Transcending Political Shit

LeslieAnn at the Crisis Healing Center in the Ashram.

When the shit piles up too high to walk over it, and the piles of shit are too close together to walk between them, you’re in seriously deep shit. What’s happening out there is NOT about politics. It’s NOT about religion, and it’s definitely NOT about health care or women’s issues.

It’s simply time for the peasants to prove that they are revolting, always have been and always will be revolting. Why can’t the downtrodden just stay down? That’s the Smerconish Response — just shut up and take it on the jaw — liberals should lie down & die.

I’m not a leftist, nor a rightist. This isn’t even my goddam planet, monkey descendant. Frankly, I think you’re all fucking nuts, and I’m not at all happy to be living here among you, watching you squabble and fight over crumbs, while the fat ones glut themselves on your food, and drink your wine, while you writhe in hunger and the pain of betrayal.

Other than that, I could give a shit what happens here.

Suffering and pain is easy to repair. Misery and heartache and guilt and recrimination and fear and horror and disgust are harder to deal with, but manageable. It’s the marketing angles I can’t figure out, and I’m looking for some help here.

I’m here to finish a history project. As an alcohol-intolerant, I’m damned if I can figure out just how the hell I’m supposed to determine exactly which bar was the location of the fist-fight that ended history, I don’t know, but here I am to tell the tale.

I’m supposed to leave notes that can be found and dug up back in the 37th century, but I have to be careful not to leave them where there’s too much radiation, and I can’t remember where the airbursts went off, or that is, are going to go off, in the Western states, although I do remember that I was surprised at the cities that were hit.

I have copious notes on the election and aftermath, but I frankly still don’t know what blows the Resistance into a Rebellion, but I do know that it started in a bar somewhere, as a fist-fight between a Republican and a Democrat. This much is certain, the rest is lost to history, thus I have a viable term paper, and if you hand over the chocolates, nobody gets hurt.

I have it on good authority — Aristarchus of Samos — that human beings are incapable of actually feeling pain. Democritus says that you’ll never really know what someone is saying to you, and Marcus Tullius Cicero in 45 B.C. said, “Times are bad, children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book.”

Look, I never cared whether times were good or bad. I’ve lived through the best of times and the worst of times, and here I am to tell the tale. It’s the fact that everyone is writing a book that really gets me down.

Well, go ahead, write the books. I’ve got a better idea — TRANSCENDENCE.

How does it work?

Transcending can’t be done as a hobby, nor will you have much luck if you’re a total loner. You need to find some help, and work to dig yourself into a magical defensive position in your own home town, or find a safe magical refuge somewhere that nobody is interested in exploiting, attacking or despoiling.

You don’t want to see a swarm of humans destroying a field of wheat while looking for food, but that’s going to happen, and a lot more things like that will happen.

Human zombies are made by fear, and fear quickly turns to anger, and anger looks for a scapegoat — a victim — and that’d be you, if you happen to be standing there.

Animals can’t be reasoned with, and you’re facing wild animals. Reason will do you no good. They are NOT listening to you or to anyone else. They will attack you and listen to nothing.

It hurts? You feel pain? They feel nothing.

Nothing you can say will change anything. Nothing you can do will change it, either. You are in point of fact, totally helpless, and you will go down when the shit hits the fan, count on it.

You CAN survive it spiritually, but you need to find some help, like I said, and fast. Help comes in the form of a small group upon which you can depend, on whom you can count to be at your back when the going gets rough, and rest assured, rough it will get. You need a support group, but how to find one?

First of all, you need to ACTUALLY SEE the difference between a BOT and a NOTBOT.

If you can’t yet do that, you have no hope of finding a support group or surviving the coming events.

You need to learn the Essential Skill “HOW TO SPOT A BOT”, and fast — you haven’t that much time left before the nukes start dropping. I estimate that at least 50,000 weapons were detonated during the first half of the 21st century, at an average yield of 50 MILLION TONS of TNT EACH.

That’s a grand total of over 2 BILLION pounds of TNT, which, believe me, is a hell of a lot of force, enough to re-set the Earth’s axis, and it does.

According to my 37th century history textbooks, the massive nuclear exchange creates an enormous planet-wide cloud cover that lasts for a few years, and that’s what I really want to talk about — mushroom farming in the dark. There’s no better business to be in, when there’s no sunlight to grow food.


Yes, that’s what this is really all about, the marketing of my Mushroom Grower’s Packets — you get everything you need to start your own GROW IN THE DARK farm. Find out more, before the air-raid siren becomes too much of a distraction.

Luckily, you’ll be able to sell your mushrooms with the new lack of laws that prevented you from selling produce to passing motorists, only there won’t be any motorists.

If you do your homework and get through the PLS — Past Life Assessment — Course, you’ll have the tools you need to survive and weather the storm and come out on the other side in a civilized manner, not as a meat-eating cave-dweller, which is what happened when the world-wide Atlantis civilization went down in 8400 B.C.

You want to keep your home safe from the coming Zombie Apocalypse. It’s not the government that you should fear, not the Russians, not the Chinese, not the North Koreans, not the Terrorists, it’s your neighbors that you are learning to fear.

In this atmosphere of division and hatred, people turn against each other, even against their own family and friends.

You’ll want a Protective Bubble around your home, and there are several ways of doing this, among which are the two plug-ins I’ve made to fit the SuperBeacon. I have both of them in the “Always On” mode, placing a Trumpenite Crystal in a dome somewhere near the center of your home, and placing KEEP AWAY charms on all the windows and outer doorways.

Of course, if you’re ranting and raving and wildly gesticulating about this nightmarish and outrageous human rights obscenities scene we’re subjected to every single day on every single news channel, as I’ve been doing since a few days into the rule of an insane person in the White House, you can’t expect those protections to have much effect, and I don’t count on them as much as I do on my smooth-draw Boise holster.

Don’t wear ’em to town, but nobody says you can’t wear ’em at your writing desk. It gives me a sense of confidence that I only had when I lived — and died — in the Old West, back in 1878, a year I’ll remember for some time to come.

You can wear or keep nearby the Bug-Out Ammy, which activates on Nuclear Blast, and there are a variety of TFZ — Trump-Free-Zone medallions and charms available, and some you can make yourself.

Don’t try to convince anybody.

This is not a good time to argue reason, rationality or responsiveness. This is NOT a time of reconciliation or of interspecies relations. It is a time of conflict, of war, of anger, of terror, of fear, fear, fear.

Are you afraid to speak out?

When have you ever been afraid to say what’s on your mind, here in Amerika? But now you ARE afraid to speak out, and rightly so. The goons own the field at the moment, and they will destroy you if you dare to question their leader.

Well, fuck, I’m 75 years out of port and homeward bound, so eat it. Do whatever you want, but I WILL have my fucking say.

Like I said, don’t try to convince anyone of anything. I have no political position, other than, “Leave me the fuck alone,” and “Don’t Tread On Me”.

For a full 75 years, I’ve never said a word about politics — couldn’t care less. But when the liberties of the people are stunningly swept away by arrogance and greed, I can’t remain silent, can you?

At the same time, I don’t really want a confrontation with a bigot.

So I’m constructing TRANSCENDERS, using crystal and radio technology to help you get out of phase, and STAY out of phase with organic life on Earth. This reduces your chance of becoming a target.

The creatures who elected Trump will never stop until the final button is pushed. They don’t see or understand the swelling ground of rage and fury that’s building up in what they now call “The Resistance”, nor do they much care.

Their lives are spent marching in robot circles.

Nothing you suffer is of interest to them. You could die for lack of health-care which they supported, and they wouldn’t feel the slightest tremor of remorse.

Your baby could die because you haven’t the money to save the child. This I HAVE SEEN in hospital, back in the 1960s, and it’s happening again.

Women are disrespected by all Conservatives, and this will result in the long-predicted war between the sexes, right alongside the Second Civil War, of which we are now at the eve.

Soon, the resistance will grow beyond control, especially when some of them die horrible deaths. Outrage will spill over into action, and the streets will, as they say, “run red”.

Can’t happen here?

I can provide you with a list of the times it HAS happened here before, but damned if I’m going to do your homework for you.

You need to ESCAPE FROM PLANET TRUMP, and I have a number of ways and means to do exactly that, and I’d be happy to share them with you:

  • ASTRAL PROJECT — Astral Projection can take you far from the strife and misery of Trump Amerika, and you might get some interesting glimpses of safe passages through this already-existing emergency.
  • DO YOUR SPIRITUAL PRACTICES — Keep yourself balanced and calm through the use of your spiritual practices and exercises. Don’t allow yourself to get swept up in the passions of fear and violence that are now the major force in Trump Amerika.
  • HANDLE YOUR MEDICAL EMERGENCIES ANOTHER WAY — Can’t afford health care? That’s always been a problem for the lower and middle class, and one of the ways that it has been solved in the past is to give up hope of medical care and find some way to handle it yourself, without a doctor’s help, relying on the power of prayer.
  • LIVE IN ANOTHER WORLD — Spend as much time as you can in our Virtual Ashram, with friends who will treat you as a Being. Keep in close contact with your Soul Group in the Ashram.
  • DON’T LEAVE HOME — If at all possible, stay at home. Order out, buy online, stay away from restaurants, public meetings, malls, street fairs, or anywhere that a truck can be driven over innocent pedestrians out for a stroll or a shop or a meal. If you’re in any way different, stay off the street. Live life at your computer screen until Trump Amerika goes away, which might not happen very soon. Be prepared to live alone in total isolation.
  • KEEP YOUR COOL — Don’t allow yourself to fall on either side of the division between liberals and conservatives — try to see the point of view of someone who genuinely feels that women are inferior and to be treated the same way you’d treat a farm animal, and who thinks the Holocaust never happened. If you really think that, you owe me 18 family members who died in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belzen. I have a photo of my stepdad just after Liberation — he weighed 88 pounds and had survived on a diet of thin potato peel soup, for upwards of a year since his captivity on December 24, 1944. I’m fully prepared to create a Holocaust of my own on THAT subject, so don’t tempt me. It’s been years since I was an instructor at Ford Ord, but I haven’t lost any of the skills, even at this late date.
  • IGNORE THE INSULTS — In this atmosphere of racism and sexism and rightism and leftism, you’d be wise to ignore the words they fling at you. Of course, if someone actually threatens you, that’s technically “assault”, and if they lay a hand on you, that’s technically “battery”, in which case, I believe you’re entitled to wipe them across the asphalt. In video gaming, you’d never let a domination stand, and that’s where I go, right to the windpipe.
  • GET ABOVE IT ALL — Use whatever spiritual technology you have available to you to help you protect your home against outside attack. Your Transcendence Gear will help you achieve this, but it’s YOUR diligence that will save the day.
  • FIND A WAY TO LEAVE — If you can afford to leave Trump Amerika, you should do it, before they come to take you to the labor camps to spend the rest of your life repairing the infrastructure.
  • SPEAK OUT WITH COURAGE — Don’t be afraid to speak out, even though there are many bullies out there, who would silence you with violence and fear. Violence can be turned, and fear need not rule your life.
  • DON’T GIVE IN TO THE DARK SIDE — Even if you have magical skills and have spent time staring at goats, don’t give in to the temptation, even though it would be easy.
  • DON’T DEFEND, TRANSCEND — No point fighting. The zombies are going to win. Get above it, beyond it. Move into the spiritual realm and stay there until the end.
  • PRAY FOR PEACE — Get yourself hooked up into the Oval Office Orb, and join others who are telepathically directing Waves of Enlightenment into the White House.
  • STAY VERY, VERY STILL — Stand or sit or lie down and remain very, very still for as long as you can. Say nothing, breathe very softly, and clear your mind.
  • CALL IN THE NEAREST ASTEROID — No, sorry, that’s MY plan. You don’t need to do anything about it — it’s already too late.

“That’s your whole plan?” you ask.

Yes, that’s my whole plan.

See You At The Top!!!