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Ready to Give Up???

That beautiful pre-war Leica iii-C was the best 35mm camera I ever used, and I still have it, courtesy Army Security Agency, Fort Devens, Mass.

On Tax Day, April 15, 2017 many tens of thousands of angry taxpayers took to the streets in protest. They pay taxes every year, Donald Trump has never paid a penny of tax in his entire life, and he uses up taxpayer money like water, as you’ve seen.

Did Emperor Donald take this seriously? Did he see the handwriting on the wall?

Of course not.

I told you before, with all due respect, Donald Trump is clinically insane which, if he didn’t have his finger on the nuclear trigger, would be no big deal.

As I’ve said before, he’s an NPD, a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which doesn’t listen and doesn’t respect or trust others, and there’s no cure for NPD, none whatsoever.

Trump tweeted — of course he tweeted, what else would you expect??? — that ALL the demonstrators who marched on Tax Day were paid actors.

Oh, yeah? Nobody paid ME to protest, and I’m protesting plenty, while I still can, because I KNOW that within days or weeks, my ability to do could be seriously reduced by the Gestapo or worse, an Agency Setup.

As a graduate of two Unnamed Agencies and one that appears in my service records, the Army Security Agency, I know what their mindset is, and my continued survival and ability to publish is not among their top concerns.

In short, I’m expendable as hell.

I take a hell of a chance singing songs of protest, writing poems, blogs and video game levels that make fun of Donald Trump, but I’ve always said, if I’m to be hanged as a horse-thief, I’ll at least have the horse. Continue reading

Portable Portals StarGates & Gateways

New StarGate, thanks to Rocky! Can you find it? It’s somewhere in the Ashram.

Once you locate a StarGate, you can easily operate it with the Official Sigil of the Atlantean-Society, but where exactly IS the nearest StarGate? If you are having trouble finding a StarGate in or near your hometown, why not build your very own StarGate right in your own backyard?

It’s easy to put together in a single afternoon, with our incredible easy-to-follow STARGATE BUILDING PLANS. Buy the plans today, usually $1.4 million, but it’s on SALE today for only $6.99 per download, and we’ll include the following:

  • EASY TO FOLLOW PLANS for your very own personal “BACKYARD STARGATE”.
  • InterDimensional Holyiday Inn & Howerd Jackson Hotels DISCOUNT COUPON.
  • Official Atlantean-Society downloadable — you print it and have it laminated —  MEMBERSHIP CARD, identifying you as a former Atlantean Citizen.
  • ATLANTEAN SOCIETY NEWSLETTER in electronic format keeps you informed about recent developments and breakthroughs, gives you support in locating StarGates and operating your own backyard StarGate and tells you about upcoming workshops and clinics using Healing Stones,  Atlantean Sigils and other ancient magical items.

You might want to check out the new post on the Atlantean-Society webpage.

See You At The Top!!!



How do the PTP Grades Work???


I’ve set up the PTP classes pretty much along very simple lines. Practical Work on Self Training Program is what PTP stands for. It’s a series of personal experiments which are called PTP Projects. If you’re interested and have a lot of spare energy and attention, you’ll receive as your first Mission Pack a group of ten (10) assorted handmade greeting cards that I put together for you to get rid of.

That’s right, I didn’t say “sell”, and the reason for that is because the exercise does NOT specify selling as an action you need to take, although unless you’re independently wealthy, the economics of the situation will eventually create an overburden of financial crush that can only be relieved by selling something.


As you are undoubtedly aware, people don’t tend to do anything they don’t absolutely have to do in order to survive at the most basic level.

Well, that’s true, but people will take action if they believe they can personally and instantly benefit immediately and greatly as a result of that action, even if the probability against is very, very high, such as a lottery ticked or a horse race, and naturally, the greater the odds against, the greater the reward if your horse should happen to beat the odds, which is called a “long shot”.

Frankly, I know what will inevitably happen to your project, unless you do something to overcome your inertness (not “intertia”, the correct word is “inertness”, the quality of standing still, being “not-in-motion” with no hope of energizing oneself into action).

Getting a bit too technical? Okay, I’ll cut right to chase:

I send you 10 handmade “Vintage Postcard Notecards” — made by cementing down a genuine vintage postcard onto a brand-new stationary card with a matching envelope. It’s then wrapped in a protective sleeve, ready for market. You can add your own price tag or use mine.

There’s your necessity in a nutshell — you’re stuck with those 10 greeting cards unless you can figure out a way to get rid of them, and that DOES answer the exercise, because your only instruction is:

“You have 10 greeting cards in your possession.  Get rid of them any way you can.”

That’s the whole of it, no gimmicks, no extras, nothing deep to understand. Get rid of them any (legal and ethical) way you can. I thought I’d mention those two items, ethical and legal, because they might not be “understoods” — I’m taking nothing for granted here.

Obviously if you don’t generate some cash from the sale of these horrid “in-your-face” greeting cards, you’ll soon be up to your eyeballs in greeting cards. They’ll be tumbling out of every closet and cupboard door if you’re not attentive and ready to take action to get them out of your house as if they were tribbles, and they are.

Tribbles are from a Star Trek episode, “Trouble With Tribbles”, writtten by one of my Galaxy Magazine authors, David Gerrold. You can easily find the very amusing episode on youtube, I’m sure. You won’t check it out unless I put the link in right here for you? Has it come to that, already? (SOUND: Deep Sigh, MUSIC up & out)

One of the other things I’m not taking for granted is your ability to create greeting cards of your own, on your own. I’ll be giving you the basics all along on the course, so you’ll be ready for each stage of increasing difficulty as it comes.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry for the Cockatrice, Basilisk, Familiar and the Big Four Elementals. You’ll meet them plenty fast enough — the learning curve is very easy in the PTP Course, and you can complete it in just a few months if you push yourself a bit.

I’ll be posting some blogs about the Basilisk and his friends, so stay tuned and tell a friend to tune in, too. I assure you that it will be of interest to anyone engaged in XD communication and travel — it’s like having a comparative travel agency help you with your voyaging bookings.

Lesson 1 of the PTP Course is just $35 away from happening! Send for it today! Supplies of vintage cards are not inexhaustible — get yours now! 10 handmade greeting cards for $35, which includes the course material. The video will help you get started right away, and in spite of the fact that it’s “just a school exercise”, it can actually help you to finance your workshops and retreats with enough extra cash to provide you with the ever-popular “wherewithal” to do the things you want to do.

Hopefully, one of those things you want to do is to learn how to be smart, courageous and kind. The PTP Course will not only take you there, it’ll take you back again, so you can turn around and help others up the ladder of consciousness.

“Bodhisattva” is not just a cute New Age buzz-word for a terrific new yuppy-seducing self-help weekend workshop. Bodhisattva is a Way of Life.

Sacrifice of Comfort is the game at hand. Wanna Play???

See You At The Top!!!






Pictured above, you’ll note my personal favorite CQR amulet, the Quantum Witch. There’s a lot to it, and it’s a bitch to make — squeezing the electrolytic capacitor into the crystals is just about impossible, and the double-inductance wire-wound coil is outrageously tough to produce, but there it is, ceramic nc foil & all. Most amazing thing about this particular ammy is that it’s quite useful, although all the ammies WILL work in this function, for IDR research.

“What, exactly, is IDR Research?”, you ask. IDR=Inter-Dimensional Radio. “Never heard of it,” you respond, quite rightly, because those working in this area really don’t want you to know about it. As a matter of fact, they’ll tell you that you’re crazy to think that such a thing is going on, right under the noses of the Popular Masses, meaning us.

The Big Guys in Washington and Moscow actually WANT you to think that UFOs are piloted by interstellar greenies with teensy antennae waving about their big bald heads.

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