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Ready to Give Up???

That beautiful pre-war Leica iii-C was the best 35mm camera I ever used, and I still have it, courtesy Army Security Agency, Fort Devens, Mass.

On Tax Day, April 15, 2017 many tens of thousands of angry taxpayers took to the streets in protest. They pay taxes every year, Donald Trump has never paid a penny of tax in his entire life, and he uses up taxpayer money like water, as you’ve seen.

Did Emperor Donald take this seriously? Did he see the handwriting on the wall?

Of course not.

I told you before, with all due respect, Donald Trump is clinically insane which, if he didn’t have his finger on the nuclear trigger, would be no big deal.

As I’ve said before, he’s an NPD, a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which doesn’t listen and doesn’t respect or trust others, and there’s no cure for NPD, none whatsoever.

Trump tweeted — of course he tweeted, what else would you expect??? — that ALL the demonstrators who marched on Tax Day were paid actors.

Oh, yeah? Nobody paid ME to protest, and I’m protesting plenty, while I still can, because I KNOW that within days or weeks, my ability to do could be seriously reduced by the Gestapo or worse, an Agency Setup.

As a graduate of two Unnamed Agencies and one that appears in my service records, the Army Security Agency, I know what their mindset is, and my continued survival and ability to publish is not among their top concerns.

In short, I’m expendable as hell.

I take a hell of a chance singing songs of protest, writing poems, blogs and video game levels that make fun of Donald Trump, but I’ve always said, if I’m to be hanged as a horse-thief, I’ll at least have the horse. Continue reading

Teensie-Weensie World of Prosperity

When you want a Quantum Effect — which is anything that affects anything by the process of bilocation — you gotta go to the Quantum World. It’s a very tiny world, smaller than anything in the Einsteinian World, the one of which you are generally aware, that of planets, stars, galaxies and you. But your body is composed of almost-countless tiny little things, and they are composed of energies, which in turn are composed of Quanta, and that means the Quantum World is very small, see? Fortunately, so is the world of Prosperity…it exists in a quantum space so small that you could fit it into the head of a pin and you’d have a sub-microscopic cyberspace, across which you could walk for days and days. Yessir, when you want a Quantum Effect, climb into the Quantum World of Prosperity Path, and make it happen!

See You At The Top!!!