Crazy Nut Job Trump

MIrror Mimicry Works Wonders to Penetrate the Veil & Unmasking of the SIM

“Crazy Nut-Job Trump” is what they’re gonna call him when he gets taken away in a strait-jacket, and he more than deserves the name. All his wounds are self-inflicted. Nothing would have happened had he not gone on the attack and fired Comey, haw, haw — pardon me, Clarence, while I laugh.

And the most precious moment in the unfolding reality-show, “POTUS” came when we learned that the President of the United States actually confessed on camera to what looks like a high crime and misdemeanor to the casual observer.

I won’t go into details here, just suffice it to say that THE EXPERIMENT is going well. I’ll give you an important new exercise — new for you, if you’re not among the Initiates in our Order of High Dudgeon — which will help you to achieve the First Goal,

Unmasking The Sim

The Unmasking Process can be triggered by a simple application of an age-old mime and stage comedy technique called “Doubling”. I’ll explain how it’s done:

The best example of COMEDY DOUBLING you’ll find in the famously filmed single-shot mime scenes created by the Marx Brothers during the 1930s, notably in Animal Crackers and Duck Soup, although they used the gimmick many times. You’ll find the same scene repeated in an “I Love Lucy” episode.

Keep in mind as you perform this exercise that it’s not to be taken lightly, nor used indiscriminately and repeatedly. It is a LIMITED exercise, and one that — in the Old Days — I would have insisted on transmitting only in person and only at the right time.

These days, you need all the help you can get. These are dangerous times, and you are NOW surrounded by many MILLIONS, not thousands, of Explosive Bardo Traps, not the least of which is what can happen to you when you take a well-earned vacation to see New York, New York, the most famous landmark of which is Times Square, a place I’d never recommend for a visit for thousands of reasons, all of which you’ll find wandering around there like zombies at any hour of the day or night.

Here’s Doubling Drill #1

Sit at your desk, or at a comfortable spot with any device that allows you to hook up to the internet or broadcast news. Make certain that it’s a FLAT-SCREEN, not a CRT screen you’re using for this exercise, or things can go terribly wrong.

Turn on the device and select “television news”. You’re going to tune in to the “CNN” channel.

Sit at a normal distance from the screen, head straight and eyes forward.

Park The Body.

KEEP YOUR HANDS ON YOUR THIGHS OR KNEES, palm down, fully relaxed. Do NOT move your hands during this exercise — they operate as “Pin-Connectors” through hyperspace when activated and controlled by the THIRD EYE, which presumably you’ve been tickling awake for the past several weeks, getting ready to perform this and other related exercises for the Third Eye which are to follow when you’ve mastered this first beginning drill.


This is important. You MUST invoke the INNER CHANT, “All Phenomena Is Illusion”, and make certain that you BELIEVE IT.

If you don’t thoroughly Believe It, you haven’t worked the FOUR LINES Drill long enough or frequently enough or fervently enough or transparently enough to actually GET THE FACT that ALL Phenomena Is Illusion, not just “Some Phenomena”.

You need to be able to at least comprehend the idea, but it helps if it has permeated every fibre of your Being, at least for the purpose of this exercise.

Well, technically, it’s not an exercise. It’s more properly called a “Drill”, because you’ll find a number of techniques and applications for this, especially in the field of Atlantean Crystal Technology.

Atlantean Crystal Technology is and always has been my specialty, along with Improvised Magical Weapons and Remote Viewing.

Think those are frivolous activities?

Then how do you explain the continued interest in Psychic Warrior Techniques and Skills in many of the major World Power Governments?

Even though they deny that any such thing exists, I can assure you, using very simple, very basic Remote Viewing skills, that several Psychic Warrior Activities exist today, one of which operates out of Arlington, Virginia.

I’ve encountered a few of their Astral Projecting Doppelganger agents buzzing about over their training compound at …

No, wait. I can’t reveal the location, nor the folks involved in this “HyperSecret” Psychic Warrior “Div 44” unit fighting it out in the AETHYRS over Washington, D.C. and other important defensive installations.

Call The Marines!

Yeah, sure, the Marines, the Army, the Air Force, the Coast Guard, the Navy and a host of other operatives in the Protection Racket that has formed itself into the military might of the Western World.

Big deal. I have billions of soldiers willing to do my every bidding and to shed blood for me, but what good does it do you, when gasoline is $10 bucks a gallon???

Of course, my military might is somewhat limited by the size of the screen and the speed of the micro-processor, but my military minions cost me NOTHING to support — a few pennies a month in electricity and the usual wear-and-tear on my computer keyboard.

Here’s the Key to the Drill:

TURN UP THE VOLUME if necessary, to create the effect of the voice of the newscaster’s talking head comes across on your speakers or ear-buds at about the same volume as your natural voice, maybe a little lower in volume than your own.

You’ll get the hang of the volume as you use this important Doubling Drill, just the first of many you’ll learn to use for the purpose of Unmasking the Sim, which is the whole point of living a life in the material world, or have you forgotten already???

Clear the Mind

Totally Clear your Mind. Don’t worry about HOW to do that, just do it. Now that the Mind is CLEAR, empty the AM — Associative Mind — which is located to the back and side of the OverMInd, and KEEP IT EMPTY.

If you’re having a problem with this very basic pre-set action, you might need to take a workshop or two to catch up with the others.

Okay, now that the Mind is Cleared, you’re ready to address the talking head on the screen. It’s best if you find someone who is talking at about your regular speed of speech or slightly slower, so the natural tempo will be easy to achieve.

Go Limp

You need to do more than merely relax the body. You need to allow the body to go completely “limp”, like a rag-doll, except that the head remains straight, eyes toward the screen.

Start Talking

Start talking with the Talking Head newscaster on the television channel, and just plow right along.

At first, you won’t be able to do it at all.

Then after a while of trying — it shouldn’t be more than a few minutes — you’ll find that you can correctly “LAND” on a word or phrase bang-on.

Total Unreasoning Confidence

You have to have Total Unreasoning Confidence, and you CAN do make yourself totally confident without having to resort to the Attorney’s Trick of using a powerful opiode to bring your confidence level up to “total”.

No drugs necessary, just unreasoning non-doubt that you CAN do it.

What’s more, you need to arouse and manifest the powerful non-doubt of the TRUE BELIEVER, and then when you’re done with the Drill, you need to drop it like the hot potato that it is.

Never perpetuate a Drill beyond the Drill Space, meaning, “Don’t Take Your Guns To Town”. You’ll never need this skill unless you’re in the middle of a confrontation with a Bardo Entity, which is “at least once a day”, in your present State & Condition, about which we’ll talk sometime soon.

Unmask the Sim

Use the PEPE — Personal Experience Personally Experienced — to achieve a momentary “Unmasking” of the surrounding space, including yourself.

Empty Box

The Drill is effective if you achieve the VISION OF THE EMPTY BOX, which is an empty room observed by an “Outside” observer, which is YOU, having achieved a HIGHER REALM STATE, in your newly developing SPIRIT BODY, which will differ depending on what level you’re working.

Right now, it’d be the Astral Body you’d want to develop, but this Drill can be adapted to virtually ANY level of achievement, to master the skills on that level.

This Drill is useful if you’ve managed to trigger off a RED BOT or BLUE BOT into a string of READY TAPE LOOPS.

The RTLs — Ready Tape Loops — are organized in batteries of eight.

When you trigger off the First Tape Loop, it automatically goes into a non-stoppable and thoroughly predictable PLAYLIST of words, sounds, actions, gestures, facial expressions and phrases.

You might actually come to recognize the PLAYLIST of a life-partner whenever you happen to trigger it off.

The less stoppable the PLAYLIST, the more the BOT is in control.

When you can stop the PLAYLIST from playing all the way through to the end and resetting at the top of the LOOP and running again and again ad nauseum ad infinitum, you’ve got a good case for calling yourself an Enlightened Being, but being Enlightened, you probably won’t call yourself that.

Leave that sort of thing to Donald Trump.

Work this Drill until you thoroughly master it, with consummate skill and adroitness, or at least be convincing for a few brilliant seconds of mimicry.

That’s it, the whole shebang.

I used this Drill in psychology class on a professor who droned his lecture in his sleep. He never could figure out what was going on.

Merely talk at the same speed with the same words as your target, and DON’T TRY THIS LIVE at this time, be patient.

Living Target Talking Heads are your next lesson, but there’s a secret about how to do the Drill with interactive Talking Heads, meaning other people.

See You At The Top!!!