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Become Instantly Rich Right Now!!!

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Prosperity Path Country Club Bumper Sticker

Prosperity Path Country Club Bumper Sticker

by prosperitypath

When you buy a bumper sticker or any other product sporting the “Prosperity Path Country Club” label or designation, you AUTOMATICALLY become a Member of “We’re More Famous Than Trump” Virtual Golf Tour. You just became a member of the Greatest, Richest and Most Important Virtual Country Club in the World, and you can prove it, NOW!


Sporting a “Prosperity Path Country Club” Bumper Sticker on your car is a Magical Act which will make you automatically rich beyond your wildest imagination. You will be a member of the most powerful, rich and influential clubs in the Quantum World, and that can wash over into what you laughingly call “The Real World”.


Very very rich people don’t need to impress anyone.

Read the above statement several times through, speaking the words aloud. Get this really into your understanding. Dig it deeply. Grok it fully. Get it, just totally get it. Continue reading

How to Use Movements for Healing

As outlined in Angel’s Healing Journey, Gateways Books 1997, various angels can be invoked for assistance with the Human Biological Machine. Consult Angel’s Healing Journey for specifics.

Exactly how to invoke the help of those angels is the subject of this little essay.

Make certain your space is clean and clear, then begin as follows: Continue reading

An Important Post on the Same Day, Same Room, Same Time —

ancientgold01 copy

Gosh, I gave away a Great Secret in that rambling situational update, one blog back. I mentioned that The Heart is a Radio, and boy, did it spark comment at breakfast!

See, what that means to you is that people can FEEL you coming a block away and around any corner, long before they SEE you, and what’s more, I mentioned at breakfast that you can alter what the heart sends out as a message.

You KNOW this to be true, that the heart radiates emotion. Continue reading

What is a Training Orb???


The thing is, if you compare my Orbs with contemporary video games, you’ll quickly see a major difference, which is that my experience field is not packed with a lot of unnecessary detail. The game companies have to sell their games to kids, and kids demand a lot of detail, pyrotechnics and grippingly realistic bloodshed & gore-splatter.

With the present GODD Engine, I can do that. Continue reading

Teensie-Weensie World of Prosperity

When you want a Quantum Effect — which is anything that affects anything by the process of bilocation — you gotta go to the Quantum World. It’s a very tiny world, smaller than anything in the Einsteinian World, the one of which you are generally aware, that of planets, stars, galaxies and you. But your body is composed of almost-countless tiny little things, and they are composed of energies, which in turn are composed of Quanta, and that means the Quantum World is very small, see? Fortunately, so is the world of Prosperity…it exists in a quantum space so small that you could fit it into the head of a pin and you’d have a sub-microscopic cyberspace, across which you could walk for days and days. Yessir, when you want a Quantum Effect, climb into the Quantum World of Prosperity Path, and make it happen!

See You At The Top!!!


“I Want Things To Continue To Be Lousy!!!”

Go ahead, say it aloud, with me: “I want things to continue to be lousy!!!”

Nobody in their right mind would say a thing like that, would they? Certainly not my friend Bill Shatner, who survived homelessness to fame and fortune.

Yet, strangely, that’s exactly what I’ve heard for the past 70 years from a wide variety of otherwise seemingly intelligent human beings. Here’s their argument:

“It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. If we’d been meant to be happy, there wouldn’t be death, taxes, politics, wage slavery, marriage and poverty!”

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