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3D BINOX at NAMM 2017

You can now use miniatures to target a specific space. Great at parties!

Well, finally I’ve gotten around to making my first commercial prototype 3D BINOX unit, which will be ready for market this morning, if all goes well.

You will be astonished, probably even shocked, by what you can see in the 3D BINOX. You’ll hear people actually yelp in surprise when they see the difference between what they see with ordinary eyes and what they can see with the 3D BINOX.

You can use the 3D BINOX with your H1 INTELLIGENT HARMONIZER to create some amazing effects through Quantum Tunneling and my very latest miniaturized WormHole technology. Continue reading

Change Your DNA Today!!!

Influence comes from outer space & time
Influence comes from outer space & time with these Carbonaceous Chondrites.

Just holding or carrying a meteorite — even a small one — around has an effect on the carrier or wearer; quite a profound one. It influences the DNA, sometimes in a remarkable way that is observable by friends and family, much to the good.

The right kind of meteorite can create change in the Spiritual DNA, causing a subtle re-arrangement of the instructions to allow a super-charged spiritual awakening. This is why you like to visit museums, observatories and planetariums — or is it planetaria?

Some folks who received an Awakening Call did so through the action and influence of a nearby meteorite.

The most effective are the NWA, North-West Africa stony chondrites that stand out starkly against the whiteness of the surrounding rock and sand, much as they are found quite easily in the ice-pack of Antarctica, where the most famous meteorite of all was found — the Martian meteorite that appeared to contain microbial fossils.

Of course there’s life everywhere in the galaxy, and in fact in every galaxy there are billions of inhabitable planets, most of which spawn life that is very similar to life on Earth, not all of which build and use radios — intelligent species tend to be telepathic. Continue reading

Incredible Ammy Story!!!


Here is an anecdote about the Brane-Power Amulets that attests well to the quantum nature of the ammies, but also points up the fact that at least one large physics lab outside the United States is working on something very similar:

One of our senior circle folks returned to Germany to visit with family and friends, and when he landed at the airport, he was wearing a Brane-Power amulet. He had never mentioned the ammy to his brother, a physicist working on a secret project in the private sector at a nearby laboratory.

When they met at the airport, his brother noticed the amulet and remarked, “Ah, ein superenergetischer Generator fuer quanten-mechanische Hilfseffecte!” — in English, “a superenergetic generator for quantum mechanical auxiliary effects.” Continue reading

Secret Tour of YoYoDyne Industries


YoYoDyne Industries from the East wharf, new loading docks to the right — April 8, 2013.

That’s right, folks; Yoyodyne Industries is expanding. We’ve opened a new market on Capella XII, now ruled by Redfern IV, grandson of the Great Redfern, of course. We export to Capella XII and beyond — our products are sold everywhere in the Western Rim of the Galaxy, and we’re working hard to expand our territory! If you have a planet in mind for our products, why not give us a ring? Platinum would be nice.

See You At The Top!!!


What is an Induction?

Induction simply means to allow oneself to be drawn in.

It happens all the time, with every movie you watch, game you watch or play,
tv gameshow you hoot, snarl and gnash your teeth over, every soap opera
that jerks tears out of your red, swollen eyes.

You allow yourself to be drawn into theatrical plays, comic performances,
ballet, opera — every form of entertainment requires some level of voluntary
personal involvement, and that’s what’s meant by “induction”. It’s all under
your control — you have to actually work pretty hard to get inducted and even
harder to stay in the induction.

My inductions all work the same way. I merely suggest a route to follow;
whether you do or not is entirely up to you. Guidance without insistence, I
allow you to make decisions all along the way, and to operate and control
your own trip throughout the journey.

At the same time, you’ll be going along a very established route that has
been traveled by thousands before you.

The Inductions will take you from point to point along the Highway to Higher
Consciousness. At each stop, you’ll experience the equivalent of a
Chaikana, a Tea House & Shrine at which you would have stopped as a
member of an ancient caravan along the Silk Road Trade Route.

Each Caravanserai Chaikana has its own Master of Caravans and its own
Shrine, at which every visitor is expected to visit, not only for blessings but
also for a Paper of Passage, allowing one to continue through the tribal
territory to the next Caravanserai along the route.

In the same way that there are stops along the caravan trade routes, each
Induction provides the basis for the next, and serves as a stopping place to
rest, evaluate, assimilate and prepare for the furtherance of our journey.

Inductions are easy and fun, and you can, at any moment, take off the
headphones and go get a cup of hot tea and come back to it refreshed.
There’s no way to do it wrong.


You’ll know.