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I Am A Post Office, It’s Your Call!!!

The other day, Claude mentioned that probably the best chance we have of high-level marketing and merchandising success in this marketplace would be my leggings, and I’m working tonight to get something together for a sales crew.

I’ve also gotten a large number of U.S. Postage Stamps up, but we can expect about a week’s delay in getting them approved by the Post Office — they review every stamp that comes through, and may or may not approve mine, based on I’m not sure what standards, except for the obvious. Continue reading

JAL Chapter 7 — Basic Linking

.925 modern silver linkage — Medieval Amber, Modern amber rounds & .999 fine Silver Granulation.

Linking is very basic for anything constructed of wire, and you’d be well-advised to master this skill by making many, many links in copper before trying your skill on silver and gold. How you link is, first cut a convenient and easy to handle length of .22 gauge wire, about ten to twelve inches long.

With your flush-cutter, clip off the very end of the wire with the flush side toward the larger piece. Cut off as LITTLE as possible — every bit of weight counts, both with precious gemstones and precious metals.

Using your needlenose pliers, place the tips about 2 inches from one end of the wire, and gently coax the wire into a bend back onto itself, and then deftly turn the wire and wind it around itself, as shown in the illustration below:

Loop the wire back upon itself and wrap the wire closely together side-by-side to make it look right.

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