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Become Instantly Rich Right Now!!!

Buy This Bumper Sticker to Become a member of THE CLUB! You will be Instantly Richer Than Rich!

Prosperity Path Country Club Bumper Sticker

Prosperity Path Country Club Bumper Sticker

by prosperitypath

When you buy a bumper sticker or any other product sporting the “Prosperity Path Country Club” label or designation, you AUTOMATICALLY become a Member of “We’re More Famous Than Trump” Virtual Golf Tour. You just became a member of the Greatest, Richest and Most Important Virtual Country Club in the World, and you can prove it, NOW!


Sporting a “Prosperity Path Country Club” Bumper Sticker on your car is a Magical Act which will make you automatically rich beyond your wildest imagination. You will be a member of the most powerful, rich and influential clubs in the Quantum World, and that can wash over into what you laughingly call “The Real World”.


Very very rich people don’t need to impress anyone.

Read the above statement several times through, speaking the words aloud. Get this really into your understanding. Dig it deeply. Grok it fully. Get it, just totally get it. Continue reading

Atlantean-Society Membership Sigils

Large Gold Pendant in .999 fine gold is only $3,500.00, so why not order two?

Okay, I’ve done the research, and here’s the breakdown as of Friday’s gold market — the prices listed for .925 solid Sterling Silver, 14 karat filled gold, 18k solid gold, and 24k solid gold are what I have to get paid to send them out. IT TAKES A WEEK TO GET THE GOLD.


  • EARRINGS — .22 gauge — $35.00/pair
  • PENDANT SMALL — .20 gauge — $35.00 each
  • PENDANT LARGE — .14 gauge — $99.00 each


  • EARRINGS — .22 gauge — $35.00/pair
  • PENDANT SMALL — .20 gauge — $35.00 each
  • PENDANT LARGE — .14 gauge — $49.00 each
  • PENDANT X-LARGE — .12 gauge — $69.00 each


  • EARRINGS — .22 gauge — $69.95/pair
  • PENDANT SMALL — .20 gauge — $88.00 each


  • EARRINGS — .20 gauge — $1,250.00/pair
  • PENDANT SMALL — .20 gauge — $650 each
  • PENDANT LARGE — .14 gauge — $3,500.00 each

Those are the prices, based on what I have to pay to make them. As you know, I donate my time and skills to the project, so I don’t get paid for any of my time spent on making jewelry, which is my own choice, hoping the spirit of the thing will someday catch on. Continue reading

When It Rains, It Pours


It’s true; when it rains, it pours, and that’s not just Morton’s Iodized Salt. I haven’t gotten a minute to write a blog for many days now, and here I’m writing two, one right after the other…Well, it can’t be helped. The screenshot above shows the new Griffon Palace, part of Ancient Rome at the Ashram. I wanted to take the extra minute to remind you that the Holiday Season is coming. Not only can you express your desire to help the Ashram with your Holiday Gift, but you can enrich the lives of a number of friends, by taking advantage of the Holiday Gift Membership I’ve asked the Board to offer. You can get a full 30-Day Gift Membership for a family member, friend or even business associates, employees, anyone you want to treat to a really fun month=long series of great activities and music and art events, as well as meditation retreats, tai-chi workouts and much, much more. The 30 Day Gift Membership is only $10 for the whole month, and that includes all the extras!!! Your guest gets all the privileges of full membership, including use of a plasma power chamber!!! There’s no limit to the number you can invite — well, actually, there is a somewhat finite number — 800 — that’s our Limit of Expansion. We can’t cram any more than 800 avatars into the Ashram, period, so that sort of says something on the order of “There will never be 1 million avatars in one region at one time.” That’s probably true, and it’d be awfully hard to walk around in there if there were, eh?

See You At The Top!!!