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Lorca, GullFoyle, Capizz, Molly Midway — Your Malibu Beach Home is Here!!!


I’ve put up Malibu Beach Homes for Lorca, GullFoyle, Capizz and Molly Midway; they’re not yet completely finished, but they do each have your brand-new XxaxX-made plasma tanks, the latest model. I’ll get around to putting in some decor as I’m able. I’m posting my hourly stuff on twitter, and was just in time to put up a notice that we were in the middle of a crashing thunderstorm (thanks for the rain-dances) which begins the fall season in this New Reality. You can tell whose house is whose by clicking on it and reading the name. If you want a name box in front, we can arrange it. Continue reading

PWoS is Here at last!!!

I began working on Practical Work on Self back in the summer of 1973 at New House. It then consisted of a series of practical work exercises that one could perform alone and at home, meaning in one’s hometown, not necessarily within the walls of one’s house. I had 5 really topnotch goof-proof exercises ready for market by 1975, but that was when we moved from Crestline to Grass Valley, and there was no time to experiment or start new projects.

Since that time, many work projects have come into the picture, but always there was the PWoS Exercise Series waiting in the background for completion. Well, I’ve done it. There are a total of seven levels, each level consisting of seven exercises, conforming in the same configuration as the 49 day reading cycle, to which these exercises are fundamentally attached. Continue reading