Bubble Magic is Easy to Do!!!



You probably already know a good deal about so-called “Bubble Magic”, where you use a snow-globe to active and project a prayer with some considerable force and usually to a very great effect, but did you know that I make those things?

Yep, I do.

And if you follow the links on the images below, you’ll find your way to a magical place where I make all manner of strange and unusual items for your usage and perusal and perhaps inspiration in the matter of making your own.


They work by a simple principle that’s built right into the very structure of the universe — entropy.

Something that is falling will continue to fall until stopped.


That’s the whole idea of how and where to find gold — incidentally, they did strike not too badly up at the claim, and have gone back for more — gold keeps falling down through the earth, filtering down, down, down, until it’s stopped by something solid, like bedrock.

If there’s any slant or tilt to the bedrock, the gold will eventually work its way down that slope also, until it finds a resting place where there is no more falling.


On the way down, it will encounter a greater or lesser number of “negentropy” points, where a clustering effect occurs in a patterning determined by a variety of incidentals and accidentals.

In short, groups happen at odd intervals and in odd numbers and formations, and what’s more, the specific configurations can vary widely or narrowly, at the whim of the universe.

So how does this help you to understand the function and use of Bubble Magic?


Gosh, you’re right. Hey, when you’re right, you’re right.

Okay, fair enough. I’ll answer your unspoken question. Bubble Magic works as long as the stuff in the Snow Globe continues to swirl around.


When it has completely settled, you can activate the prayer again. Technically, this action of picking up the Snow Globe and shaking it to make the ingredients swirl around the prime image in the center is called “Shaking the Globe”.

Just kidding. It’s called “Prayer-Casting”, and is exactly the same as an affirmation, except that it has a LOT more force and power, more chance of reaching your goal.


Um, before making a wish, be absolutely SURE you want it to actually happen.

A whim is not a wish.


A whim is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep, and don’t you forget it. Never let yourself fall into the Disney World of make-believe fantasy — look for and find the real thing, Real Fantasy.

Don’t forget, Reality is a Crutch for Those Who Cannot Face Fantasy.


That sort of motto is what comes of springing from a family of sci-fi and fantasy authors and editors and book reviewers.

By golly, there’s the whole lot, nine snow globes you’ll find in my zazzle “Prosperity Path” shop, and you could do the same, with a minimum of effort and skill!

Even if you have no art skills and can’t use and don’t have Photoshop of any kind, it don’t matter. You can do it.


Extra Treats:

See You At The Top!!!