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At the airfield on the way to the White House for lunch and meditation.


The Oval Office Project is a non-political, non-sectarian effort to raise the consciousness of the entire staff of the White House, the President’s consciousness and the consciousness of any visitors who happen to wander through on the White House Tour, which won’t be so easy to get on these days, I suspect.

By now, even the most hardened Right-Wing Republican who finds himself to the far right of John Birchers has seen the evidence — President Trump is downright crazy, totally out of control, completely off his rocker, and he has his finger on the nuclear trigger.

Technically speaking, he’s a Classic NPD — Narcissistic Personality Disorder — with a colossal ego inflation and a blustering low-life crudity that makes even the sturdiest supporter cringe now and again. He’s a spoiled brat with his finger on the nuclear trigger.

I said this effort is Non-political, and it is. It has nothing to do with the beliefs, attitudes and party convictions of the current inhabitants of the White House. The reason that this becomes possible is that Trump’s behavior is arrogant, spiteful, childish and on the verge of an uncontrollable tantrum. Bear with me, if you’re a Trump fan, I’m merely establishing the groundwork against which one can measure success. I’ll explain further. Continue reading



I never talk politics, couldn’t be less interested, and I’m not talking politics, now. I’m defending my freedoms, and yours, too, whether you know it or not, even if you don’t live in Amerika.

Am I a Democrat? No, emphatically not. A Republican, then? No, I’m not a Republican. I’m a visitor to this planet, an off-worlder, and have no local political interests or ambitions.

In fact, I have NO other interest than to bring the Teaching to a sad and angry little planet full of violent morons screaming in pain and agony, killing each other and destroying their legacy and history.

Bringing the Teaching. Haw, Haw!!! What a hopeless task THAT is, but I keep trying.

Push even the most peaceful of Pacifists up against the WALL and hold him there for a while, and sooner or later, you’ll wind up on the floor. Punch me once, you won’t get a second chance. Not ever.

That’s what happened when Senator Elizabeth Warren got pushed up against the wall by the Republican Majority in the Senate. READ ON… Continue reading

Wave Meditation & The Waking State

Darshan at the Clear Light Temple, Crestline, California, June 22, 1975.

Meditation comes in waves. That’s the way all meditations work, whether the folks practicing various brands of meditation know it, or not. Everything happens in waves. The entire universe is waves. Everything in sight, everything you know, everything you feel, sense, touch and bump into, happens in waves.

You have direct experiential experience of this. Waves of nausea. Waves of heat. Waves of exhaustion, punctuated by “catching a second wind”. Waves of hunger. Waves of excitement. Waves of joy, sympathy, exaltation. Birthing a baby happens in waves, good and bad luck happen in waves.

When you get into an exalted “high” state, it also happens in waves. You ride the energy downstream toward entropy, then bounce back almost to the top of the wave, then it repeats and repeats until you run out of energy entirely.

When you traverse the Bardos, things happen in waves. When you surf…ah, there’s a great example of how meditation really works, and how you can actually accomplish its aims.

As a surfer, you would first wax your board, then take it out into the surf, lie down on it and paddle your way OVER the waves, barely touching them as you ride the swells against the current, until you were just short of where the waves first break on their way toward the beach. Continue reading

Fall Lineup for Marketing Ashram Products

Here are the preliminary labels for some of the Ashram products I have in mind for public circulation:


These are just the beginning — I intend to release as much from our Magic Kitchen as I can possibly arrange and figure out how to package and ship them safely. Continue reading

FOR RENT — 56 Units Tibetan Retreat Chalets in Perrytown


Leslie Ann posing before the just-completed Tibetan Retreat Chalets at Perrytown.

There are a total of 56 Tibetan Retreat Chalets available. They are just outside Gorby’s Place. The homes are spacious and useful for meditation and other Ashram practices. Prices depend on location and furnishings. Unfurnished homes start at an extra $10 per month above the basic support. If you cannot afford this, a home will be furnished anyway. Closest to Gorby’s Place, fully furnished, we ask an additional $50 per month support to cover the prim count loss to the region.


Leslie Ann waving on Sunrise Street in the newly completed Perrytown.

These are first-come, first-served. You get a name post outside your door to identify your home. Doors are lockable, but it’s advised you keep a teleport to the inside of your home, just in case you lose the key or the door doesn’t work, which happens when you don’t click exactly right, or an internet packet-loss occurs.


Leslie Ann Showcasing an Unfurnished Tibetan Retreat Chalet, just completed.

Interiors are very spacious and generous. You can see out through the one-way windows, but they’re visually blocked when viewed from outside. The fireplace keeps the home very cozy in wintertime.


The Crystal People



















Something about crystals fascinates and attracts people. You probably know this already, and crystals do have an attraction for you, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts you don’t know why. It’s no secret unless you don’t happen to know it or grow up around folks who do know the secret of crystals. Secrets remain secret only until they’re published on Facebook. It is a Big Secret only because The Secret Keeps Itself, but hey — I’ll be only too happy to reveal it to you forthwith:

Continue reading

Heed My Admonition


Heed My Admonition, to wit:

It’s All In The Marketing.

I’ll explain briefly, then elaborate at this morning’s 6:30 live forum… In a word, merely showing up at the Ashram is enough to elevate the soul at least a little, out of the hole it’s in. That having been said, there’s lots of room for improvement at that level of participation.

You’re on the Bodhisattva Path. Okay, what exactly does that mean? Think Mother Theresa, and you’ll have only one tenth the answer. It takes more than being a wandering healer to make a Bodhisattva, but the Root Idea, the Fundamental Principle, is the same — first you have to find someone who needs and wants healing. The “and wants” part is the thing that most allopathic doctors are trained to ignore. My doctor is a rare exception to this generalization, and I hope you’ve found one like that yourself.

Being on the Bodhisattva Path, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s not for your benefit. That’s actually a definition of the Bodhisattva Path. So you need to retrain yourself to find folks that need The Work and deserve to get into it, have the will to complete the training and the heart to apply it. That’d be a good definition of you, if you’ve read down this far.

You clearly don’t lack the heart or the will, but you might yet lack the skills to actually do the job, to get folks coming to the Ashram for healing, deep meditation, reincarnation awareness and shamanic skills training, movement classes, and directed prayer training clinics and Advanced Learning Retreats (ALRs), especially those involving advanced acrobatic flight…and of course, the InterDimensional Excursions and Familiarity Runs in L315a and other similar AEs (Advanced Environments).

Enough said. More at today’s 6:30 morning work session.

See You At The Top!!!


Miracle of the 6 Eggs

I am currently working on the Egg Project. I will post announcements about it as we work with it.

It is intended both as a physical apparatus for the Waking State and as a possible cell app. It works by arousing the Higher Emotions and suppressing the lower ones. It works, but the issue is, “can everyone use it???” The answer will be found at today’s training session.

You will be able to use my Altar Layout as a guide. It is meant for use inside a Personal Chapel, but can be used outdoors as well. I intend to install one by the little waterfall stream that we’ll be rebuilding during the Festival of Ishtar Workshop during the coincidental Easter (gee, those words “Ishtar” and “Easter” sure sound alike, don’t they???) vacation.

Stay tuned to the gorebagg tv channel on justin.tv today to find out more. I’ll take a few breaks, and that’s when I’ll do my gorebagg’s tags and hapi hour shows.