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Ignore The News


I’m not even going to dwell for a second on the latest Trump News, not even the Republicans’ despicable use of the ghastly and unfortunately conceived “Kathy Griffin photo” for their recruiting campaign, by which they perpetuate the image forever!

Ugh! Disgusting! How low can you go?

Is there “fair news” anywhere? News you can actually trust?

It’s very clear. You can’t trust the news, not ANY news, from ANY source, under ANY conditions, so why bother to watch it, listen to it, or read it?

First and foremost, remember that ALL POLITICIANS LIE. All lawyers lie. All political appointees have something to gain. All news agencies and outlets have viewers and sponsors, and they have to put out the crap that their people will engorge themselves upon, which means garbage, garbage, garbage. Discuss.

Forget about it.

I personally refuse to watch the news from now on. Period, and I recommend you do the same, and pass it on. There’s no hope for eggheads in this brainless neanderthalic “Age of Trump”. Just shine it on. Forget the news. Pay no attention to it.

If anything happens that’s close enough for you to react to it, you’ll know about it. Trust me.

In the meantime, while you’re waiting to be taken away to the labor camps to work on infrastructure as a state slave or you somehow escape the fury of the raging mob, you might feel the heat just a little, to get on with it.

I’m hoping that the Clear & Present Danger lights a firecracker under your ass.

This is the time, Kato.

Check out my super-spiffy stuff on cafe press, things like:


This “Dark Figure in the Mist” is Barbara, composing her new book, “Every Day a Holy Day”, which is a best-seller on our book list with dozens of reprintings, and IT ISN’T EVEN IN THE CATALOG YET and hasn’t been marketed or promoted!!!

It is destined to be a big seller, and YOU can help get it out there! Ask Yanesh how to make this happen!


Whattaya think, huh? Mighty nice, if you ask me, and it comes with the chain, too!

I’m headed over to the chuck wagon for some grub, and I’ll be moseying off to the cayuse, meaning the ICW, where we’ll talk more about this, and about blue lining, movement training, levitation training and more.


You’re gonna get compliments and questions about this messenger bag featuring Barbara!

Okay, I’d better dash, or miss the hot sausage and scrambled eggs! I’m kidding, of course. It’s the usual vegan fare, of which I never tire.

See You At The Top!!!


Crazy Nut Job Trump

MIrror Mimicry Works Wonders to Penetrate the Veil & Unmasking of the SIM

“Crazy Nut-Job Trump” is what they’re gonna call him when he gets taken away in a strait-jacket, and he more than deserves the name. All his wounds are self-inflicted. Nothing would have happened had he not gone on the attack and fired Comey, haw, haw — pardon me, Clarence, while I laugh.

And the most precious moment in the unfolding reality-show, “POTUS” came when we learned that the President of the United States actually confessed on camera to what looks like a high crime and misdemeanor to the casual observer.

I won’t go into details here, just suffice it to say that THE EXPERIMENT is going well. I’ll give you an important new exercise — new for you, if you’re not among the Initiates in our Order of High Dudgeon — which will help you to achieve the First Goal,

Unmasking The Sim

The Unmasking Process can be triggered by a simple application of an age-old mime and stage comedy technique called “Doubling”. I’ll explain how it’s done: Continue reading

Thank you, thank you, SpaceBuddhaa!!!


Cloister Members during Demolition of the Waterfront Condo

SpaceBuddhaa was busy in the Ashram tonight, clearing out the objects in the Condo. I have a suspicion that when I de-rezzed the condo, someone fell — I sort of saw something move downward from my elevated position. I hope that’s not true, but if it is, I’m mighty sorry, even if the Avatars tend to bounce like a toon.

By the way, personal flying is permitted of course when you’re building or rezzing, it should go without saying. It should, but it can’t. So the final word is, for building, you can do whatever you need to do in order to accomplish the build.

Anyhow, thanks to SpaceBuddhaa’s efforts tonight, in spite of a lousy internet connection and all sorts of Sl internal problems, the objects formerly known as “the condo” and contents are entirely gone, making room for what should be there, should have been there in the first place, but couldn’t be there until we were here, if you get my meaning, if you get my drift. What is it that’s going in there? It’s what Morgan would have called “Wait and See Pudding”. Continue reading

Brane-Power Has Something New For You!!!

Death is a video game’s way of telling you that you fell asleep at the wheel.

Feedback is what you get from my teaching games. I’ll explain: Yesterday was one of those intense days where everything happens all at once. I spent Thursday night working 8 1/2 hours straight through ’til breakfast on MAYA, which is slowly but surely getting ready for prime-time.

MAYA is a 3rd Person 3D Shooter with the emphasis on exploration and discovery, hampered by a constant barrage of rocks and other nasty projectiles originating with the many zombie personalities you’ll find so reminiscent of Planet Urth.

Tonight, if all goes well — and why should it all of a sudden go well??? —  I’ll be finishing up the roster of zombies and zombie lords you’ll encounter in this quiet Mayan countryside brain-trainer.

As you play my “games”, please remember that they are NOT GAMES. They are properly called “serious games”, meaning that they are not entertainment and definitely not in any way frivolous.

The Orbs are intended as direct active spiritual instruction.

They are not now, and were never intended to, be electronic amusement parks or kid’s games.

I really am NOT here for your entertainment, and you’d better not, as the song says, mess with me tonight. I am Gorby, and in a cybernetic environment, I am almost invincible. Once in a while, I miss my footing or fail to dodge a rock or rocket launcher.

I don’t waste a single moment of my life grabbing every drop that falls in front of me, and neither should you. Life is far too short to drink social, sexual and psycho-emotional dramas, and this planet has plenty of personal drama to offer. I haven’t time for it, and if you’re really working to be in The Work, you won’t, either.

Bottom line, the real dangers are not in the shocking ambushes of the Bardo, but in the subtle seductions, step by step, until you’re in it too deep to pull back out. The answer is to outgrow those unproductive serial relationships, but most folks don’t, because they don’t see the need to outgrow anything.

My Ammy Inductions will address the issue of seduction, as well as many other issues that you face and with which you must do daily combat. Margaret Anderson, one of the Gurdjieff “Rope” folks, wrote a book titled “My 30 Years’ War”, detailing some of the hard issues she had to deal with inside herself.

Immaturity is the last refuge of the lazy. If you don’t put the energy in, nothing will change, and if you think you’ve already become an Ascended Master, you’ll have no chance whatever to work any change at all.

What do my Transformative Meta-Tools actually teach? Continue reading

Just a Wee Bit about Tattoo-Fashions.com


Tiffany models Customized Peter Grimm Cowboy Hat artisaned by ej gold — $125.

Tiffany came over the other day to model hats — I wasn’t there for most of the photo shoot, but I was there for the end of it, and I do have all the shots taken in that short impromptu session, and this is one nice one that shows off the hat. This wrapped-fibre tailed & blazened custom cowboy hat from a Listed American Artist retails for a mere $125, and I make ’em myself, all by hand except for the genuine tagged Peter Grimm hat itself, which can be shaped, formed and customized in many different ways. Thanks to all those who did the modeling session. Wholesale on the hats is $65 — you only need to order 2 to get the wholesale price, so you’re actually getting one hat free!!!

Continue reading

News, Breasts & Weather

I figure you’ve noticed the movement toward big-breasted nearly-naked and even entirely naked women newscasters, anchorpersons, weather girls and spokespersons in commercials, but have you taken note of the sudden increase in the cup-size of said breasts, and the alarmingly exponential levels of nudity of these ample newsgirls?

Just in case you hadn’t, I thought I’d Continue reading