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I Am A Post Office, It’s Your Call!!!

The other day, Claude mentioned that probably the best chance we have of high-level marketing and merchandising success in this marketplace would be my leggings, and I’m working tonight to get something together for a sales crew.

I’ve also gotten a large number of U.S. Postage Stamps up, but we can expect about a week’s delay in getting them approved by the Post Office — they review every stamp that comes through, and may or may not approve mine, based on I’m not sure what standards, except for the obvious. Continue reading

Character Class Rundown for the GODD Engine

laugh your ass off playing fartbomb, the latest wild and crazy game from goddgames.
laugh your ass off playing fartbomb, the result of years of gorbyscience.

OSELCHAR controls the size and appearance of the Avatar, plus the speed of movement on X, Y & Z vectors, the height and width of the actual object, the weight — more properly, the mass, which is independent of gravity as a relative measure — the rate of turn, and a whole lot more character detail.

The OSELCHAR (Object Select Character) can be triggered by any TAG issued by a variety of possible contact points, such as an OTAGSW, WTAGSW or RTAGSW and more triggering agents abound.

The OSELCHAR can bring about many changes in the character. We can upgrade armor, weapons, hats, you name it, but each upgrade requires a lot of hidden behind-the-scenes programming. Continue reading



You’re in Prosperity Virtual Ashram in Second Life, and you’re on your way to some event, but problem is, you don’t know where that event is. Or, alternately, you’re in the Ashram and you want to find all the cool places to go. As you’ll soon see, I’ve been extraordinarily busy in the Ashram since The Shift. No problem locating them; I have a solution for you — merely go into Second Life and follow the links given below. You can copy & paste them into your Second Life address line, if you know how to find the address line at the top of the page. If you need help with this, ask for help. If you can’t ask for help, overcome ego. Continue reading

Temple Chen-Rig Progress Report


I had one of those unfortunate disasters, and lost a day’s work; recovered it by 3:00 AM and have now gone on to amend the orb with embellishments and such…notably a zen walk and some off-sim boats — my first off-sim in the GODD® Engine Environment. There’s so much room on the map, we don’t really need the effect, but it’s fun and useful to know that it’s there to be tapped into if necessary. I made an attempt to FRAPS the orb for you, but halfway through the FRAPS video, I realized that I hadn’t yet placed the guru graphics in the Great Hall, and have yet to put in the chairs at the conference center near the Dance Pavilion. You’ll notice that I’ve done a great deal of bulldozing and piled up some snow-capped peaks all around. Also, the snow no longer gets into the buildings, thanks to Val’s repair yesterday. More about Temple Chen-Rig at the ICW this morning at 6:30 AM.

See You At The Top!!1


Gorebagg’s & XxaxX’s Legendary TF Maps 1997


American McGee at EJ Gold home, working on Quake Levels

American McGee visited us; we worked with him on Quake sounds and combat “feel” for internet multiplay. We were under contract with Id Software, so a computer was brought into our workspace for McGee to correct the inevitable bugs and gameplay stoppages. Here’s some direct video of American McGee playing pre-release versions of Quake during level-editing sessions at my Game Design Atelier ‘way back when Quake and Doom and Duke Nukem first started!!!

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