saying, “The clothing makes the man”, which in the case of Cloaking is quite literally true of both men and women.

And in the case of my doggie and cat-lovers’ items, it goes beyond the pale of mere humanity.

If you have a pet clinic, foster home or adoption service, you want to talk to me about fundraiser CLOAKING items for pets, that you can offer, to get your project funded.

Cloaking Up for Halloween is surely familiar to you if you live in the Western Realm, and possibly even further, because Halloween has become more or less cross-cultural, in the sense that you can get a Frankenstein mask or a witches outfit that came from China all the way to K-Mart.

I can bet dollars-to-donuts that my designs are more exclusive than what you’ll find at K-Mart or Wal-Mart these days.

In fact, I can guarantee that someone in one of my fashions will not meet someone else in that same fashion, unless they live in a crowded urban environment. In a small town, the odds are against it, because who has Avant-Garde Big-City taste like that, in a small town?

Well, frankly, I do.

Blue Whale Waters by ProsperityPath

I live in a very small town, but it has a population with big-city tastes. Years ago, my friend Daniel Brooks had a fashion shop on Mill Street, a dozen steps from our shop.

His average sale was $1,000 or more, and what he sold could only be described as “a transplant from 5th Avenue”. It was really New York class and style, and he had a following, among the rich folks who live in several protected gated communities around the area.

We’re talking Rockefellers, Fishes, Dumonts — the richest of the rich have vacation homes nearby, and they show up in town “slumming” for some fun items, usually antiques, and some of them ended up in Daniel’s New York style fashion shop.

Daniel has retired, but those customers are still out there, shopping.

If you want to get their attention, it has to be something they can’t get at Sears, can’t even find at their local boutique.

Don’t just stand there, buy something.

When you wear one of my Cloaking Fashions, you will definitely hear the magic phrase, “Where did you get that???”, which is your cue to offer them a discount certificate.

Wearing a Cloak establishes a different Identity. You look different, therefore you are different. It’s not in the normal range of “different”, however — not just any garment is a Cloak, and a Cloak is not necessarily a garment, and I’ll be only too happy to explain.

“Only too happy” refers to a state of mental-emotional plusness … oh, wait — I suppose it’s Cloaking I’m supposed to explain, not “only too happy”. Oh, well, okay, here goes:

When you PUT ON the Cloak and chant “Om Mani Padme Hum” — just once — the Cloak ACTIVATES. This is very important.

When you REMOVE the Cloak and chant again “Om Mani Padme Hum”, the Cloak DE-ACTIVATES. You need to perform this removing chant in order to turn it off. The mantra is a “toggle switch” that goes back and forth between “on” and “off”, see?

Golden Buddha Unmasking the SIM by ProsperityPath

What’s in a Cloak?

  • The CLOAK has DOMAINS set in its FLAT-PLANE FIELD. These are denoted by the colors, sometimes one, sometimes two or three colors, within the borders.
  • The BORDERS around the DOMAINS are called BOUNDARIES. The color areas are said to be “boundaried domains” — they have definite drawn limits and neighbors.
  • MAP THEORY is all about how many colors it takes to complete a Flat-Plane Field.
  • MODEL-MAKING will give you in detail what happens when you stretch a Flat-Plane Field over a three-dimensional model and then move it around with its skeleton and rigging.
  • SLIPPAGE tells you where the hot points on a Flat-Plane Field are going to land and where they’re going to have the greatest “give” and accommodation.
  • TIME-BRIDGE is the Einstein-Rosen Effect that results from the distortion of the Flat-Plane Field by accommodation to the three-dimensional object of which it now forms the “skin” or surface.
  • SURFACE INFORMATION is what is “read” by the SIM. The surface information is assymetrical, pulsing and wave-formed to create a unique photon-handling micro-surface that produces quantum field analog effects in the Einsteinian Universe. In short, “As Below, So Above”. Try it, you’ll like it.
  • ASSOCIATED MAGIC  is the effect you get in the “Real World” when you take an action in the quantum world.
  • UNMASKING THE SIM is the general effect you get when you see the direct operation of the SIM revealed right in front of your eyes, sufficiently obvious that even YOU can see through the thin veil of “Fake Reality”.

MicroMaze Landscape by ProsperityPath

The general action of wearing the items, carrying the items and/or placing the items that are thus folded will produce a time-tunnel effect, through which you can act with the help of your SuperBeacon, Ammy, Guitar Practice, Voice Practice, Embossing Practice, Drawing Practice, Painting Practice, Cooking Practice, Daily Work Practices, and more.

What happens is that through the use of CLOAKING DEVICES, you get several really powerful and important new effects:


The most important thing to remember in the use of Cloaking Devices is that they merely amplify what’s already there, they don’t supply heart if you haven’t got it.

All the goodness and well-wishing for all beings everywhere will have to come from you. Only then will you “tune in” to the goodness around you. You can’t be told what you don’t already know.

You can’t see what you won’t see, can’t hear what you won’t hear.

When you Cloak Up, you’re protected, heavily prepared for the shocking ambushes of the Bardo, and what’s more, you’ve taken a pro-active step toward mastery of this level of reality and you’re doing what you need to do to get ready to move on to the next higher level.

Alchemical Alembic by ProsperityPath

I was going to say “You can’t stay here forever,” but clearly, that’s wrong.

There is an alternative to staying on this stupid bestial violent crappy level, but it involves actually doing something.

Just sitting there contemplating doing something is not doing something. Doing something without a specific plan is just as dumb as sitting there doing nothing.

In short, you’re required to take a very specific action, which is a trigger for self initiation, and that’s what it takes to get started.

Okay, so let’s talk about how to enact all this — how do you Cloak Up?

First of all, learn to spell “Cloak” correctly. It isn’t spelled “Cloack”, although that’s a common misspelling. Avoid it.

Magically speaking, you’re changing who you are, or at least, who you seem to be, and what you seem to be. But why on Earth Cloak Up, anyway?

  • You can Cloak Up to act as a Healing Channel for Celestial Agents.
  • Cloak Up for Protection, when you’re feeling particularly assaulted by unwanted psychic forces and influences.
  • Cloak Up to Penetrate the Void — Anytime you’re seeking knowledge or understanding, Cloaking Up will help you achieve your spiritual goal.
  • Cloak to Connect — Cloaking with the right energetic folded-field pattern can really get you connected in so many ways!
  • Cloak for Peace — All my Cloaking Devices when activated will work as GENERATORS for World Peace. You can help by getting my Cloaking Devices in as many hands as possible, as widely-spread as possible all over your planet.

Cloaking Devices have long been known but are no longer appreciated for the magic they produce and the magic they convey.

Every woman knows that she depends on a number of cloaking devices — makeup, clothing, perfume, jewelry, shoes, hat, gloves, purse, plus “the walk”, and “the look” and “the smile” and “the giggle” and “the laugh” and the appreciation for masculine genius and strength — to get her man, which is the goal of all females born to humans, unless they wise up, which doesn’t happen often enough to upset the apple cart, biologically speaking.

I just know I’m going to get some nasty emails on that one, but it’s okay, because I never read my email. In fact, I have no clue how to open it or if it’s even on my system. I think not, because I don’t seem to have any mail service at all on here, and I like it that way.

I don’t have email, not ever.

The only time I ever had anything to do with messaging was when I worked at the Western Union Telegraph Office back in 19-ought-56.

A dog walked into the office on his hind legs — he’s dressed in the worst designer doggie blanket I ever saw — and he walks up to the counter, plunks a quarter down on the counter, then says, “I want to send a message. Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof.”

“You can add another “woof” in there for the same money,” the chief clerk informed him.

“Yeah, I know,” the dog replied, “but then it wouldn’t make any sense.”

You’ve gotta be wearing one of my “Talking With The Animals” Cloaking Devices to really get the humor in that one, unless you happen to be a dog that can read. If you are a reading dog, please have your agent contact my people regarding a contract proposal.

Cloaks contain more than just “Armor” used to carry. Armor, as you know, can and does include everything from a cotton shirt to a ringed corselet or hammered steel.

I can give you a short and brief outline of what basically my Shaman Cloaks carry synergistically, and in stacked format.

Green Dragon Scales by ProsperityPath

My Shamanic Cloaks Contain:

  • ARMOR — Clothing worn provides a  SuperHeterodyne Bubble of Protection.
  • GLOVES — Gives you accuracy of hand-gesture mechanics & skills.
  • HELMS — Headgear & Scarves to help see clearly through the Veil.
  • BOOTS — Objects that give additional Speed, Agility & Balance to your efforts.
  • WEAPONS — Tools that employ harmless energies in tuned wavelengths.
  • JEWELRY — Rings, Bracelets, Pendants, Earrings, Watches can be added.
  • RESTORE LIFE — Water Holders that create Life Potions out of ordinary water.
  • ENERGIZE –Energizers that can be worn, carried or placed around your space.
  • RESONANCE EFFECTS — Strong resonating waveforms that can help.
  • CONTACT — Very enhanced contact with Celestials.
  • CONNECTION — Clear Connection with Celestials.
  • COMMUNICATION — Conveys concepts very understandably and easily.

There are a few other things I’ve added in, mostly having to do with World Peace and Harmony, with a couple of “Knock-it-Off” manipulations in the area of global climate control and reduction of waste in the oceans — that’ll be the day, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

With a bit of preparation and the right tools, you’ll be well on your way to exploration of other worlds, via your SuperBeacon and your Cloaking Devices, together with a new series of “Exploratory Inductions” that will take you as far out there as you’re willing and able to go.

I do mean, “all the way out”,  because in our excursions, we’ll actually go quite far outside the SIM in which you currently find yourself.

You’re not really “stuck” in here, it just seems that way.

You could exit and return anytime, without harm to anything or anyone, if only you knew how, and that’s why I’m issuing my Cloaking Devices, to make it even easier for you than ever to get out of body, travel to the next dimension and improve your life right now.

Palace Puzzle by ProsperityPath

Improving your life is not selfish.

You need to be in a position to help, not to NEED help, and Cloaking will definitely give you a chance to improve your situation and condition, so you can better help others.

You don’t need to KNOW anything — that comes with the Cloaking. You don’t need to actually DO anything other than wear, carry or place the Cloaking Devices where you wish to use them, and that’s it — they do all the rest.

Of course, if you’re not paying attention to what happens next, you’ll never know or realize that those things are doing their job, so staying alert and attentive is a big plus, if you hope to get anywhere beyond this stupid human level.

I’ll get a lot of backlash for this, but I developed the “Trump” character in order to spike your interest, get you going, as it were, and to provide you with a damn good reason to “move on” to the next sphere.

By the time this sphere is finished with you, you’ll be only too glad to give up the sordid pleasures of the flesh and the equally sordid trials and tribulations of mankind, and the more-than-equally sordid chase after the holy grail, “money”.

Planar Contact by ProsperityPath

Holy Moly, Batman!

These are easy enough to overcome, but you gotta start somewhere. A good, strong starting place is to wear at least one Cloaking Device while performing ANY of your daily spiritual disciplines.

If you use Barbara’s Book, “Every Day a Holy Day”, you’ll be glad to be able to wear some gorgeous, stunning, fabulous and sexy fashions into work, knowing that they also work to fend off unwanted advances and at the same time, make your attraction effects felt with those you want to be close to.

In short, you set your environment, and repair and restore it through the use of a number of judiciously-applied Cloaking Devices.

I can help by suggesting several choices that you might make, but the best is to go by instinct, totally by instinct.

What I mean is, go through the series of stuff, and see what hits you as “right” for YOU.

That is always the best way to construct a magical array, and it’s great if you have a design sense working at the same time.

If you’re good at coordination of effects and wearables, you’ll knock ’em out everywhere you go.

One thing I guarantee. Wear my fashions and you will get at least one compliment per person that you happen to meet. They are unique, something which you will only really appreciate after wearing them awhile and seeing the response out there, plus the effect they have on your life.

Yes, on your life.

You want to change your life, this very day? Wear one of my “Life-Changing Wearables”, which is ANY of my Cloaking Devices.

I personally guarantee that you will be amazed and delighted.

If you want more power from a Cloaking Device, you need to be thinking about accessorizing — it’s as simple as that.

Think in terms of broad tuning, then micro-tuning. The smaller increments are achieved by the use of accessories, such as ring, wallet, watch, hat, earrings, charm bracelet, and more. There are dozens of subtle additives to your basic incantation, which is the fabric Cloak.

Cosmo Street Blue by ProsperityPath

Even a bikini can pack a whallop.

It’s all about that little tweak of the Flat-Plane Field on a three-dimensional object, where the contact points cause STRESS, which in turn creates a time-distortion, resulting automatically in a tiny pinhole called a timehole, enabling Remote Viewing through the Veil or through any Dimensional Membrane.

In short, it makes PLS so much easier!

You can use my Cloaking Devices in a seance or tarot reading, or in any psychic medium application.

Any Psychic Sensitive will be able to effectively use my Cloaks to enhance and empower their spiritual efforts, absolutely guaranteed. Ask any psychic.

See You At The Top!!!