I Am A Post Office!

I am, indeed, a post office — that is, I’m designing stamps that can be used as postage … or as collectibles.

I don’t care much to see someone spend $2 on a 70 cent stamp, but if it’s a collectible, it makes no difference, and in fact, the more the initial offering goes out for, the more likely it will rise to the expectations of the collectors.

It’s not about money, it’s about collecting.

Real collectors pay whatever they have to pay to get what they’re after, and a real collector is not a wandering, random scavenger, greedily groping for grandeur. No, siree, Bob. A real collector has a plan.


There’s a Big Picture to the collection, a whole thing into which each individual collected thing fits perfectly and precisely, helping to complete the story.

In the case of stamps, they can be collected as an individual stamp, for instance, “First Day of Issue”, which can be arranged for postmarking right at our local post office.

Of course, the individual stamp must have some sort of retail sales point-of-purchase packaging that looks good and costs very little, compared to the stamp. You’re only getting $2 bucks retail, for God’s sake.

Okay, so what about individual stamps? How can they be peddled? Nothing could be easier, especially if you’re fundraising for a nonprofit — merely have the stamp carry the identity of the nonprofit, see?

There are plenty of ideas in the old Akashic Records for thousands of COLLECTIBLE stamps, and I have a website that goes right along with the concept: stampsandcoins.com.

As you can see, almost anything can become a commemorative stamp or just a fun stamp, something that appeals to a small group of folks, and sometimes much wider appeal.
I thought I’d be able to put up a whole lot more of these by this time, but it does take a few weeks to get them approved, and I totally overlooked the fact that, although the Donner Party is a historical event to me and my family was involved in that incident, it does mention the rougher stuff from the history textbooks, and that can’t be a good thing to put out there, so thank goodness, the “checkers” caught it before it got to the public eye.


I grew up in a household where my folks would invite people to the house by sending them an expensive, engraved invitation on linen wove stock, that said: “The Donners Would Love To Have You For Dinner. RSVP.”

Well, each to his or her own. I’m not a cannibal, nor a vampire, but I have raised the dead from time to time, and resources indicate that I have more than just a few “Return” spells left, to bring my dead soldiers back to what passes for life.

No big deal, I can buy more, once I get my Merc back, but I haven’t seen any armor drops for over a half an … wait! There’s one now!

See You At The Top!!!