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Mass-Murdering Fuckhead?

Hey, I wasn’t the one to say it first in public. San Juan Mayor Carmen Yuliz Cruz said “I am done being politically correct. I am mad as hell. This is genocide.”

Meanwhile, Mass-Murdering Fuckhead Donald Trump tweeted back, “The Mayor of San Juan, who was very complimentary only a few days ago, has now been told by the Democrats that you must be nasty to Trump.”

Human suffering means nothing to him. Death and destruction mean nothing, no matter to whom they happen, but to brown and black people, he doubles down on not caring.

Donald Trump is going to go down in history as a Mass-Murdering Fuckhead, just like Adolf Hitler, although you can’t get anyone to believe that, quite yet, but wait, you’ll see what happens, and Donald’s name will be besmirched forever.

He doesn’t care how it happens, as long as he stays more famous than Obama, he could care less how history sees him, and as an advanced Altzheimer patient and paranoid-schizophrenic with delusions of poverty, he couldn’t give two shits, and he doesn’t.

The reason he’s totally shameless is that he really, really doesn’t care.

Nothing means anything to Donald Trump. He has no reality on anything around him, and very little reality even on his own self.

In short, he comes up short. Continue reading

Cloud of Unknowing

This Graphic Tee is only $75. You save $100!

Trump is dedicated to his own face. He has to be in the front of the news, just as he handles and maneuvers celebrities in crowds to demonstrate that he’s in charge, he’s directing everyone and everything, and everything revolves around him.

One thing you’ll note that is an outstanding feature: instead of creating diversions, like a politician such as super-sleazy McConnell would do, changing the subject, offering some glittering prize as long as it’s not on-subject, he goes nuts.

He is, in fact, exactly what he projected onto his victims — a nut-job. Actually, Trump is a nut-job and a half.

I like to be exact.

As Avatar of the Western Realm — which is a lousy job, but everybody’s gotta work for a living — I can’t, of course, directly interfere, nor would I intervene in something so petty as a local war or political upheaval.

Right. I can’t interfere. But I CAN suggest, and occasionally, I can point. This is one of those “I can point, but you’ll have to actually L@@K” moments. Continue reading

Do You Have the Power to Make Things Happen?

Cosmo Street Group I 1968
Lana (right photo) & Movements Group One, Cosmo Street 1969.

Do you have the power to make good things happen? Many folks have asked how they can do their Bodhisattva work when they have little money and even less time. I have an answer that will actually help you to increase your income by doing your Bodhisattva work, and I’ll be happy to explain in detail:

You need some SIMPLE ACTION that doesn’t take up too much of your time, doesn’t require a lot of effort, and that will somehow raise your necessity far above your own miserable needs.

You need to find some way to carry out your Bodhisattva work — some action, some activity that will get you into DIRECT CONTACT with those who desperately seek this work and need a trail of bread crumbs laid down for them, which is where YOU come in, O Bornless One.

It’s obvious that you can’t spend the time or energy walking around town trying to talk to every possible candidate for the Work who happens to cross your path. You need some way to get out there without your body, and that’s where this Special Essence Exercise comes in.

The whole idea is to be able to help BigTime without having to lay out a lot of money, and in fact, the action I have in mind can be done with NO money, no investment of anything other than time and energy, of which you have more than you think, and I’m going to try to prove that to you with the Essence Exercise described below: Continue reading

Because Root Prim


Yeah, that’s what I said…“Because Root Prim”…and I meant it, too! Gurdjieff (gesundheit) called the Root Prim the “Centrum of Gravity”, but you’ll never get a practical way to get hold of the Will and Discipline Cycles needed for centering in that Old-Fashioned (meaning the alcoholic drink, not the age-group) Way. Here’s the straight low-down on the Terror of the Situation:

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Look-Back is Here


After many dozens of hours on Avatar Physics and other Impossible Roads to Travel in Second Life, I came across a rather startling event. There was no one anywhere near me, in the depths of my workspace, yet I felt a presence, a definite presence. I was being Watched. We all know the feeling, and mostly it just isn’t so, but in this case, I knew it, without a doubt — yet there are no windows nearby, not that you could see through, anyhow. So…where was the Observer? It suddenly dawned upon me, and I chuckled with wry appreciation. My Avatar was winking at me, smiling, following my motion, and my hand was nowhere near the mouse or keyboard — what’s more, my computer is so 20th century that my screen isn’t even the touch n’ swipe kind. Yet it was undeniable. There she was, staring into my space, up close for the first time. Sure, from a distance, there had been some sightings, but this was really in yer face. I wondered if my Avatar could hear me, but was unable to determine yes or no. My guess is that we’d have to develop some sort of voice interface, not sure how that could be done or if it’d even have a chance of working. I went right to work to try to determine the exact “factors” that had opened the door to Look-Back, and was soon rewarded with very specific (and very spooky) results. It turns out that there are very specific things you can do to open that door for your Avatar to look directly through the screen into your world. I’ll introduce more about this at the upcoming In-Ashram Halloween Workshop!! Reserve your spot now!

See You At The Top!!!


Heed My Admonition


Heed My Admonition, to wit:

It’s All In The Marketing.

I’ll explain briefly, then elaborate at this morning’s 6:30 live forum… In a word, merely showing up at the Ashram is enough to elevate the soul at least a little, out of the hole it’s in. That having been said, there’s lots of room for improvement at that level of participation.

You’re on the Bodhisattva Path. Okay, what exactly does that mean? Think Mother Theresa, and you’ll have only one tenth the answer. It takes more than being a wandering healer to make a Bodhisattva, but the Root Idea, the Fundamental Principle, is the same — first you have to find someone who needs and wants healing. The “and wants” part is the thing that most allopathic doctors are trained to ignore. My doctor is a rare exception to this generalization, and I hope you’ve found one like that yourself.

Being on the Bodhisattva Path, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s not for your benefit. That’s actually a definition of the Bodhisattva Path. So you need to retrain yourself to find folks that need The Work and deserve to get into it, have the will to complete the training and the heart to apply it. That’d be a good definition of you, if you’ve read down this far.

You clearly don’t lack the heart or the will, but you might yet lack the skills to actually do the job, to get folks coming to the Ashram for healing, deep meditation, reincarnation awareness and shamanic skills training, movement classes, and directed prayer training clinics and Advanced Learning Retreats (ALRs), especially those involving advanced acrobatic flight…and of course, the InterDimensional Excursions and Familiarity Runs in L315a and other similar AEs (Advanced Environments).

Enough said. More at today’s 6:30 morning work session.

See You At The Top!!!


Some Stray Thoughts on Prosperity

I work to invoice; always have, always will. What that translates to is that I work for obvious necessity. I’ll further clarify that point so you can see how it affects you personally right now, today, this very minute: The more requests for an Orb,  the more likely it is that I’ll make it. Your vote could definitely influence the outcome.

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