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EJ Gold New Graphics — SIXTIES ROCKERS



SIXTIES ROCKERS — Signed in the Plate Edition — $25 each.

Printed on the highest quality PHOTO paper available, this reproduces EXACTLY the size, weight & feel of the original. Side by side, in a frame with a plexiglass protector, even a print expert can’t tell the difference. THIS IS NOT A COLLECTIBLE ITEM, it is an art item, a mini-graphic poster, but made to ARCHIVAL specs and the highest artistic level of aesthetic.

SIXTIES ROCKERS — Pencil Signed & Numbered Edition of 50 — $125 each.

The original charcoal pastels were produced on fawn pastel suede paper, usually during a backstage break or a recording studio gig. I can’t remember the names of most of these rock musicians, but maybe a face will ring a bell. I can’t say that they’re accurate, they weren’t intended to be portraits of anyone in particular, just types for drawing studies. My original charcoal pastels are no longer for sale. Continue reading

An Art Show Every Month!!!


In the Organic World, an artist is lucky to have four shows a year, period. One gallery might show your work every year, others will have you wait three or four years between shows, not to eat up the market with overflow. In Prosperity Virtual Ashram, there’s no reason you can’t put up a new show every month, and if you’re totally beyond bizarre, a new art show every single day. Why not? You’re your own boss on your parcel! And speaking about parcels, don’t forget to learn how to promote your shop, gallery, hangout, club, showroom, chapel or whatever! You can find out more about this at this upcoming weekend’s WORK RELATIONSHIPS workshop. Don’t miss it if you can!!! We’ll be having live auctions inworld for items that are out of this world!

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Government Meltdown Blues — Lyrics & Tabulature


Government Meltdown Blues

( Bm – Em – Am7 – Bb7 )

I thought I’d weigh in on the subject of the most recent government shutdown as a result of a few nasty people in the well-publicized “Caucus Suicide Pact”, a power-hungry political conspiracy which is currently holding the rest of the country hostage.

(guitar lead short solo here)

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Sing, Sing, Sing!!!


Singing a duet with Ron Matthies, RCA Studios 1972, Al Schmidt Producer, Ritchie Schmidt & Dick Bogert, engineers. Album: RCA Live.

When I was a kid growing up in New York City during the 1940s and 50s, I went to Downtown Community School, a small private school that had, as its music teacher, Pete Seeger. I sang with Pete for 11 years both there and at Camp Woodland. I have published a book on it. Singing is a very important part of life, and if you don’t sing, you’re not getting everything out of life that you should be able to. Continue reading

Custom Tarot Deck Just For Your Website or Business!


Started work this morning on Space Buddhaa Tarot Deck which I estimate at about one to two weeks until delivery. It will be a space opera based storyline, with characters out of Tesla III and other spectacular Orbs which are yet to come, to be featured as a specialty “website-name” tarot deck, on spacebuddha.com — and you can order a specialty tarot deck for your website or business, too!!! I do all the production work and roughly 50-100 hours of eyeball-zapping intricate detail slave-labor free. You pay only for the decks you actually order. Minimum order is 50 decks for a custom designed deck — you are the only vendor of that deck!!! Ask about wholesale prices.

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Science Fiction Filk Songs Make Hit Show!


Yep — I’m of course using “yep” in the Russian sense, to mean “sex”. It’s true; science fiction “filk” songs have finally hit the big time on tv when these guys did this sendup of sci-fi — syfy — si-fi — whatever. Live Long & Prosper! I know, I posted this comedy team only a few days ago, but it suddenly occurred to me that you might not have had the luck/skill/jenesequoi to find this particular link, so I’m posting it now for your pleasure. I think you’ll find it cheerful and amusing on a Music Monday — I’ll be onĀ gorebagg tv at 4 pm pacific time today for more jazz, blues, folk, rock & more.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Boobies But Were Understandably Afraid to Ask:

Well, I debated for several weeks about whether to post this or not; Rachel Bloom is a total scream, but she definitely goes over the limit, especially with her other videos. This one is the least offensive and has a lot of broad physical humor, the kind that made burlesque what it was. I think it’s mostly harmless, but it does underscore the interests of humans, flat or round, and illuminates the chief sport of biped males — to touch a stranger’s boobs. I guess it sort of makes sense — there is little else to provide amusement for the 60-90 years you have to wait to die.

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