I Am A Post Office, It’s Your Call!!!

The other day, Claude mentioned that probably the best chance we have of high-level marketing and merchandising success in this marketplace would be my leggings, and I’m working tonight to get something together for a sales crew.

I’ve also gotten a large number of U.S. Postage Stamps up, but we can expect about a week’s delay in getting them approved by the Post Office — they review every stamp that comes through, and may or may not approve mine, based on I’m not sure what standards, except for the obvious.

A stamp represents the United States and is as visible as a postcard, so whatever you’re messaging with your stamp will be seen around the world, potentially speaking.

Think of a stamp as sort of a paper coin. They’re both worth money, and each one has a specific cash value today.

Extending just a little into the future, you can easily see collectors finding these genuine U.S. Postage Stamps with my artwork on them, and that’s how I’d like them to be sold, as collectibles.

Another use for stamps is to fundraise with them. If you have your own designs, you can reap the rich reward of upwards $1.98 a year just by selling stamps!

I’m kidding, of course. You can earn whatever you want. YOU set the limit!

Stamps are very popular, and collectors really do like them for both their collectible value and their historical value.

There are lots of Ashram stamps and Healing stamps and more, but we have to wait a few days or weeks to see them — they don’t appear until they’re approved.

You’ll also note that I went just a bit overboard on the handled soup bowl on zazzle.com — it makes the antiquities look incredible to have them in a NARROW band around the outside of the bowl.

I’m looking at opening up stores for folks who have stores, websites and companies — you get people interested in the website by attracting them to the items, particularly chocolate.

I have a number of sports items up that you might be interested in, including golf balls, golf club cover and golf glove, all designer-created just for your local pro-shop.

There’s more, so much more, but why not drop into my sales site on zazzle and see for yourself? You can take this Gateway StarGate Portal Teleport to my selling site and, once there, navigate around my shop to see the various COLLECTIONS.

Think about the internet as a MAP, a giant map, similar to what you see in Second Life.

Now think of EACH URL as an actual “LOCATION” on that map.

Now think of any HOT LINK, such as what you might put on a website page, facebook, youtube or Insta-Gram — that’s “IG” to you, and you can see the power of promotion through The Art of the Teleport.

SEE the hotlink as a Teleport, a TP, a Town Portal, a Gateway, Portal, StarGate or Pearly Gates, through which you can arrive at a specific location, a definite PLACE, a piece of net REAL ESTATE, hence my million-dollar website, “SiliconEstates.com” and no, it’s not for sale.

You’re going to need to generate some sort of additional income to pay for what the government will be taking away from us soon, much sooner than you think — we are NOT exempt from government hacking into our very lives!

Okay, so get rich and TRANSCEND it, just as you transcend the organic world. Do it as if playing a SAFARI game of Diablo 2. This really works! Pick up armor, not gold coins!

Gotta go, time for the ICW, where we’ll talk about Teleports, teleports, teleports!

See You At The Top!!!