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Cloaking to Unmask the SIM

Cloaking is the donning of a magical garment, which alters the “magical identity” of the wearer. This can be used by a Healer, or by a Subject — indicating “Need Help Healing” or “Need Help Being Healed”. Think of a Cloaking Device as a “Marker” that indicates your presence, need and exact location, so that Celestials will tune in and do their thing.

What do each of these things do, precisely?

Actually, think of ALL my Cloaking Devices as being active in psychic defense primarily, but with other aspects, virtues and attributes, such as:

  • Charisma
  • Strength
  • Safe Passage
  • Clarity
  • Knowledge
  • Clear Vision
  • Smartness
  • Skills
  • Wisdom
  • Purity
  • Protection
  • Attraction
  • Harmony
  • World Peace
  • Green Planet

Some of these designs will naturally have greater effect in one or another area, but they all work in general for the general good, for the good of all beings everywhere, and that includes you. Continue reading


available on redbubble right now, this a-line dress is amazing.

You can’t trust ANY news outlet anymore. That’s why Trump wants to establish a National News Agency, where only the real news gets put out there.

In case you’re wondering, that’s from page 132, paragraph 3 of “Mein Kampf”.

Trump is a pig.

This is not a personal slam — just an artistic observation, from someone who constantly uses and refers to the “totem” of a person, the animal spirit with whom everyone on Earth is connected.

He should be proud of being a pig — the companions of fishes, according to the I-Ching, something that Trump has never heard of — but like most NPD men, Trump just plain projects himself out there onto others.

It’s a feature of NPD to cast blame and find fault in others, and to grossly and wantonly attack any threat to the ego.

Trump is amazingly delicate.

He’s also quite unbalanced — clearly insane, clearly paranoid, clearly savage and bestial in every way, but especially in the matter of attacking people who displease him. Continue reading

How to make a million in metal embossing

Make an angel step-by-step.
Make an angel step-by-step — it’s easy if you do it one step at a time — don’t rush it.

It’s really simple to make “1 Million Bucks” in metal embossing. Start with a 1 1/2″ circle of metal, on which you make an outer circle about four to five millimeters from the edge, then a close-by inner circle to create a thin one to two millimeter “barrier strip” between the outer band and the inner band, which become your “capture bands” for the interior illustration.

Then in the inside circle, draw “1 Million Bucks”, with the standard Gorby Balloon Lettering you learned from my book, “The Art of Fine-Art Scrapbooking”, which is now available as a full-color electronic version you can download and print out for your lettering and compositional guidance. Continue reading

JAL Stone Age Jewelry Factoids


Polychromed lid from one of my coffins, c. 1300 B.C.

The IDEAL Gemstone size-range for JAL Stone Age Jewelry is 5mm up to 10mm. Lightweight stones or beads can be as large as 14mm, but it’s not recommended. Can smaller stones be used?

Smaller high-grade expensive Gemstones can be used by doubling the stones in the vertical plane, or adding them as dependents, drops or loops. Two small stones add up to more visual impact than one larger stone, even at the same carat-weight, not sure why.

The ONLY acceptable drill-hole sizes for JAL Stone Age Jewelry is what can fit on a .16 gauge or .20 gauge COPPER wire. Larger drill-holes don’t necessarily help, and very large drill-holes can make the bead or the bead arrangement unstable and wobbly.

When you work in copper, it’s your work the customer is buying. When you work in silver or gold, you get the same pay for your work, but you must also sell the precious metals, and the customer NEVER understands that they are getting back a cash rebate in the form of precious metals easily exchanged for cash at the current melt-value.

So you become a metal salesperson. Continue reading

Thoughts on Virtual Combat

Alta Rydder is ready for action in GoreBagg’s Dragon 3D 1.08 beta version — this is totally updated and upgraded; it’s mistified and Goddlike. Let me throw a few thoughts out here about virtual combat.

First of all, every character that you as a level-designer plunks thoughtfully down into the level map is real in its own world. You’ve got to get used to that idea or you can’t really write levels. There’s more, much more. Read on…

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Gorebagg’s & XxaxX’s Legendary TF Maps 1997


American McGee at EJ Gold home, working on Quake Levels

American McGee visited us; we worked with him on Quake sounds and combat “feel” for internet multiplay. We were under contract with Id Software, so a computer was brought into our workspace for McGee to correct the inevitable bugs and gameplay stoppages. Here’s some direct video of American McGee playing pre-release versions of Quake during level-editing sessions at my Game Design Atelier ‘way back when Quake and Doom and Duke Nukem first started!!!

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