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Crazy Nut Job Trump

MIrror Mimicry Works Wonders to Penetrate the Veil & Unmasking of the SIM

“Crazy Nut-Job Trump” is what they’re gonna call him when he gets taken away in a strait-jacket, and he more than deserves the name. All his wounds are self-inflicted. Nothing would have happened had he not gone on the attack and fired Comey, haw, haw — pardon me, Clarence, while I laugh.

And the most precious moment in the unfolding reality-show, “POTUS” came when we learned that the President of the United States actually confessed on camera to what looks like a high crime and misdemeanor to the casual observer.

I won’t go into details here, just suffice it to say that THE EXPERIMENT is going well. I’ll give you an important new exercise — new for you, if you’re not among the Initiates in our Order of High Dudgeon — which will help you to achieve the First Goal,

Unmasking The Sim

The Unmasking Process can be triggered by a simple application of an age-old mime and stage comedy technique called “Doubling”. I’ll explain how it’s done: Continue reading

Multitracking your voice in the 21st century

How to use all this new cellphone, video and html5 technology? No sweat; here’s one suggestion…video yourself as a choir, adding ALL the parts into the whole, one by one. The conclusion I came to is that this very talented kid has a hell of a lot of time on his hands. I spend more than 5 minutes making a Tin-Pan Alley Hit on youtube and I feel like I’ve failed. Enjoy. He’s really quite exceptional. I hope he monetizes the hell out of his efforts!

Here’s more to tantalize and whet the appetite for multitrack a capella vocals… Continue reading