Transgender Green Card Military?



I think by now, even the stupidest Republican — it was Trump who called them “So stupid they’d even elect me President!” — is aware that Trump is vague, incoherent, unable to connect two words, and is exhibiting clear signs of rather advanced insanity of the NPD variety, which involves psychotic episodes and possibly hallucinations.

There’s no telling what that crazy man might do today, tonight or is doing right now, without the knowledge or consent of his military advisors, political advisors or personal advisors.

He’s a wild card, a loose cannon, someone whose toast is clearly burning, whose elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top and who is doing things that will surely bring him down by his own incoherent words and vague and confused actions and knee-jerk reactions.

He’s real sensitive about himself, so if you’re anywhere around him, it would be good to remember that this is not the kind of guy who actively seeks out interesting people. You can’t be part of his team if you’re more famous than he is, even for one single day.

That’s why The Mooch was fired, even though he loves Trump, more than anyone can ever know. Talk about a robot, where do you wind that turkey up?

There’s no point arguing with a robot, a zombie or a storm-trooper. They’re not set for rational thought, so save your breath for running and run away, run away, don’t stop to look behind you or you’ll turn into a pillar of salt, or worse.


What can be worse than being turned into a pillar of salt? Don’t ask. Be glad you don’t know what’s in store for most poor Amerikans. If you are among the poor, you’ll be rounded up and put to work in the slave labor camps, to restore the infrastructure so Donald’s tanks can move around more easily, in order to keep the masses under control, as they’re now doing elsewhere in other Third-World Nations.

Yes, “other”. You need to wake up and smell the toast burning. Things have gone too far to come back to the kind of open Democracy we once had. It’s time to endure the controlling rage of a madman, fueled by the protection of those who are too hungry to say “no” — that’d be the folks in Washington, who are too cowardly to stand up for our Democracy.

Yep, they’ll be remembered as the cowards who gave Amerika away and sold out our Democratic Ideals, just for the sake of votes, one more term in Congress, sigh.

Greed is strange. The things people want are very strange indeed. Where is conscience and consciousness through all of this mayhem and chaos?

Even if you live in California, you won’t be able to hold onto any semblance of “normalcy” over the next decade or so. You’ll find that no matter where you live, no matter how “off the grid” you think you are, it isn’t enough “off the grid” to escape the locust-swarm of freaked-out humans, looking for a scapegoat.

That’s always the solution. Find a scapegoat, don’t handle the problem.

Unfortunately, if you’re among the poor — and I’m certainly qualified in this respect — you’ll be swept under, ground down, smashed into the asphalt pavement by the slowly rolling tanks.

They won’t stop for you like the Chinese tanks stopped for those students. They couldn’t do anything while America was watching, but now, all bets are off, all options are on the table — that’s the takeaway, going forward at the end of the day, walking and chewing gum, right?

This is not a world you really want to live in, but here you are. It will soon be impossible to move around without being harassed and hassled, and at some point, actually rounded up and put into a labor camp or, if you’re not worth feeding, shot and left in a ditch by the side of the road.

Think I’m kidding? I’ve seen it too many times before, and if you still believe it can’t happen here, where the hell have you been the past few months???

Let me ask just this:

If Trump is the answer, what the Hell was the question???

You need the ability to project the thought-form, “These are not the droids you’re looking for”, and at the same time, find enough wherewithal to get yourself a couple of tickets for you and your family on the nearest starship that can get you past Imperial blockades.

It’s time to start thinking seriously about what you might do to escape the coming storm, should it spill over into your home territory and you see a pitchfork-bearing hungry mob driven crazy with fear by some Bully Pulpit Dictator who got them all het up, and they seem to be heading your way.

Please realize that you can’t possibly stop thousands of fear-crazed people, and you certainly can’t reason with them or get them to leave you alone.

You’re in their way, just like you’d be in the way of a cattle stampede, and that in fact, is what it will be — a roving, destroying swarm of bipeds, leaving rubble in their wake.

I keep seeing what happens AFTER one of these civil upheavals. There’s a LOT of work for contractors, and a LOT of money to be made in “Reconstruction”.


I must admit that I made a bundle just after the First Amerikan Civil War, back in 1865-66, when I became a “carpetbagger” and “copperhead”, marks of great distinction, as you may know.

Not only did I make a large fortune as a post-war developer, I managed to acquire a fairly significant number of politicians — in the South, we had the best politicians and judges money could buy — and was able to use them to squeeze additional profits out of wage-slaves, and you can, too, with my simple work-study plan to achieve instant wealth.

Do you even have a CLUE how to use a bullwhip without taking half your face off or losing a life-partner who leaves an untouched cigarette in mid-air as she collapses in a heap?

I suppose not, nor are you the “Snidely Whiplash” type, who could without a smidge of guilt tie some poor helpless damsel to a railroad track and wait for the hero to show up, and that, in your mind, would be you.

Forget being a hero. Why go down in the Second Holocaust? Get MONEY and get the hell out of the way, and if you don’t know where “Out of the Way” might be, you can tune in to the morning meeting and find out — well, not exactly, but I’ll give you a clue to the existence but not the location of “SANCTUARY”.

I am building a Religious Sanctuary. It will have a wall around it and be closed to anyone not of our Faith, and open to anyone who seeks SANCTUARY FROM EVIL.


Won’t you help me build SANCTUARY? I know someone out there is reading this, and is able to help. Even a few thousand dollars donation will help to get SANCTUARY started, at least to acquire the deed for the land.

It’s not far from here, but if you didn’t know how to find it, you never would, not even with a chopper or a drone. It’s invisible from the air, from the road and from the world.

I need some cold cash for the Deed of the most amazingly hidden and incredibly beautiful gold claim you ever saw, and it has enough room for a hundred families.

Anyone willing and able to help with that?

We need a serious amount of cash to get over the emergency, and we need it fast. The quickest way I know to get rich quick is to get rich quick, BY MAGIC — we have no other means of actually achieving enough wealth to get over the Trump — and that’s the whole point of my latest quirky magical invention:


The Prosperity Path VGA Tournament Open

Manifesting as AN OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT CHAMPION of the VGA Open is the first step toward being rich without  having money, prestige, influence, property or a lack of soul.

What is “VGA”? Well, you may be already familiar with the most famous golf pro tour, the PGA, which breaks down to: Professional Golf Association”, which hosts the tour and invites the participants based on crowd appeal and ratings, then possibly also talent.

If it weren’t for the product and services endorsements of golf pro champions, there would be no golf tournament and no videocast of same.

It’s all about name and face recognition.


If you can achieve fame by having your little infant baby bite your finger not just once but twice, thus generating the highest-hitting viral video ever, although Trump would argue that point, you certainly would count as a candidate for product endorsements, so get out there and play!

Competition golf in a video game environment?

You’d think it’s too mechanical, but actually there’s a lot of instinct involved, and you can easily miss what you’re convinced is an easy single-stroke shot, but you’d be wrong much of the time.

Long drives can end up in water or sand traps, or in the rough or hidden amongst the many oak trees on the full 18 hole course.

It takes about two hours to complete a game, if you play a foursome.


You’ll find a fully equipped pro shop, several very active groundskeepers, a driving range, a putting and chipping green and much, much more, and it’s growing all the time, with YOUR help.

Your donations build this project, and the Country Club Project will help a LOT of folks get out of the hole that Trump has put us all in.

Money is the answer.

Yes, it is the answer, but don’t let it throw you or drag you into the mud where Trump and his minions live — TRANSCEND!

The technique called for in Transcendence of this particular situation is MONEY, pure and simple. Not LOVE of money, just a lot of money, enough to buy your way out of the mob action, violence, anger, hate and prejudice of many folks who up until Trump gave them the authority to manifest their racism, were at least not outright attacking anybody.

Must dash, time for our Morning Meeting, where I’ll gen you in on more details of my plan for you to survive Trump Amerika!

See You At The Top!!!