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“Do You Want to Play a Game???”

The voice rings out in the video arcade. Of course you do. What else? Stand around while others play? Wander outside? Of COURSE I want to play a game.

After a few dozen Billenia in the Void, you’ll start to wonder what they’re DOING in there, in the CREATION, and you’ll downscale into the world just to cop a peek, take a quick look, but WARNING, there is a definite danger here — GRAVITY.

As you look into the world, you’re pulled down, down, down, into it, and the next thing you know, BANG! There you are, incarnated again. It’s that magnetic gravity pull that does it every dang time, and you’re sucker enough for that gimmick that you fall for it again and again and again. Continue reading

Character Class Rundown for the GODD Engine

laugh your ass off playing fartbomb, the latest wild and crazy game from goddgames.
laugh your ass off playing fartbomb, the result of years of gorbyscience.

OSELCHAR controls the size and appearance of the Avatar, plus the speed of movement on X, Y & Z vectors, the height and width of the actual object, the weight — more properly, the mass, which is independent of gravity as a relative measure — the rate of turn, and a whole lot more character detail.

The OSELCHAR (Object Select Character) can be triggered by any TAG issued by a variety of possible contact points, such as an OTAGSW, WTAGSW or RTAGSW and more triggering agents abound.

The OSELCHAR can bring about many changes in the character. We can upgrade armor, weapons, hats, you name it, but each upgrade requires a lot of hidden behind-the-scenes programming. Continue reading

When is the Release Date for “The Portal Game”???


Cover illio for The Portal Game, which teaches how to use Ancient Triads.

Portal Keys are the main use of Triads in the game, although Healing and Higher Contact are the actual intentional uses of this ancient instrument that was introduced into the life of humans of Planet Earth sometime around 30,000 B.C. during one of the earlier civilizations, which has been long submerged under the sea.

Atlantis? Possibly, but there were thousands of city-states that were destroyed in several massive catastrophic sea-level risings, a repetitive event on Earth that is soon to be repeated in our time. What happens is that the seacoast disappears underwater when the ice caps melt, which they’ve been doing for the past 65,000 years, by my clock.

Don’t let that divert you from your Essence Quest, to find and learn to use the ten Triads of the Ancients, somewhere in the wilderness — that’s the first Triad, but there are nine more, and you’ll have to explore and traverse ten different worlds to find all the Triads you’ll be carrying and using from now on. Continue reading

Types of Triads

Using Triads is safe and fun and can be very healing and helpful.

You will find several different types of Triads in the latest game issues from GODD Games, each one of which can help you accomplish your aims, goals and purposes along your path in any reality on any level of scale, for any character class you happen to find yourself respawned into. Here is a list of the most commonly used Triads on this LifeStream lineage:

  • DISPERSING TRIAD — 221 — Dispels the Briggs Field.
  • BOOMERANG TRIAD — 1280 — Brings an object into reachr.
  • BLASTING TRIAD — 241 — Lob it like a bomb or grenade.
  • IRON BOLT TRIAD — 1000 — Like a crossbow, fast, straight and true.
  • PYRO TRIAD — 237 — Burns away stuff.
  • GRAPPLE TRIAD — 1222 — Brings Player to a distant wall.
  • AIR MISSILE TRIAD — 1223 — Sends a rocket on a ballistic curve.
  • HEALING TRIAD — 1225 — Healing force for yourself and your party.
  • RAPID FIRE TRIAD — 1220 —  Handy, if panic is your usual response.

See You At The Top!!!




Will Power doesn’t come just by wishing. It takes hard work and time.

Once in a great while, somebody asks me, “How Do You Do It???”, referring to things like losing 32 pounds easily and safely over a six month period, and keeping it off, in fact, losing an additional pound a week, to a target weight of 180 pounds, probably the best weight for an old frame like this.

Weight loss is easy, quitting cigarettes a cinch, keeping your New Year’s Resolutions is guaranteed.

How is it done?

Simple. Oldest trick in the universe. Will-Power. “But,” you interject, and quite rightly, “nobody has REAL Will-Power!”, and you’d be about half-right. Plenty of folks have incredible Will-Power, but it’s only for the things they crave. Continue reading

Android Can Do & Can’t Do

View of BardoTown on the Android Phone App

We’re at the end of the very first week of our new Android Godd Engine and in our third decade in the GODD Engine. The Android engine, which I have dubbed “AndyGoDD” has accepted BardoTown without groaning too much, so I’m ready to prepare a map for release, and the very first map we’re trying to bring out into the Android app store is BardoTown, my largest and most complex map. Why the toughest, most demanding and most likely map to go wrong, for our very first Android effort? Think about it.

We need to know what parts break down first, if any, and I have to know for sure that most of the folks who download it will be able to use it on their Android smartphone. Continue reading

Invisible Helpers in Orbs


Hey, quit tryin’ ta break into the separated domains of Orbs, willya??? Those separated domains are the ones with the familiars, elementals, angels and other shamanic helpers. I’ve gone to all the trouble to put them away in spots you can’t get to, and don’t need to, so quit rummaging around where you’re not intended to go. Those guys do their job from where they are, and they neither need nor appreciate your totally unfeline interference. Continue reading

Temple Chen-Rig Progress Report


I had one of those unfortunate disasters, and lost a day’s work; recovered it by 3:00 AM and have now gone on to amend the orb with embellishments and such…notably a zen walk and some off-sim boats — my first off-sim in the GODD® Engine Environment. There’s so much room on the map, we don’t really need the effect, but it’s fun and useful to know that it’s there to be tapped into if necessary. I made an attempt to FRAPS the orb for you, but halfway through the FRAPS video, I realized that I hadn’t yet placed the guru graphics in the Great Hall, and have yet to put in the chairs at the conference center near the Dance Pavilion. You’ll notice that I’ve done a great deal of bulldozing and piled up some snow-capped peaks all around. Also, the snow no longer gets into the buildings, thanks to Val’s repair yesterday. More about Temple Chen-Rig at the ICW this morning at 6:30 AM.

See You At The Top!!1


River Rafter


I’m working concurrently on 19 orbs, most of which are 99% done. I’m waiting for a stable water engine before releasing any that contain water journeys (gosh, just think; soon it will be “journey’s” and “journies”, and when TXT becomes the Official Language of Earth in just over a decade, the word “journeys” will have been swangled into the TXTWRD=JRNY. Gee whillikers, is there no end to human ingenuity???

Continue reading

New GODD® Engine Chat Rooms by Gorebagg


This GODD® Engine Chat Room is based on Norton Street. The size-relationships are right on the money. All the objects have powerful similarity to the original items at Norton Street, plus many of the items are models made directly from the original Norton Street Relics. The round table serves as a gateway, powered by several local SuperBeacons, which are matrix-tuned to an actual SuperBeacon Generator. Chatrooms abound; there’s one in the living room, two in the kitchen (one is in the alcove), another chat area in the Master Bedroom and yet another downstairs in the Conference Room. This will be ready for download after it has been tested, so within a week for sure. This and the other 3 chat room orbs were finally completed this morning.


This Orb is also ready for prime-time; it’s an exact duplicate of Cosmo Street, and you can ask anyone who’s been there. It is uncanny and mysterious, and has the same feel as the original space. You can sit here with about 30 birds for discussions. Private small discussion area downstairs in Vic’s Student Bookstore. Naturally, the orb is loaded with CQRs, SuperBeacon, Matrix, the works.


Just to make sure I had enough to do, I finished this one as well. It’s a very exact duplicate of the space, and has a dance studio behind the compleat enchanter booth, and a theater downstairs, just like the original, where the 60s music greats came in to jam with Gemini owner Gary, an awesome amateur guitarist. Again, there are loads of CQR items and SuperBeacon, Matrix, Atlantean Crystals & More!!!


Yeah, I know; I’m a glutton for punishment. I decided to complete the fourth in the chatroom series before dashing off to breakfast — and that’d be Red House, Crestline. It’s a whalloping job, but it got done. You have several gathering areas, and a large discussion group area in the living room. You’ll note once again that there are all the CQR items loaded in and activated.

All four of these orbs will be ready in the next few days. Your help is needed!!! Download them and get into the orbs with other folks and test the chat functions and internet speeds. I think you’ll be delighted and surprised to see how transparent the medium can be when a good engine is employed.

Okay, so now I’m back to work on the ten boating orbs once again. They’re coming along well, but Dick and I are still hitting a few brick walls in the matter of updating and netplayer issues. Most of the problems are solved, but there’s much more to do yet, and I’m on the job as we speak. Hopefully, we’ll have the bugs worked out by this afternoon, but that’s what I said yesterday…and the day before…and the day before…and the…

Don’t forget that every successful venture rests on a huge heap of failures.

See You At The Top!!!