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Prosperity Path Country Club Bumper Sticker

Prosperity Path Country Club Bumper Sticker

by prosperitypath

When you buy a bumper sticker or any other product sporting the “Prosperity Path Country Club” label or designation, you AUTOMATICALLY become a Member of “We’re More Famous Than Trump” Virtual Golf Tour. You just became a member of the Greatest, Richest and Most Important Virtual Country Club in the World, and you can prove it, NOW!


Sporting a “Prosperity Path Country Club” Bumper Sticker on your car is a Magical Act which will make you automatically rich beyond your wildest imagination. You will be a member of the most powerful, rich and influential clubs in the Quantum World, and that can wash over into what you laughingly call “The Real World”.


Very very rich people don’t need to impress anyone.

Read the above statement several times through, speaking the words aloud. Get this really into your understanding. Dig it deeply. Grok it fully. Get it, just totally get it.



Very very RICH people don’t have to dress a particular way, eat in a special restaurant, have parties with rich friends so they can parade their shit in front of everyone else, including their spouse, if any, don’t have to impress anyone with anything.

They may or may not look particularly rich. Maybe their clothing isn’t hand-tailored — they might like to buy their stuff at Trail’s End or Sears, it’s their choice, totally their choice, precisely because they ARE so rich.

Richness is not how you look — it’s how you MANIFEST.



Rich banker, lawyer and professional types look well-tailored and neatly presented. Really really rich people don’t have jobs, wear whatever they feel like wearing, and go and do whatever they feel moved to do at the moment, without regard for any economic or social needs.

In short, if they want to spend the entire day in meditation, they can.

So how can YOU become INSTANTLY RICH, like I promised in the title of this here blog?

It’s as simple as buying a bumper sticker to manifest as “rich” with a very powerful effect, regardless of the pile of shit car you happen to be making horrifically high payments on at the moment.


Very very richness doesn’t CARE about what anyone thinks. You don’t have to impress anyone with anything you own.

Magically speaking, however, there is a very specific way to move your character from the “poor” class to the “rich” class without changing your economic picture to accomplish this.

Moving your character from “poor” to “rich” will have a profound magical effect that will make the “as-if” a reality.

I’ll explain in detail:

Only the very rich can afford to be members of any rich man’s club — and I use the word “man” advisedly here, meaning I know what I’m saying.


So if you saw someone riding around in a white limo, you’d guess that they’re either very wealthy, or they’re on their way to or from the airport.

A limo says nothing anymore. Anyone can own a limo, and the same thing goes for a fancy sports car, which can be nothing more than a fiberglas® body mounted on a “Bug” frame, powered by a VW engine, nothing more.

So seeing someone driving around in a Bugatti doesn’t mean a thing.

But seeing someone drive around in a Volkswagen with a bumper sticker that proclaims membership in the Most Exclusive Country Club Anywhere WILL buy you some prestige.

Of course, if you encounter someone, and you aren’t driving at the time, you’ll have to find another way to announce your membership in that exclusive club — maybe a wristwatch?

Sure, a wristwatch with that unmistakable graphic on it, that only a club member or a casual internet shopper can join, but keep in mind that the REALLY REALLY RICH don’t wear a watch unless they want to — they’re not slaves to the hourly wage.


Manifestation of Real Wealth is not limited to any one thing, any particular manifestation of the One — meaning “The One Country Club” — you can show one or more of a large number of items that all tell the world that YOU are rich and famous, so rich and famous that you can AFFORD not to wear a watch, not to drive a fancy car, not to HAVE TO take a meeting if you don’t want to.

You are SO damn rich that you can even afford to expand your daily guitar and singing practice to a full hour, if you want to.

You’re so damn rich that you can spend as much time as you want to sorting pennies or making embossings or creating watercolor landscapes or working on an idea for a new tie, or putting the touches on an eBay listing.

You’re so incredibly wealthy that you can afford to spend more time on the SuperBeacon, and if you follow my advice and get a side-hustle like selling POD items on the internet, you will actually have some cash on hand, but of course, not enough to bring you over the top in relation to the banker types like Donald Trump and friends.

We want to be ABOVE them, not equals, so we need to do something to make that happen, and one thing we know about them is that they would NEVER join a club like this.


Thanks to Donald Trump, we now have the right to turn away rich politicians and greedy wall street barons, but as a matter of principle, we don’t. SAD!

If you are truly VERY VERY RICH, you are free to do as you wish. Until then, you are merely rich, counting for nothing — you’re still “on the hustle” and must impress and convince your peers that you are worth something.

With enough money in the bank, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.

Of course, that’s exclusive of nature’s plans for you, but so far as how you spend the next hour of your already short enough life, it’s up to you.

If you want to slave away at an executive position and become a captain of industry, or you really want an entire division of soldiers to order around, or you feel the need to maintain your company’s world-class position in the trade market, or you spend most of your time on the phone with your broker, or you endure hours in a board room listening to the arguments of people you’d rather not know, much less hang around with.


It’s a grim prospect to live the life of a rich person, but from the outside looking in,  you’d never suspect it, and if you did hear about it, you’d never believe it.

You’d have a hard time understanding that wealth creates a world of enslavement to routine, dress-code, social events and money worries, and little else.

Money doesn’t buy anything except a lot of maintenance — paperwork of the mental and emotional variety. Money binds you to it, while real wealth and power rests in the ability to be free.

Freedom can’t be bought with money. Freedom comes from freedom. Until you are able to transcend wealth, the money will always bring you down, ground you to the Earth.

The few people who are so wealthy they are beyond looking rich are people you never see. Oh, they’re there, all right, but not so you’d see them. They dress in ordinary fashion, take public transportation or a taxi instead of owning a fleet of limos, and abhor fancy restaurants, preferring to fix their own food or eat at a restaurant that’s known more for its food than its opulence.


Rich people wear fancy clothes, fancy jewelry and don’t carry their own shopping bags. Some are so rich, they don’t carry money, although even Queen Elizabeth has that stupid purse always on her arm.

I can walk around in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and still feel rich, not because of some weird and complicated mantra and inner meditation exercise, but by the simple expedient of wearing a t-shirt that sports the “Prosperity Path Country Club” graphic in a very modest and almost unnoticeable button-sized image over the heart.

I also have on, although you might not notice it, a Ring of Power that proclaims “If lost, please return to Occupant”. Just joking — it of course says, “Prosperity Path Country Club” over an image from the country club golf course, a selfie that I took on the 18th hole and yes, it’s a full course, with a driving range and putting green, too.

You’ll need more than objects to MANIFEST as rich. You’ll need some money, not just a small amount of cash, but a gigantic, totally obscene amount of money, but not of the ordinary variety — you’ll need this to be quantum cash.


Okay, fastest and easiest source of this stuff is Diablo 2, and you can’t just buy a bunch of gold coins from D2items and say you’re rich. You’ve gotta go out there into Blood Plains and beyond, and find them coins,  at least 2.2 Million Gold Coins in your stash.

This reads in the quantum world as “filthy rich” and is enough to earn you a place in the Country Club Set, at least the quantum variety of country club, and for the purpose of this magical exercise in Affirmation, it’s plenty.

Rich people are obvious. They dress well, have fancy cars, even chauffeurs if they own a stretch limo, and that is one sign of extreme wealth, but so is membership in an exclusive fraternity, such as a famous country club.

Now, I can’t offer pedestrian club memberships — those are not very magical, and anyone can join.

The club I have in mind is so exclusive that even members can’t join! Okay, maybe not THAT exclusive.

STOP and really consider this for a moment. Only the rich will enter the Kingdom of the Country Club — their only alternative, since the Kingdom of Heaven is hardly the place for the wealthy.


Wealthy people are selfish people — yes, categorically. There’s only so “rich” you actually need to be, which is at the limitation imposed by your spending.

If you can spend a billion dollars an hour, it’s assumed that your checkbook will always be full, although for some monarchs and more than a few mass-murdering dictators, it’s never enough, never will be enough.

Gosh, I had promised myself I wouldn’t mention the Republican Senators, but there it is — who else could I have possibly been referring to, if not them guys?

Forget it. Forget Washington. Forget Trump. Forget the news, real OR fake. Rich people can’t afford to ignore it, but FILTHY rich people, the kind who not only join country clubs but only join the most EXCLUSIVE of those, never worry about government.

They don’t have to. They’re exempt, above the law — didn’t you know that? They were hoping you wouldn’t notice that they’re ripping you off right in front of your own eyes, but they really don’t care, because they have an unlimited supply of “Get Out Of Jail FREE!” cards, and they throw them around like confetti.

Filthy Rich People join Filthy Rich Country Clubs like ours, only ours is even MORE exclusive — ANGELS ONLY!!! We’re a restricted private club, made legal by Team Trump.


What makes them different, apart from the fancy cars and expensive clothing and jewelry and servants and huge elegant palaces and mansions, and the usual round of terribly expensive vacations, toys and hobbies that the rich seem to glut themselves upon, for lack of anything else to spend it on.

There really isn’t much you can do with money — surprisingly little, and it’s empty, all too easy. Nobody really likes a road without obstacles and obstructions.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Robots prefer the Easy Path. Period. But they really shouldn’t count, and they mostly don’t. The only bots that really matter are the ones directly in your way, and if you’re FILTHY RICH, you don’t care — nothing is in your way, because you’re unthinkably wealthy.

You can afford to say, “Big deal, so what?”.

You can even afford to say, “See you in Hell, Banzai”, if that’s your preference. Concentrate. The point here is very, very simple, and very, very magical, and very very powerful.

Prepare yourself — here is the Magical Principle:

“Only Wealthy People Are Members of Exclusive Country Clubs”.

That’s it. That’s the whole secret.

So if you are a member of an exclusive country club, it doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive, because it’s your preference, not your necessity.


You don’t drive a Yugo because it’s the only kind of car you can afford. You drive it for the kick of driving a Yugo, and you can PROVE that it’s your choice, by the fact that on the rear bumper of that very same Yugo is a bumper sticker that reads: “Prosperity Path Country Club”.

Well, if that isn’t clear evidence of total wealth and power, what is?

And you can back that claim up with a number of other products that only a member of the club or someone shopping online can obtain, all of which bear the logo “Prosperity Path Country Club” or some reasonable facsimile.

In a Court of Law, that would stand as clear and positive proof.

Well, maybe not in a court of law, but certainly on the street or highway. Armed with nothing more than a “Prosperity Path Country Club” bumper sticker and possibly a keychain, wallet, golf shirt, high-top runners, skateboard, wallet and purse, you’d be taken for someone of great wealth and abundant power, even if you’re the janitor of the Yeshiva University or a small town grade-school bus driver presently between jobs.


Membership in the Prosperity Path Country Club is never endangered by actual financial condition. You don’t have to be rich to BE rich — I’ll explain:

Richness is not about money.

There, I explained. I thought it was going to be a lot tougher to get that across, but it worked out well, I think, and I’m hoping you agree, or do I have to re-state the question?

Armed with all those objects of evidence, you’re clearly wealthy, and there’d be little argument against it, except from perhaps the very cynical friends you still have left, if any, since you joined the club.

Okay, so how can we ENHANCE the EFFECT of seeming rich without actually BEING rich or LOOKING rich or MANIFESTING any richness in the form of actual cash-money wherewithal.

In short, you LOOK like a bum, but you’re clearly and obviously a member of an exclusive country club, which we know from your bumper sticker and keychain, but if you’re a member of an exclusive country club, you can’t possibly be a bum, do you see what I mean?

Becoming a member of the club moves you out of the field of “very poor” and “Poverty-Struck” households, and propels you directly into the realm of the very rich, just because of that bumper sticker.

Well, not just the bumper sticker. What if you’re in a store someplace, and they can’t see your car, where that bumper sticker resides on the back bumper. Maybe you parked head-first in their lot, or their window is full of signs and merchandise, so in this case, you’ll have to “MARK” yourself as VERY VERY RICH by applying some other sign of richness.

We know it can’t be a Vicuna jacket, at around $3000 a yard for the wool, but who needs Vicuna?

Merely withdraw a “Prosperity Path Country Club” Zippo® lighter from your Nike® backback, and you’re there.


Maybe you don’t wear a Nike® backpack in the big city where you happen to have your domestic existence, which some call “where you live”, so that might be a problem, but there are other solutions to seeming rich without looking, acting or actually being rich.

Now, if you’re actually already very rich, you can still join the Prosperity Path Country Club, and it’s still free, always free, to Angels — which is anyone who supports the Ashram on a monthly basis — and nobody will be the wiser.

You can do even better if you learn to FLOURISH your wealth, rather than merely DISPLAY it. This means that you need to explore more deeply the various methods by which you can “brand” yourself as FILTHY RICH  or, on a more sinister level, SHADOW RICH, which means so rich you can afford to live life without a watch, a wallet or personal adornment.

I know a few people who are actually that rich. You’d never know it.

Join the Club. Right now. Today. Here’s how EVEN YOU can afford to join Prosperity Path Country Club!

First of all, try to understand that it’s a PROFOUND and profoundly effective Magical Act. Recognize that vital, empowering FACT right now.

Begin by ordering the Prosperity Path Country Club bumper sticker. Just do it, then ask “why”.


Okay, now concentrate:

Ask yourself, “Who joins country clubs?”.

The answer is: rich people. It’s obvious, so obvious we don’t even think twice when someone says that only rich people can afford to join a country club.

The poor can’t even afford to drive into the parking lot of the average country club, and most clubs would turn back any car that didn’t look right in the parking lot.

For us peons, it’s strictly the municipal or county golf course, if any, or the obvious alternative, miniature golf, but even there, most towns defeat this purpose by having a notable absence of miniature golf courses in the area.

Fortunately, for our Angels, there’s a FREE golf course on Prosperity Path Ashram at the 2650 Meters level, no problem. Take your Avatar there and snap a couple nice screenshots, then use those to sell your own product on zazzle, cafe press, redbubble and paom!

The thing is, it goes far beyond merely snapping a screenshot and using it to create a product or a product label — such as a luggage tag to “brand” a golf bag that has no other custom characteristic.

“ACT AS IF” is an age-old method of creating a magical effect. Want to be rich without getting rich? Merely act “as-if”.


Sure, acting as if won’t get you a big meal for free at a fancy restaurant, but they will treat you differently if you act as if you belonged there with the rich set, rather than looking like a bum that accidentally wandered in, looking for a handout.

I don’t of course mean you should SPEND as if you’re rich. That’s not only insane, it’s downright poverty-driven. Never spend more than you have. Let the Federal Government stand as a sad example.

It’s really important that you understand how this works to transfer you from the group labeled “Poverty” to the group labeled “Rich”, without actually doing anything to get money or make yourself rich.

It’s a simple, automatic move.

You CAUSE that move by acquiring “Prosperity Path Country Club” items to SUPPORT your claim.

It’s up to you to behave accordingly, to be disdainful when dealing with tradespersons, especially if they’re members of your own family.

You can watch any episode of “Real Housewives of Anywhere” to get the idea of what it’s like to be rich, but it won’t give you the impression of what it’s like to be REALLY RICH, which means rich beyond anyone’s wildest needs.

To grasp that, you have to understand that someone THAT wealthy can damn well afford to do and be and act like damn well anyone anything and any way that they want.

This offers you the MAGICAL KEY to success.

You dress the way you do because you choose to dress that way, not because you have to dress that way because you’re strapped by a limited budget.

You eat the food you eat in the manner you prefer. You’re so rich, you don’t have to live up to the expectations of others.

You live in a comfortable house, the house of your choice, because you’re rich enough that you don’t have to make a good impression. You don’t have to impress anyone. You’re God.

As a Person of Immense Wealth & Power, you are able to relax, to enjoy your day, without the need to shake hands with a line of people, or nod and grin and smile at hundreds of strangers milling about in your reception room.

You are so wealthy, you can afford to NOT live in something resembling a Hilton Hotel Lobby or the Rotunda of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C..

In short, real wealth doesn’t show.

It’s best that way. Really wealthy people can afford to be relaxed about everything, but mostly about having to impress others.

Only the partially rich are interested in how rich they seem to others.

Really rich folks, like yourself, go about their daily business — for instance, I’m a Founding Member of the Prosperity Path Country Club, which means that I’m even richer than YOU, which is saying something — and it just so happens that I LIKE to spend my time making neat designs on stuff and putting things up for sale on eBay and preparing stuff in storage for a giant yard sale.

I ENJOY driving around in a vintage Chrysler 5th Avenue because it’s the most comfortable car I’ve ever been in, and that includes the highest-priced cars in the world.

I turned down a brand-new Jaguar in favor of the Chrysler. It’s not about money, or prestige. It’s about comfort and safety, and when affordable, aesthetics — and those considerations alone were my guide.

Of course, that car is now 30 years old. Today’s choice would probably be limited by finances to something on the order of a used Schwinn bicycle.

Even then, although a bumper sticker won’t fit on a bicycle, maybe we can decorate the seat, or add a water bottle somewhere.

Anyone asks you how come if you’re so rich, you’re riding a bicycle to work and your day job is French Fry Cook at the local burger joint, you just tell them that it’s precisely because you ARE so rich that you’re able to decide to ride an old, used heavy-frame Schwinn bike to get to a lousy fry-cook job at a fast-food shop.

Be proud of the fact that you have a lifestyle that you enjoy.

Uh-oh. It suddenly occurs to me — maybe you DON’T like your present life. Um, then why not change it to make it something you’d prefer?

If it’s for personal reasons, you’ll end up in a dead end of one sort or another, but if it’s for the greater good, you have a chance.

So the first step in terraforming your life is to hack into it and yes, I’m serious. Hack into it by inserting a “code” of richness, in the form of, to begin with, a Prosperity Path Country Club bumper sticker and maybe a keychain.

Start there.

Bit by bit, as you feel able and willing to do so, add to the general effect by wearing, carrying and placing “Prosperity Path Country Club” objects around.

Don’t call attention to them, just wear them, carry them or place them around your home, office, den, workshop, garage or workplace.

Anywhere you can make it obvious to anyone that you are a member of something very exclusive. Don’t explain. Just bask in the richness.

Keep shopping at the Country Club shops, and try to acquire everything you can from there. Wear them, carry them, place them or give them as gifts to impoverished friends, anyone threatened by the future of Trump World.

There’s only one way out from under, and that’s over the top!

See You At The Top!!!