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LeslieAnn’s Winter Fashions

My Fall Fashions Lines are done now. They were all “experimental”, in the sense that the medium and website requirements were new to me, so they represent a sort of “fitting myself into” the mold of online designer.

It’s a little different from actually crafting up the originals in cloth and putting them out there on the sales floor.

For one thing, with brick-and-mortar and physical inventory, I’m limited to about a dozen items I can afford to make and put out there on the racks, and that’s not enough, simply not enough, to start a serious boutique or fashion line, so another solution is needed, and I think I have it pretty well “knocked”, as it were.

You can make as many designs as you like, when you don’t have to make up the items in physical stuff. Continue reading

Unleash Your Goddess Powers

Goddess is finally uploaded on the download site and ready for you to get hold of and jump into. But first, a few words about Goddess

Sure, you’re a Goddess. What woman isn’t? And some men. But what exactly do you do as a Goddess? You see, most Goddesses of the ancient variety didn’t have to do housework, weren’t members of bridge clubs, seldom went shopping with their BFF, had no text messages beeping at them every ten minutes and didn’t work on the side as soccer moms. There’s not a lot of opportunity to do Goddess Business when you’re stuck in a pair of pantyhose, standing on 5 inch spike heels in a mini-skirt, bending over a file drawer with a low-cut blouse, all for the purpose of getting a raise from the boss; take that any way you like, it’s the truth, it’s how business is done.

So where’s the profit in the Goddess Business??? Given that for at least ten hours a day you’re stuck in some kind of traffic or other, whether on the Freeway or at the water cooler. If we were in grade school, I’d say it’s long past due Time for Recess.

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