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Edible Amulets???

You are what you eat, so eat an Edible Ammie for Courage, Knowledge, Love!

The very first Big Breakthrough in POD — Print-On-Demand — technology was the ability to print food-safe edible ink on a sheet of safe, edible dried frosting paste. This isn’t the first year we’ve had this — it’s now a staple of the wedding trade.

In fact if you think about it only a moment, the printed disk of dried frosting is absolutely the counterpart to the Heavenly Host, when properly transsubstantiated, although we don’t use the Eucharistic Mass or anything remotely like it.

Still, the Catholics have got the right idea — you eat what you want to bring into yourself, and presumably that would include spiritual energies and healing powers and restorative vibrations, yes?

The idea is that you eat the body of God and this brings power, health and happiness to you, although a hell of a lot of good it did for God.

So what? Big deal. I don’t need no stinkin’ badge. What I mean is, go ahead and be happy, be wise and be elevated to a great height, but how?

You are what you eat. That’s what they tell you. What if that were literally true? What if when you ate a wafer marked “Courage”, you all of a sudden felt courageous?

Suppose you ate a wafer marked “Blessings”, would you expect to be and feel more Blessed? Damn right you would, and rightly so!

Okay, so how about one that’s marked “Winning”, what if you ate that and hit big on the lottery? What I mean is, would you donate 10% to the community? You don’t actually have to do that, it was an irresistible half-joke, because of course we welcome any donation and most importantly, your participation in our activities. Continue reading

Incredible Ammy Story!!!


Here is an anecdote about the Brane-Power Amulets that attests well to the quantum nature of the ammies, but also points up the fact that at least one large physics lab outside the United States is working on something very similar:

One of our senior circle folks returned to Germany to visit with family and friends, and when he landed at the airport, he was wearing a Brane-Power amulet. He had never mentioned the ammy to his brother, a physicist working on a secret project in the private sector at a nearby laboratory.

When they met at the airport, his brother noticed the amulet and remarked, “Ah, ein superenergetischer Generator fuer quanten-mechanische Hilfseffecte!” — in English, “a superenergetic generator for quantum mechanical auxiliary effects.” Continue reading


Pictured above, you’ll note my personal favorite CQR amulet, the Quantum Witch. There’s a lot to it, and it’s a bitch to make — squeezing the electrolytic capacitor into the crystals is just about impossible, and the double-inductance wire-wound coil is outrageously tough to produce, but there it is, ceramic nc foil & all. Most amazing thing about this particular ammy is that it’s quite useful, although all the ammies WILL work in this function, for IDR research.

“What, exactly, is IDR Research?”, you ask. IDR=Inter-Dimensional Radio. “Never heard of it,” you respond, quite rightly, because those working in this area really don’t want you to know about it. As a matter of fact, they’ll tell you that you’re crazy to think that such a thing is going on, right under the noses of the Popular Masses, meaning us.

The Big Guys in Washington and Moscow actually WANT you to think that UFOs are piloted by interstellar greenies with teensy antennae waving about their big bald heads.

Continue reading

Be It Ever So Humble…


Here it is…Home Sweet Home, YoyoDyne Industries — that’s me, standing by the far lamppost; my associate, Gnaro the Assumak, is on the left side of the photo. You can find our website here. We’re going through a transitional growth phase at the moment, expanding our manufacturing plant, putting in a number of labor-saving bots on the assembly line, and in general cleaning up our act; we even have a brand-new shipping department that can handle freight from almost any nearby galaxy, nebula or cluster, except of course, the Danebian System. We refuse to trade with any Danebian offworlders, and we all know the reason why. I’ll be posting a walkthrough of YoyoDyne soon, with all sorts of opportunities to examine the products we manufacture here in the 8th Dimension.

See You At The Top!!!


Secret Tour of YoYoDyne Industries


YoYoDyne Industries from the East wharf, new loading docks to the right — April 8, 2013.

That’s right, folks; Yoyodyne Industries is expanding. We’ve opened a new market on Capella XII, now ruled by Redfern IV, grandson of the Great Redfern, of course. We export to Capella XII and beyond — our products are sold everywhere in the Western Rim of the Galaxy, and we’re working hard to expand our territory! If you have a planet in mind for our products, why not give us a ring? Platinum would be nice.

See You At The Top!!!