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Crazy Nut Job Trump

MIrror Mimicry Works Wonders to Penetrate the Veil & Unmasking of the SIM

“Crazy Nut-Job Trump” is what they’re gonna call him when he gets taken away in a strait-jacket, and he more than deserves the name. All his wounds are self-inflicted. Nothing would have happened had he not gone on the attack and fired Comey, haw, haw — pardon me, Clarence, while I laugh.

And the most precious moment in the unfolding reality-show, “POTUS” came when we learned that the President of the United States actually confessed on camera to what looks like a high crime and misdemeanor to the casual observer.

I won’t go into details here, just suffice it to say that THE EXPERIMENT is going well. I’ll give you an important new exercise — new for you, if you’re not among the Initiates in our Order of High Dudgeon — which will help you to achieve the First Goal,

Unmasking The Sim

The Unmasking Process can be triggered by a simple application of an age-old mime and stage comedy technique called “Doubling”. I’ll explain how it’s done: Continue reading

PWoS is Here at last!!!

I began working on Practical Work on Self back in the summer of 1973 at New House. It then consisted of a series of practical work exercises that one could perform alone and at home, meaning in one’s hometown, not necessarily within the walls of one’s house. I had 5 really topnotch goof-proof exercises ready for market by 1975, but that was when we moved from Crestline to Grass Valley, and there was no time to experiment or start new projects.

Since that time, many work projects have come into the picture, but always there was the PWoS Exercise Series waiting in the background for completion. Well, I’ve done it. There are a total of seven levels, each level consisting of seven exercises, conforming in the same configuration as the 49 day reading cycle, to which these exercises are fundamentally attached. Continue reading

How To Experience Astral Projection Right Now!


Say, there, Bunky…

Having trouble getting Out of Body??? Organic miseries haunting you??? Blocked by Karma and Attachment to the Body??? No problem. Here’s an exercise using our Second Life Virtual Ashram to get the point across and make the experience a happening full-immersion deal. The solution is simple. Once you “feel” the OOBIE (Out of Body Instant Experience) you’ll never forget it, and you’ll be easily able to dupe (Master Builder for “duplicate”, the basic move in cyber-building) the experience and thus master the out of body technique.

I’ll be giving the exercise at the ICW (Interactive Community Workshop) this Saturday morning, beginning at 6:30 AM Pacific Time. Don’t be late. We’ll all do the technique together right then, during the ICW, at around starting time, so we’ll have a subject of discussion to work with afterward.

If you still haven’t gotten into Second Life and gotten yourself into the Ashram, the whole thing will be a rather empty and intellectual event, with no experiential data personally experienced, which is what happens when you get all THEORY (only 3 credits) and no PRACTICAL (4 additional Course Credits).

In short, make sure you get there for the 4 credit LAB, or be left out in the cold once again, wondering where everyone went to, and why they seem to understand something that’s still eluding you. It’s not a cryptic thing; you need to learn to participate.

Hey, it’s very easy to join us at the virtual ashram. If you have a problem, just call. If you don’t know it by now, I’m here to help.

See You At The Top!!!


A Viral Video For Your Thoughts…


Viral Video department…how can i help you???

Oh, you want to know, without taking up your precious time and exerting all that effort and trouble to find out which are the most popular blues-rock and straight blues songs of the past 50 years?

Hey, i got nothin’ to do for the next 22 hours…. Hang loose, i’ll be right back…oops, this is the 21st century, isn’t it? So what i meant was, “brb”.

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