I Fart in Your General Direction

Spook watches a fireball manifest in Norton Street demonstration, 1969. All the props courtesy of Universal Studios, except the Mayan Glass Knife from my collection.


You can: paint, draw, sing, act, dance, sculpt, make jewelry, all with the singular purpose of producing balance and harmony between Centrums, Chakras and Meridians, and a profound sense of peace and harmony between yourself and your environment.

It’s NEVER about talent. It’s ALWAYS about giving yourself permission

“I can’t give myself permission,” you tell me.

Well, do you ever give yourself permission to act out negatively? To be angry, sad, depressed, for more than a few seconds? That’s all the time it takes to have an emotional reaction. The rest is reverberation and decay time, and that could, for some unfortunates, take hours, days, weeks, years, maybe never.

La Balance – The Tarot card “BALANCE” illustrates the concept and method of harmonic resonance. The goal of harmonic therapy is to restore the natural balance of sounds inherent in a blended whole, to restore the whole note from the resultant fragmentaries.

It’s easy to manifest thought-forms and prayer-forms if you can concentrate AND FOCUS your Higher-Being Attention.


Invite a group of friends to gather in order to experiment with the TC-Helicon H1 Intelligent Harmonizer, working to creating notes and harmonies along the TONE SCALE of OBJECTIVE WAVELENGTHS with the object of obtaining harmonization and defining the range of each individual’s voice at this time, before stretching and flexing the vocal muscles.

If you’re acting as guid, get them to harmonize as well as they are presently able, on the HARMONIZER, going through C Scale, D Scale, E Scale, F Scale, G Scale, A Scale and B Scale.

Don’t try to get them to note the effects of each scale at this time. That is a much more advanced level.

On the SECOND PASS through this exercise, get them to harmonize on the E Flat Scale, A Flat Scale, F Sharp Scale and finally, the B Flat Scale.

Each participant is responsible for their own voice. Working together, they will strive to weave a tight and deep harmonic fabric as a vocal harmonic group, but first, each must learn how to hear and control their own voice before attempting to blend it with others.

Focusing a beam of PSYCHIC LIGHT through the twisted distortion lens of a portable version of the Astral Particle Beam.


HARMONIZATION can open telepathic tunnels which follow ionized paths.


A PRAYER PATH is merely a grooved or “ESTABLISHED” pathway of ionized ASTRAL POINTS which in turn creates as-if particles between the origin of power and the target, creating a momentary connection between 2 quantum-entangled points at two different locations somewhere along the ZERO GRID, the basis for the Higgs Field Cubic Tesseract, the foundation for any living universe.

Ultimately, any universe is built of SOUND. Waves indicate pulse, fluctuation and rhythmic beat frequencies.

Finding BEAT ZERO on the Beat Frequencies Scale is quite an accomplishment, but it’s a dire necessity when using sound waves to create Shamanic Effects, such as operating a PORTAL or directing healing energies.

HARMONIC RESONANCE is the only action that creates HARMONY of CENTRUMS.

This personal level of harmony can spread out into other areas by continued RESONANCE, something to be learned in the process of using the POWER OF SOUND, SONG & PRAYER.

Barbara and Yanesh demonstrate the power of high-spirit Didges, while Iven generates string vibrations behind them.


You can improve your SONIC POWER and PRAYER EFFECTS by taking one of our Harmonic Resonance Clinics, where your PRAYER PROJECTIONS and PRAYER POWER are measured and improved.

How can you determine if your PRAYER POWER is more effective?

One simple and time-honored way to test your PRAYER POWER is to select a wounded target that has no normal chance to improve or recover, so that there can be only one source of the healing, see?

Okay, so what would that be right now?

Looking in today’s headlines, we see a story about hundreds of swastikas plastered all over the advertising placards on New York City subway trains.

In Manhattan, the Jews are a full 20% of the population, so those playful youngsters with the spray cans and crayons are taking a helluva chance. They probably weren’t professional Nazis, just kids with a twisted and tormented sense of wonder.

Some people in New York City will cross the street to avoid a confrontation with a gang of Jews, just as they’d do the same with a gang of Puerto-Ricans or African-Americans, which make up a whalloping 25% of the New York population, and they’d be right to do so.

Martial Arts Study Group was a bit too early for street fighting back in 1968.

Jews, Hispanics, Muslims, Arabs (not all Muslims are Arabs, dum-dum), African-Americans, Native Americans, Asians, Australians and foreigners, non-whites and non-Christians in general, are feeling pretty fucking pushed against the wall just about everywhere, these days, and the hate is FEEL-ABLE out in public.

The hate, fear, distrust and rage aroused by demons in control of your governments around the world are in place in order to control you, keep you from reacting, from rebelling against the assault, but if you’re going to be hanged as a horse thief, you might as well have the horse.

What I mean is, if you’re going to die anyway, take the bastards with you. There’s a good reason the Shaolin monks and Ninjas learned deadly self-defense — they had to, and anyone who is slightly “different” will have to learn to go onto a street thoroughly prepared to defend themselves, their children and their friends from HATE GROUP attackers.

In the New Order, Hate Crimes are no longer a crime.

Back in the subway car with all the swastikas, somebody finally spoke up, and said, “Hey, hand-sanitizer takes that stuff off easily.”

Everyone got involved, and with that level of warmth, respect and cooperation, the swastikas were quickly and efficiently removed from the subway car signs.

That’s what I call PRAYER POWER.

Jack appreciated PRAYER POWER and used it to prevent Kruschev from winning the Cold War. I had nothing to do with that, just an observer passing through.

It took courage for those people to stand up to the bullies, even though the bullies had sprayed and run, the mark of a true coward.

One person involved in the subway incident yesterday said “I guess that’s what it’s going to be like in Trump’s Amerika from now on.”

“No,” said one passenger, “Not as long as we’re here to stop them.”

That’s my point. We soon won’t be, for any of three reasons:

  1. They came to take us away.
  2. We became refugees and emigrated to safety and freedom.
  3. We’ve gone into another dimension, one way or another.

Frankly, if my friends and I had caught them doing that back when we were big, strapping and very able street-fighters, had there been a more or less even match,  there might have been very different headlines.

But bullies never look for a FAIR FIGHT, it’s always about attacking helpless feeble people, which they do so well, and I’m too old and weak at this late stage to offer much resistance to overwhelming force, which is the only kind of force they know how to use.

There’s not a lot of “bragging rights” in hitting an old person, or a pregnant person, or someone lying in a hospital bed or on the floor, but brag they do.

It’s not particularly brave to attack someone small and helpless with 10, 20 or a mob of 2,000 or more huge, monstrous creatures calling themselves “people” throwing stones at a living target, which is YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

Those otherwise harmless kids are not a good target to test your Shamanic Powers, at least, not yet, although they ARE as tempting a target to YOU as YOU are to THEM!

When they turn on the gas, grab your gas mask and charge.

As a Jew in Trump’s Amerika, I should be well-armed and prepared to defend myself should I happen to venture out onto the streets or fail to keep an armed guard at my gate.

But I’m not well-armed. I’m not armed at all.

I don’t do that sort of thing, so I suppose that whatever happens to me will be taken as a direct result of my failure to defend myself with overwhelming force, but as I said, I just don’t do that — I just have my open hands, feet and head, none of which are up to a solid fight anymore.

However, let’s ignore the New York Nazis for the moment, although we may return to them later, if we need another target.

Meanwhile, we hope to find a BETTER, more READABLE target, something upon which we can QUANTITATIVELY MEASURE the results. Leaving a bunch of dead kids on the third rail of the New York subway system is NOT a good way of measuring your HEALING PRAYER POWERS.


My training game “A Season in Hell” was made for special students who needed to know how to conduct a powerful World-Shaking Exorcism. This shows how.

GOOD SCIENCE requires good lab practices, so we must look further for a “fair subject” to indicate success at our lab class exercise.

Aha! PERFECT!!! Here also in the news was another “Breaking Story” — this one featured a strange and enigmatic unknown person calling himself “Steve Bannon”.


I’ll explain:

It was recently discovered by the news media in general and the social media in particular, and got published and circulated widely just yesterday and this morning, that a mysterious person named “Steve Bannon” is behind the scenes with Donald Trump and has been since Day One, manipulating and influencing himself into TOTAL POWER as the MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN.

The “Steve Bannon Connection” is the story that everyone in Washington knew, but nobody dared speak about — like knowing that J. Edgar Hoover was a cross-dresser (and therefore subject to blackmail), or that the U.S. Government has been building Labor Camps all over the place, for YOU and YOUR FAMILY, not some opposing foe or invader force.

Haven’t you been wondering who’s pulling Trump’s chain?

It’s very clear from his random, wandering speech patterns and his wild ill-considered Presidential Actions, such as the Tragic Seals Ambush, where he ordered his troops into an area without good intelligence, and I mean that both ways, that he lacks the on-board native intelligence and personal bargaining skills to actually become President of the United States.

He CAN’T HAVE ACTED ALONE, nor is he acting on his own now. He’s dumb, slow and quick to anger, vengeful, spiteful, mean and intolerant, just the kind of person you want at the helm with his finger on the Nuclear Trigger!

He was put in power by the man behind the throne, Steve Bannon, just as Dietrich Eckart trained Hitler to assume command, and gave him the speech and mannerisms that put him in power and created Nazi Germany.

By the way, the Germans don’t want Hitler back. Ask them.

I put quotemarks around the name “Steve Bannon”, because that’s just the name of the BODY, the human creature that is now, and always has been, Trump’s chief advisor, mentor and guide — I’d be looking closely at THAT relationship, were I a news reporter.

Undercover at Boston Cemetery in civvies, November 1963.

But who is “Steve Bannon”, really?

You really want to know? IN BODY, he’s connected deeply with the Illuminati, but that’s not his real claim to fame.

But poor Steve Bannon got careless with an invocation one day, quite a few years ago, and ended up, as did Trump, signing a PACT with an actual Demon from HELL.

This is not nearly as uncommon as you’d expect.

I don’t usually even take note of such impacts on human life, because micromanagement is out of my League and interest area, plus there are SO fucking MANY OF THEM absolutely everywhere and nobody ever seems to notice, and those who do happen to see something just don’t care enough to DO anything about it.

They’d be right. Short of an EXORCISM, there’s not much you can do against a demon, and in most cases, you don’t have to do anything. I wouldn’t even suggest this except it’s handy for a test of your psychic healing skills.

In the case of poor Steve Bannon, the FULFILLMENT of the PACT involved a full POSSESSION, which is why today we have the Demon Asmodeus wandering the Earth once again.

He’s the MAIN CHARACTER of “FAUST”, the story and play and film and opera that shows the average person exactly how to go about signing a pact with a demon, and what generally happens as a result.

In short, a Morality Play.

Let me give you a bit of background, taking my quotes from pathfinderwiki.com:

“Asmodeus believes that the strong should rightfully govern the weak, who in turn owe their masters unwavering obedience. He loves negotiations and contracts, especially those that give one of the parties a distinct, hidden advantage over the other. He expects and appreciates flattery, but its never fooled by it, seeing it as a negotiation tactic, as well as a duty those in inferior positions owe their betters.”

The Demon Asmodeus has since then opened the door to many more, some of whom have possessed high government officials all over the planet, which is why we’re headed for war, if they succeed in their human-tormenting agenda.

It is their singular purpose to divide humans and create discord and chaos, and they have been doing a bang-up job so far, since the RIFT occurred a few decades back, at the CBS RADIO BROADCASTING STUDIOS at the famous tourist landmark, “Columbia Square” on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, on the evening of Sunday, October 30th, 1938, at about 5 PM California Time, the infamous and notorious “War of the Worlds” broadcast that caused widespread panic.

Orson wells said later on that it was intended as a harmless Halloween Entertainment, but what if it wasn’t a hoax? What if the Martians invaded, and forced Wells to say that???

The HELL-RIFT of 1938 — there were two more major rifts in 1947 — was covered-up by allies of the demonic forces that entered this space-time continuum at that break-point, using a Vortex to make the initial jump.

Since that time, they have helped others to come through the StarGate that opened up back then.

One of the Chief Demons, presently occupying the form of the said “Steve Bannon” has power & dominion over many political figures, one of which happens to be the creature known as “Donald Trump”, who is under his influence and control.

I know, it all sounds like science fiction or fantasy. That’s because YOU’VE BEEN TAUGHT TO FILE ANYTHING LIKE THIS UNDER THE CATEGORY OF “FANTASY” AND “SCIENCE FICTION”.

It’s all so absurd. Asmodeus is a silly character in Dungeons & Dragons, everybody knows that. It’s all just fantasy.

So how do we RESPONSIBLY and PEACEFULLY use the situation to test our PSYCHIC POWERS?

More importantly, is it KARMICALLY CORRECT?

The answer to the second question first is a resounding “YES!!!” It’s karmically okay, and might even provide a bit of MERIT.

The answer to the second question, “What you can do to test your skills?” is to merely direct your ASTRAL HEALING POWER LINEAR ACCELERATOR GENERATOR BEAM toward the general direction of the false human, “Steve Bannon”, in order to drive the DEMON ASMODEUS out of his skull.

Aim the Astral Particle Beam Generator Accelerator or your home-built or professional built “See In Three Dimensions” binoculars more or less toward Washington, D.C.,taking into account the curvature of the Earth, meaning, aim slightly downish — and intone the following magical phrases:

  • “Beans, Beans the Musical Fruit.
  • The More you Eat, the More you Toot.
  • The More You Toot, the Better You Feel.
  • So Eat Beans at Every Meal.

This will create a large, very powerful SBD (Silent But Deadly) fart odor wherever you have directed.

The horrible fart smell will immediately cause a cessation of the Demon’s control over Donald Trump, which will be easily visible on news coverage, as a sudden disappearance of any sense of personal Triumph of the Will.

In short, Trump will IMMEDIATELY LOOK and SOUND as DUMB as he really is, the moment the EXORCISM takes effect.

The MAGIC of DEMONIC POWER OVER HIM by the DEMON ASMODEUS will be suddenly absent in him, and he’ll look lost, confused and unutterably sad. This “SADNESS EFFECT” is your major indicator that you were successful, and can be considered a “Passing Grade”.

To achieve an “A” or “A+”, you’d have to come back from a time trip with the original players, like Bill and Ted did, and you’d better NOT forget that, in San Dimas, the clock is still ticking, so that’d mean something on the order of having Trump sing the Newfie’s song, “I’s the boy who bails the boat, I’s the boy who sails ‘er” have 100% of his intelligence removed, and as a result, suddenly burst into a resounding chorus of “Frere Jacques”.

It’s not MY joke, it’s THE CLASSIC Newfie joke, along with the chain-saw gag. Apart from those two, I have no lingering repertoire of Newfie jokes, but I DO have a surfeit of Jew Jokes, along with a very generous supply of “island” jokes, “bar” jokes, “lawyer” jokes, “parrot” jokes and, of course, the old standard, “mother-in-law” jokes.

The clock is still ticking in San Dimas, and it’s all-too-true of the Simulation, too. The clock is ticking in the Real World, and it’s time for a snack for all the Real Ones, the Players behind the game. I’ll continue this in a moment or two, by your time perceptions.

There. I’m back with my snack, exactly 2.1 moments later.

Uh, where was I???

Oh, yeah…

Uh, okay … uh, the action of taking out THE DEMON ASMODEUS is commonly called “SPOOKY EXORCISM AT A DISTANCE” — an uncopyrighted and unprotected term that I invented back in the days of the Sumerians — or was it in Lagash?

Ah, Emily! She never forgot that hay ride.

What’s that? I’m wandering again? Oh, okay, spooky exorcism at a distance, right???


SPOOKY EXORCISM is SO easy to perform and SO less messy than an in-person exorcism — I’m talking about the inevitable green-pea-soup goo that comes flying out of the mouth of the victim — that it’s a wonder it hasn’t taken the place of MAINSTREAM “Allopathic” MEDICINE long ago.

Don’t you hate to have to burn every outfit you ever wear to an exorcism because you really can never get that green-goo vomit out?

I personally managed to ruin several dozen very attractive raw silk tops, until I switched from in-person to at-a-distance exercisms, and frankly, I don’t care for exorcisms at all, never did, except that they CAN be fun once in a great while, when you confront a demon like Asmodeus, who can really whip out some devastating one-liners.

Personally, I consider anyone who casts out demons without a license to be just showing off. Don’t waste your skills trying to impress me. I’ve seen it all come and go, and believe me, it’s hard to be original.

So, frankly, I wouldn’t even suggest the casual exorcism of the Demon Asmodeus, except that, as “Steve Bannon”, he happened to be in the news yesterday, just as I was casually searching the news for some easy indicator of student successes at the ancient art of SPOOKY STUFF AT A DISTANCE.

Edgar Cayce performed “SPOOKY HEALING AT A DISTANCE” and “SPOOKY READINGS AT A DISTANCE”, and our Remote Readers back at the Agency used “SPOOKY VIEWING AT A DISTANCE” to accomplish their aims.

I can easily teach anyone how to accomplish “Spooky ANYTHINGS” at a distance. The principle is simple, but not all that easy to apply, It involves skills such as “NULLING” and “BEAT FREQUENCY MODULATION”, which must be mastered both in radio science and sound science.

It would be unfair to use this skill to smear those playful little runts who had to stand on the seats to despoil the railway advertising placards, but you might get away with just giving them a permanent, wildly itching rash that never seems to go away.

Okay, maybe that would be karmically risky, so let’s just stick with the exorcism. I feel constrained to mention that I am somewhat in sympathy with the little devils in the sense that I hate it when those advertisements first appeared in New York Subway cars back in the 1940s!


I’ll be showing how to set up a LARGE HADRON PRAYER-POWER ASTRAL PARTICLE ACCELERATOR at the workshops and clinics this spring, so watch for those!

You can obtain or build a PRAYER POWER ASTRAL PARTICLE ACCELERATOR of your own! They are totally legal to build and own, at least while the Constitution and Bill of Rights are still in force, which won’t be for very much longer, if THE DEMON ASMODEUS has his way, and as of right now, he IS, as is being reported in the media.


“Do No Harm” is the Hippocratic Oath, and is the most foundational of all ideas in healing. In your attempts to heal, are you doing the patient a favor? Do they really WANT healing?

In the case of a DEMONIC POSSESSION, that question just doesn’t come up. But if you’re conducting the EXORCISM IN PERSON, something WILL DEFINITELY COME UP that you won’t like.


You heard me, vomit.

Yes, just like in the movies, DEMONS VOMIT to prevent EXORCISM, and almost always the victim of demonic possession VOMITS IN THANKS after the EXORCISM.

You don’t want to be in the way of that particular green pea soup.

That’s why I always recommend “SPOOKY EXORCISM AT A DISTANCE” over those in-your-face CLOSE ENCOUNTERS with demons. I keep my distance, and you should, too.

How will you know if you’ve succeeded?

Well, the STORM TROOPERS won’t be coming to your door, and you MIGHT be able to safely walk the streets without fear for the first time since the Nazis took over the U.S. Government.

BTW, I got a note that a few people were upset that I made comments about the New Order. As a Jew, I’m entitled. As an American, I’m entitled. As the Avatar of the Western Realm, I’m obligated to make a statement against any demons who get out of Hell and start causing trouble again.

I don’t want to bring you down, but somebody has to speak up, and in this case, it’s me. Am I trying to convince anyone of anything?


Am I trying to change anyone’s opinion, or interfere with local politics?

No, emphatically not. I don’t advocate a change of government, nor the exorcism of the demons who are controlling the men in power. All I suggested here is that you use the situation to test your psychic skills.

A few demons on Earth more or less won’t make a big dent in the general mayhem.


Did you know that scientists have now demonstrated with lab equipment and improved testing methods that PRAYER CREATES ELECTRICAL ENERGY. It not only produces voltage — it also creates a powerful MAGNETIC energy field because PRAYER has ROTATION.

The Rotation of any magnetic field has a definite and profound DISTORTION EFFECT on the Higgs Field in general, and sort of shakes things up across the entire universe.

In short, the activation and SENDING of a PRAYER FORM can penetrate the entire GRID to get where you want it to go.


You can add ANGEL POWER to your PRAYER simply by opening a Telepathic channel on the GRID.

Once the CHANNEL has opened up, you can channel that individual or communicate with a Higher Entity for help in healing or life-repair.

You want to be on Mars? You can recognize it from outside the BRANE, with simple RESONANCE, like making a sound that bounces off something to indicate its presence — the foundational concept behind RADAR and SONAR.

You get in resonance with one thing and in general you are more and more in tune with resonance, more and more coherent internally, as the harmonics  LEARN to vibrate together in RESONANT HARMONY.

It takes some time for the BEING to learn this, because the BEING is learning it in two or more dimensions and locations at the same time. It takes many repetitions to make it stick and make it a habit.

USING NULLING, ACQUIRE THE SOUND. Notice, pay attention past the ego, and you can accept that your voice might be somewhat or greatly off-key. This is not a crime, but some off-key singers can make you want to throttle them to get them to stop.

Don’t make yourself one of those off-key singers that we all remember from our teen years.


As ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL says in his Basic Rules of XD Voyaging, “All your relevant x, y & z coordinates can be brought into Harmony by the F6 Function.”

It’s then obvious to the expert that all contributing angelic prayer-forms are caused by specific voices at each coordinate in these specific ways:

X = lower voice
Y = higher voice
Z = middle voice

Harmonics can be altered by sounding a note and then diagnostically tuning the key knob. The coach performs a Key Knob Diagnostic while the Neophyte tries to intone a single tone without warble and wiggle — this will be almost impossible for the untrained voice and breath.

The harmony choices you make for your HARMONIC VOICES can and will alter the mood and temperament of the space in which you are operating, and can be extended into other spaces.

This is particularly useful in “Spooky Healing at a Distance”, a quantum prayer technique that uses quantum entanglement in rather imaginative and effective ways to create a healing effect on the other end of a Healing Vortex, quite different from a Wormhole Effect, although both can result in a Miracle Healing.

Steptoning or micro toning through any selected key will produce a kaleidoscopic variety of harmonic overtones, undertones and harmonic decay within the TONE SCALE of Western Octave Notes with varying degrees of chord clash, decay and sublimation.
OBJECTIVE PRAYER AND SOUND POWER can manifest as an actual tangible form that has size, weight, shape, color, texture and is collidable, all within the laws of Einsteinian Physics as well as Quantum Mechanics.

SOUND FORMS and PRAYER FORMS can be made tactile, feel-able, sense-able. It can have mass, density, weight, size, shape, color, sound, visibility and a certain amount of ambiguity which is settable at the change of vocal frequency.


Using sound, it is possible to create a virtual shape, machine or even a Being on a very high scale of Objective Reality.

The use of SOUND in the form of PRAYER and CHANTING in order to WEAVE A REALITY in the FABRIC OF SPACE is so much second nature to the ESSENTIAL SELF that it requires no more instruction on how to achieve these results than a few hints in the form of some simple and quite obvious coaching instructions.

The underlying cause of PRAYER POWER is that the power of sound is everything, because ultimately, EVERYTHING IS SOUND.

The whole UNIVERSE is nothing BUT sound. Sound CREATES sound. Sound INFLUENCES sound. And sound EXPRESSES itself as sound.

One of the more serious intentions of creating a universe is the eventual development of jazz.

Another inevitable development is art in the form of painting, graphics, sculpture, architecture, theater, poetry, science, history and language. Those are my payoffs, and they happen no matter what or where the originating culture might have been.

Without the CREATION, none of those would come to be. They are all a result of the MIX of REALITY and EXPERIENCES OF REALITY, coming upward from the RELATIVE WORLD, the World of Creation.

This CREATIVE IMPULSE that makes SYMPHONIES and GYMNASTICS and ARTISTIC GENIUS and WONDROUS SPIRES AND TOWERS is arguably the Highest Purpose a UNIVERSE can possibly have.

You CAN argue otherwise, but you’ll be arguing with me, and who should know what the Ultimate Purpose of a Universe is?


Changing the space-time reality structure even in the slightest is not the aim here. Think of it this way … you are not a home-builder by profession or nature but — given the right instructions and a blueprint — you could potentially learn or help another to build a house or barn.

Some co-workers know more than you, some less and some the same.

Somehow between all of you the work gets done and the house gets built. Now what if your contribution, instead of hammer and nails and a bit of sawing, was instead an absolutely delightful, supportive set of TONES that together create a SACRED CANTICLE.

In the BUILDERS’ CLASS at PROSPERITY ASHRAM, you learn how to make as-if solid THOUGHT FORM CONSTRUCTIONS out of very simple primitive thought-forms, called “PRIMS”, which manifest as a VIRTUAL REALITY within which you can meet and communicate and interact with others and with the local internalized environment.

As you well know, those designs can evolve into incredibly complex patterns especially if you are building a snow flake with no fewer than a million faces. Ultimately, it’s all about the Pythagorean Triple, which makes into a Pythagorean Triangle, one of the most important concepts in human history, and the very foundation of REALITY ITSELF.

Building aeolic chambers and filling them with scintillating standing waves is truly a job for an angel, and that angel could be YOU. One of my jobs here is to recruit volunteers for ANGEL DUTY, which involves making and weaving sounds, as well as carrying messages to and from Earth.

As I’ve said before, and you can quote me on this: “I had nothing but myself with which to make the world. Out of myself the world was made.”

I’m not complaining, just stating fact.

If you don’t recognize the ingredients and know the recipe, you can’t bake a cake.

Bishop Berkeley said, back in 1709, that tables, chairs, doors, windows, all the objects in the universe and space itself were all ideas in the mind of the observer, that in point of fact, as we’d say it now, THE UNIVERSE IS A SIMULATION.

INSTRUCTIONS PRINTED ON FRONT OF PANEL “Learn to sing with the Angels. Make and hold for a few moments any sound for the microphone to pick up and harmonize. Your Two Angelic Guides will guide you toward more perfect Angelic Harmonies until you create Perfect BALANCED Prayer Power.


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See You At The Top!!!