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Brane-Power Has Something New For You!!!

Death is a video game’s way of telling you that you fell asleep at the wheel.

Feedback is what you get from my teaching games. I’ll explain: Yesterday was one of those intense days where everything happens all at once. I spent Thursday night working 8 1/2 hours straight through ’til breakfast on MAYA, which is slowly but surely getting ready for prime-time.

MAYA is a 3rd Person 3D Shooter with the emphasis on exploration and discovery, hampered by a constant barrage of rocks and other nasty projectiles originating with the many zombie personalities you’ll find so reminiscent of Planet Urth.

Tonight, if all goes well — and why should it all of a sudden go well??? —  I’ll be finishing up the roster of zombies and zombie lords you’ll encounter in this quiet Mayan countryside brain-trainer.

As you play my “games”, please remember that they are NOT GAMES. They are properly called “serious games”, meaning that they are not entertainment and definitely not in any way frivolous.

The Orbs are intended as direct active spiritual instruction.

They are not now, and were never intended to, be electronic amusement parks or kid’s games.

I really am NOT here for your entertainment, and you’d better not, as the song says, mess with me tonight. I am Gorby, and in a cybernetic environment, I am almost invincible. Once in a while, I miss my footing or fail to dodge a rock or rocket launcher.

I don’t waste a single moment of my life grabbing every drop that falls in front of me, and neither should you. Life is far too short to drink social, sexual and psycho-emotional dramas, and this planet has plenty of personal drama to offer. I haven’t time for it, and if you’re really working to be in The Work, you won’t, either.

Bottom line, the real dangers are not in the shocking ambushes of the Bardo, but in the subtle seductions, step by step, until you’re in it too deep to pull back out. The answer is to outgrow those unproductive serial relationships, but most folks don’t, because they don’t see the need to outgrow anything.

My Ammy Inductions will address the issue of seduction, as well as many other issues that you face and with which you must do daily combat. Margaret Anderson, one of the Gurdjieff “Rope” folks, wrote a book titled “My 30 Years’ War”, detailing some of the hard issues she had to deal with inside herself.

Immaturity is the last refuge of the lazy. If you don’t put the energy in, nothing will change, and if you think you’ve already become an Ascended Master, you’ll have no chance whatever to work any change at all.

What do my Transformative Meta-Tools actually teach? Continue reading

Be It Ever So Humble…


Here it is…Home Sweet Home, YoyoDyne Industries — that’s me, standing by the far lamppost; my associate, Gnaro the Assumak, is on the left side of the photo. You can find our website here. We’re going through a transitional growth phase at the moment, expanding our manufacturing plant, putting in a number of labor-saving bots on the assembly line, and in general cleaning up our act; we even have a brand-new shipping department that can handle freight from almost any nearby galaxy, nebula or cluster, except of course, the Danebian System. We refuse to trade with any Danebian offworlders, and we all know the reason why. I’ll be posting a walkthrough of YoyoDyne soon, with all sorts of opportunities to examine the products we manufacture here in the 8th Dimension.

See You At The Top!!!