TFZ — Don’t Leave Home Without It

Take your TFZ Medallion with you whenever you go out of the house, especially if you’re one of those illegal aliens like my friends from Orion and the Pleiades, here!

USE YOUR MEDALLION AND OTHER TFZ ITEMS to ward off the Trump-Dominated Zombies, ward off the Evil Avatar Numspaa, basically, to ward off all the ill-effects and unwanted nasal hair from Trumpism.

USE YOUR TRUMP-FREE ZONE to defend yourself, your family and your home against your President.

Ironic as it sounds, that’s what you have to do if you are NOT white, NOT Christian. You are under direct threat. There is a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER.

You NEED SOME SORT OF PSYCHIC PROTECTION, not only to keep you safe, but to keep you FEELING safe and FEELING free, both YOUR RIGHTS as a citizen of the United States of America, and it’s also your right as an honored guest, visitor or newcomer. You’re innocent until proven guilty. That’s the law, but Trump is changing all that.

Are Trump’s paid goons and his volunteer zombies allowed to break the law? Of course they are. What are you, completely dense? They bend the law, break the law, ARE the law. Wake up, stupid!

Note how that reads: “Wake up, stupid!”. Please take note of the fact that it does NOT read: “Wake up stupid!”.

If you can’t tell the difference between the two statements, you’re in far worse trouble than you think.

My CQR Amuletic Armband looks great over the “JEW” armband, eh? This could be a good look for me.

As far as Amerikan prejudices go, if you’re a Jew, or black, or Native American, you already know that can’t go into certain hotels, restaurants or country clubs.

You grow up understanding this one single, unchangeable fact: No matter how rich you get, how powerful, how successful, you’ll always be a Jew. This is nothing new for anyone not lily White in the Trump Amerikan sense.

If you don’t happen to be a White Supremacy Born-Again Christian of exactly the “right” congregation — which is what Trump Amerika is all about — you’re up Shit Creek, without a paddle, which is the actual original expression that has been so mangled by popular usage.

Trump the Rump intends to leave us up Shit Creek, too.

The only opponent able to face me in WSL training is myself.

By the time he and his mindless minions — who profit greatly from all this mayhem –have finished with us, there will be nobody left in Amerika but the Lily White Christians.

Everyone else who remains in Trump Amerika will be starving in one of the Forced-Labor Camps, or dead from exhaustion, starvation or gas.

The rest will be Amerikan Refugees, whom NOBODY wants, especially after the way Amerikans treated refugees seeking political asylum or religious freedom or freedom from oppression and pain.

Amerikans should not expect a friendly hand anywhere in the world, after this. The Ugly Amerikan was well-known even back in Mark Twain’s day, in the 1870s, and it was bad enough without Trump adding his Fascist shit into the mix.

Now EVERY AMERIKAN is considered a Nazi, which makes SOME of them ashamed to be Amerikans.

I resent being associated with Donald Trump, just because we were born in the same country.

I also resist his hatred, his violence, his insanity.

Unca Donald Trump likes to read the Washington Post with his morning junk food.

As a result, I will no doubt go down when the goons get around to me. I only hope that they give me some warning, but that’s not their usual style. They like to attack from behind.

Interesting, eh?

They insist on feeling safe from harm, but do plenty of damage to others who also expected the same feeling of safety.

Thanks to Trump, there is an air of uncertainty, of hate, rage, destruction, fear, rejection, aggression, violence, anger, violation.

And what’s more, it’s everywhere. You can’t walk around in a mall without feeling the hate, the mutual distrust, the furtive glances, the hooded winks, the crooked smile.

It’s a hate-filled and fearful environment, so Donald Trump should feel very much at home in it. He loves company, hates to be alone, hates to die alone, hates to hate alone.

No matter how successful you become in Christian White Amerika, you’ll always be black, always be red, always be brown, always be Muslim, always be Catholic, always be Italian, or Irish, or Asian, or…

Trump’s draft deferments and made-up flat feet kept him out of service, but made him ignorant of what it means to serve in the military.

Well, there ya go. “Asian” means what? It means precisely that Amerikans know fuck-all about other countries, and barely know anything about their own.

And what, exactly, is “Mexican”? To Amerikans, it means anyone who speaks with what they think might be a Spanish accent, although they don’t know German from Chinese.

“Mexican”, to the average Republican voter, means “someone from Costa Rica, or Chile, or Argentina, or Spain, or Portugal, or Italy, or Yugoslavia”.

I’m tellin’ ya, Amerikans don’t recognize foreign languages or accents, can’t tell one from another, but they DO know a Mexican when they see one!

Are you still unconvinced that YOU and YOUR FAMILY are targets of the raging mob? Wait until you see some of the news stories coming up in the next few weeks. You won’t believe those things, either, any more than you can come to grips with the fact that the United States has been turned from a FREE country to a SLAVE STATE.

Good luck convincing anyone of that.

This is all that remains of the space craft I flew into this dimension.

I don’t even try anymore to convince anyone of anything. No point, no point at all. In roughly 4.5 billion years, who the hell is going to know the difference?

I can think of a thousand things I’d rather do than develop a comedy routine for folks to use in their own defense, or write, sing and publish protest songs,  or make “Trump-Free Zone” medallions, but Trump seems determined to have his way with us, as he does with women who have the misfortune of finding themselves in his employment or power, and I don’t go down without a fight.

My kind of fighting is with a ready wit and a word-processor, as you see right here and now. My songs can cut down the most pompous of dictators, and my comedy can rip their egos to shreds.

Keep in mind that there is one Great Leveler for all — commoners and kings and queens and holy men and emperors of the world.

Keep your eye on the work-goal, not the immediate emergency. Trump will be removed from office, but that won’t help you. The NATIONAL MOOD IS HATE.

Amerikans will from now on be considered “hate-mongers”, to be shunned and avoided. Just TRY visiting another country after the next Trump rampage!!!


See You At The Top!!! (we’re betting heavily on the zombies up here)