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3D BINOX at NAMM 2017

You can now use miniatures to target a specific space. Great at parties!

Well, finally I’ve gotten around to making my first commercial prototype 3D BINOX unit, which will be ready for market this morning, if all goes well.

You will be astonished, probably even shocked, by what you can see in the 3D BINOX. You’ll hear people actually yelp in surprise when they see the difference between what they see with ordinary eyes and what they can see with the 3D BINOX.

You can use the 3D BINOX with your H1 INTELLIGENT HARMONIZER to create some amazing effects through Quantum Tunneling and my very latest miniaturized WormHole technology. Continue reading

I Fart in Your General Direction

Spook watches a fireball manifest in Norton Street demonstration, 1969. All the props courtesy of Universal Studios, except the Mayan Glass Knife from my collection.


You can: paint, draw, sing, act, dance, sculpt, make jewelry, all with the singular purpose of producing balance and harmony between Centrums, Chakras and Meridians, and a profound sense of peace and harmony between yourself and your environment.

It’s NEVER about talent. It’s ALWAYS about giving yourself permission

“I can’t give myself permission,” you tell me.

Well, do you ever give yourself permission to act out negatively? To be angry, sad, depressed, for more than a few seconds? That’s all the time it takes to have an emotional reaction. The rest is reverberation and decay time, and that could, for some unfortunates, take hours, days, weeks, years, maybe never.

La Balance – The Tarot card “BALANCE” illustrates the concept and method of harmonic resonance. The goal of harmonic therapy is to restore the natural balance of sounds inherent in a blended whole, to restore the whole note from the resultant fragmentaries.

It’s easy to manifest thought-forms and prayer-forms if you can concentrate AND FOCUS your Higher-Being Attention.


Invite a group of friends to gather in order to experiment with the TC-Helicon H1 Intelligent Harmonizer, working to creating notes and harmonies along the TONE SCALE of OBJECTIVE WAVELENGTHS with the object of obtaining harmonization and defining the range of each individual’s voice at this time, before stretching and flexing the vocal muscles.

Continue reading

New GoDD® Game Coming Soon — “Un Saison en Fer”, A Season in Hell…Want to know more???

“A Season in Hell” Cover will front the frustrating, almost impossible, walking tour of the Underworld.

Release date on this game is “Real Soon”. I’ve finished the new weapons, and I think you’ll favor the bombs, wep #3 slot, and the new grapple action, where you skywalk with the grapple pull, and can turn, arm yourself differently, latch onto a ceiling, and fire away down below.

“Sounds like a shooter,” I hear you say, and you’d be right, it IS a shooter, but not ordinary weapons, these are mostly magic, with a boomerang and grapple thrown in for sheer fun, and why shouldn’t Hell be fun?

You can’t make Hell just go away. Continue reading