Cloaking to Unmask the SIM

Cloaking is the donning of a magical garment, which alters the “magical identity” of the wearer. This can be used by a Healer, or by a Subject — indicating “Need Help Healing” or “Need Help Being Healed”. Think of a Cloaking Device as a “Marker” that indicates your presence, need and exact location, so that Celestials will tune in and do their thing.

What do each of these things do, precisely?

Actually, think of ALL my Cloaking Devices as being active in psychic defense primarily, but with other aspects, virtues and attributes, such as:

  • Charisma
  • Strength
  • Safe Passage
  • Clarity
  • Knowledge
  • Clear Vision
  • Smartness
  • Skills
  • Wisdom
  • Purity
  • Protection
  • Attraction
  • Harmony
  • World Peace
  • Green Planet

Some of these designs will naturally have greater effect in one or another area, but they all work in general for the general good, for the good of all beings everywhere, and that includes you.

Six Worlds Traversing by ProsperityPath

You need to be in good enough shape to help others, so this is the time, Kato, to get your shit together and be all you can be.

In short, make some cash, start using it for the good of all beings everywhere, and don’t get hung up in the money flow — it’s just Nature’s way of telling you that you’re on track. Money means nothing, it’s just a way of seeing if your effort is effective.

When you put these objects in the hands of others, they work, but you’ll notice that none of the Flat-Plane Technology material is labeled things like “World Peace” or “Prayer Power”.

They won’t be as easy to pass if they do.

Simple as that. Keep it simple, willya? You don’t need to preach, just pass on the good vibes. I’m thinking that a Keychain in the right hands will open a lot of doors for peace, if you grok my meaning.

If you don’t know what “grok” means, you might be well-advised to find out, but be prepared for a few nights’ reading of Bob Heinlein, if you want a real answer. The novel you want is “Stranger in a Strange Land”, and if you haven’t read it yet, you have at least one more “treat” before you in this lifetime.

Cloaking is the simple action of taking a piece of cloth and putting it on or over you or draping it in some way.

Let me explain very briefly how this “Shamanic Net” works.

I start by creating a Flat-Plane Texture which measures exactly 7632 pixels wide by 6480 pixels high, at 72 dpi.

Nothing else works.

Gathering Guardians by ProsperityPath

Every other setting is a dead end. I’ve spent the past six months finding that out. If you want to re-invent the wheel and take those paths, go right ahead — otherwise, content yourself with that size and ratio to cover all contingencies in the exalted clothing networks.

For Cafe Press, the settings are various and strange, and you have to make the adjustments in photoshop, not on their site, so you’ll make a variety of graphics, usually ten or more, for cafepress, to fit on all the strange things they have in store for you, but it is worth every extra minute you spend on it.

Then I place the texture onto the pattern, which can be anything from a dress or swimsuit to a bangle, wallet or watch.

The Flat-Plane Image wraps itself around the three-dimensional object like a skin, folding and adjusting and accommodating with slippage and sliding to the bends and bumps and edges and curves of the home object.

In doing so, the Flat-Plane — which is obviously two-dimensional — distorts itself to fit.

This distortion of the space creates a corresponding distortion in time, however minute, and that temporal distortion in turn opens a tiny timehole which allows contact, communication and concept to traverse immense distances, even across universal boundaries, time frames and scale variations.

In short, you can send a direct message to the Causal Plane or create a sensational new fashion that will sweep the garment world next season and at the same time carry with it a powerful active shamanic principle for World Peace, Harmony and Personal Protection, among its other virtues.

So why so many different textures?

Snakeskin Blue Slate by ProsperityPath

Style, baby, style. You want to be under a protective umbrella, right? You want those magical formulas to be working for you 24/7, right?

Well, then, you want style.

I’m creating many different “numbers” in my Fall Line of Fashions and Accessories, and they all work this season to make you look absolutely unique and fabulous, totally and wildly dramatically fantastic, a complete knockout!

If you can dress your clients in this gear — ah, if you’re a body-worker, you’ll see immediately the potential for these protective and healing cloaks and accessory items.

You can indicate to someone that they might take a look at the wallets or watches or rings or charm bracelets, for instance.

“Which one do I need?” they will always ask.

“They all work the same, it’s just a matter of personal choice. Find something that matches your favorite outfit.”

It’s a powerhouse combination of fashion and function.

Green Dragon Scales by ProsperityPath

Powerhouse Prayer without anyone knowing except YOU. Tell or don’t tell, it’s up to you. My take on it is that kids never like to be told that a delicious breakfast cereal is good for them.

“This is junk food,” you tell the kids. Then they’ll be sure to sneak up on the counter and open the high kitchen cabinet door to get at the forbidden treat. It’s the only way.

So do the same here. Get these things in the hands of as many people as possible. Spread the Power Prayer all over the surface of the planet, for additional impulse toward the Green.

If you can stage a runway show, I can provide the goods. You need to tell me how many different outfits you need, how many models there will be, what are their sizes, and what colors would you prefer to see?

If you WEAR one of these creations, you will SELL IT right off your body. I don’t mean that literally. Take orders, don’t just disrobe right then and there on the streetcorner and transact a sale, unless you have a secondary outfit underneath, which I always do, because you never know.

Ascending Staircase by ProsperityPath

The retail price of the dresses shown on this page, regardless of the texture, is $150.

Wholesale price is $76.66 and you can order directly from their site if you wish. The sizes of this particular dress style run from XS to XXL, and shipping is about 5 days, so if you need styles NOW for a show, this is where to get them!!!


Must dash — time for breakfast and the ICW, where we’ll be discussing this very subject of Cloaking to Unmask the SIM.

See You At The Top!!!