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Using a Gaming Orb to Trigger Magical Effects

Gorby’s Place is a feature on my quantum version of Nikolskaya Street in Moscow.

One of the most unusual of times is that in which computers exist and games are tolerated, which happens all too seldom, what with the wide variety of repressive governments in place all over the galaxy, but at least for the moment, we can make Orbs and you’re allowed to download and install them, although for how long that will be is anybody’s guess.

Of course, “approved” games will always be available, but you won’t want to play them, and besides, my “games” are not really games at all — they merely rely on a gaming engine to deliver them and make them useful to you. Continue reading

Temple Chen-Rig Progress Report


I had one of those unfortunate disasters, and lost a day’s work; recovered it by 3:00 AM and have now gone on to amend the orb with embellishments and such…notably a zen walk and some off-sim boats — my first off-sim in the GODD® Engine Environment. There’s so much room on the map, we don’t really need the effect, but it’s fun and useful to know that it’s there to be tapped into if necessary. I made an attempt to FRAPS the orb for you, but halfway through the FRAPS video, I realized that I hadn’t yet placed the guru graphics in the Great Hall, and have yet to put in the chairs at the conference center near the Dance Pavilion. You’ll notice that I’ve done a great deal of bulldozing and piled up some snow-capped peaks all around. Also, the snow no longer gets into the buildings, thanks to Val’s repair yesterday. More about Temple Chen-Rig at the ICW this morning at 6:30 AM.

See You At The Top!!1


Chen-rig Cheung on Miracle of the 6 Eggs

This is a photo of me on left, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche on right, at a party thrown by our mutual friend, Venerable Thich Thien-An.

So…about the Six Worlds Situation…

My recommendation to get off the wheel and get exposed to some serious Out-of-this-World Dissolving Radiation for those pesky Six Veils of Samsaric Karma would be the  Miracle of the 6 Eggs, a powerful meditation device, actually a trans-space apparatus that is designed to work every single time you try it.

I’m so impressed by it as a meditation tool that I’ve formulated it by saying: Guaranteed to Take You There or Your Money Back!

Frankly, the money’s irrelevant; it’s just barely enough to cover the cost of making the thing. The wood tray will surely not be available soon; it is handmade and cannot be machine-made. It’s a high-polish lacquered hardwood, and it must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. You will never see woodwork like this again in the 21st century. Plastic is cheaper, faster and lighter to ship.

I’d love to tell you to make your own, but I can’t say that a different crafting of the apparatus will work as well. I’ve tried several cheaper constructions and they aren’t as potent, and I don’t know exactly why that is. Until I do, I’m producing the Altar Apparatus myself right here at my workshop.

How much are they? Okay, fair question. I’ll try to calculate it as best I can at the moment.

$99. is what you’ll end up paying, and that’s for everyone and that IS the wholesale. If you think you can do a better job for less, hehe, go right ahead. I take the time to do a Blessing on each component, the eggs, sand, sandbed and candleholder and candle.

You’ll get a DVD that contains the basic instructions and shows you how I use the apparatus at my Altar. You can also tune in to my live broadcast Blessings & Healings or find the archive videos of OmMaNiPadMeHum on my website.

By the way, the original derivation of the mantra was to stick Avilokiteshvara’s alternate name, Mani Padme, referring to the jewel and the lotus that Chenrezig sports in two hands, between “Om” and “Hum”, opening and closing, breathing cycles of the universe.

The Eggs help you reject each of the six womb doors in turn, then take you outside the universe to be bathed in Cleansing Radiations coming from the Six Fuzzy Spheres that hang just outside the Outside, if you know what I mean.

They buzz away the encrustation of karma that has accumulated since your last bath, presumably yesterday.

Technically, as a Living Being, you’re obligated to perform the cleansing ritual every day, but most folks don’t, leading to miserable rebirth in the Hell and Brute Worlds or worse. This is in process of being remedied, but it may take some time. Luckily, that’s a commodity I have plenty of, some I haven’t even deployed yet.

Chen-rig Cheung