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Getting Your Cut


When you dedicate all your work-time to Prosperity Path — and there’s no reason you shouldn’t or couldn’t do just that — you have to earn a living. That doesn’t go without saying, because most folks don’t have any idea where anything comes from, including dinner and the rent. I can tell you now that if you spend all your waking hours coaching Prosperity Path Runners, you’ll have to find a way to take care of your daily living necessities, and I have a workable plan.

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Instant ESP

A brand-new spiritual technology has erupted on the scene; Prosperity Path. But within its ranks has emerged a new name and presentation for a very old science – ESP, and it’s yours instantanteously when you download and use my FREE Prosperity Path ESP Levels — you merely take care of the .99 cent download fee on Payloads so I don’t have to both make the Orbs and cover your bets, too. Please allow me to tell you what ESP is all about.

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Fall Lineup

Here’s the Fall Lineup of Prosperity Path Orbs on my workbench at the moment:

“Bless Me”, which is a romp through the world of Angelic Blessings; “Self-Esteem” is about what you’d think it was about — low self-esteem and what to do to shake it off; “Shame” is about all that shame and blame you took as a youngster and might still be taking now; “Angels” is a carefully constructed series of Angelic Calls and Encounters with Angels; I’m also constructing concepts for “Get Well Soon”, sort of a 3-D greeting card you can send to a friend. For those with no friends, “Friend Me” might prove useful, and for those who not only don’t have many friends but whose home or workplace is a constant battlefield, perhaps “Conflict” might be helpful there. I’m always open to suggestions on goals, purposes and problems that might work as a Remedy Orb. If I use your suggestion, you get a prize — not sure what, perhaps something from our Rewards Page, we’ll see how it works out.

How to Run a Prosperity Path Level

If you’re wondering how to run a Prosperity Path Level, nothing could be simpler. I’ll give you a total step by step rundown, and here it is:

Download and install the level, as per instructions and prompts. It’s fast and easy and it actually does itself, all you do is click “okay”.

Next, invoke the level you’ve selected to run. Let’s say “True Love Forever” — not actually a random selection … I happen to have dozens of actual in-level screenshots of that, so it’s an easy time-saving decision to make.

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Prosperity Path — True Love Forever Blessing

An Active Blessing is a Prayer or Invocation that is specifically acted out in the Quantum Dimension of Cyberspace. I like to call this action my Prosperity Path Active Blessing.

It’s done by downloading and running one of my Prosperity Path Remedies for personal, business, friends and family goals and purposes, or my Prosperity Path Class Levels for higher goals and purposes.

In my Prosperity Path Levels, you can easily find and run any goal or purpose whether personal and private or universally shared cosmic inspiration, love and harmony. Running the Level increases the percentage of probability that your goal or purpose will succeed.

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