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LeslieAnn’s Winter Fashions

My Fall Fashions Lines are done now. They were all “experimental”, in the sense that the medium and website requirements were new to me, so they represent a sort of “fitting myself into” the mold of online designer.

It’s a little different from actually crafting up the originals in cloth and putting them out there on the sales floor.

For one thing, with brick-and-mortar and physical inventory, I’m limited to about a dozen items I can afford to make and put out there on the racks, and that’s not enough, simply not enough, to start a serious boutique or fashion line, so another solution is needed, and I think I have it pretty well “knocked”, as it were.

You can make as many designs as you like, when you don’t have to make up the items in physical stuff. Continue reading

OMG, Even Yet More From LeslieAnn!!!

More Late Summer & Fall Fashions from LeslieAnn at Tattoo-Fashions!

Here’s yet another list of even yet more already, Late-Summer and Fall Fashions from LeslieAnn here at Tatoo-Fashions. These are all genuine, real-world items, so YOU will wear them on your human Avatar!



Logarithmic Blue Skywalker One-Piece Swimsuit, $225 Continue reading

Tit for Tat


Here I am in my new Tat Parlor with some of my newest, latest tats. There’ll be more right next door, three shops in all. I’m wearing my cool face tat, which I’ll have for sale real soon. This is my first shop since 2013, and I’m very proud of it. My tats are all magickal in nature, not tribal or sexual.

I believe in “tit for tat”, my Dad Horace would introduce himself to a young lady back in the ’50s, “may I offer you some tat?”

Little did he know that tattoos would become the standard for Americans, that 90% of all kids born in 2014 will have tattooed faces, hands, torso, feet and genitalia. You’ll be able to pick off the Old Ones by their lack of tattoo. Continue reading