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“Do You Want to Play a Game???”

The voice rings out in the video arcade. Of course you do. What else? Stand around while others play? Wander outside? Of COURSE I want to play a game.

After a few dozen Billenia in the Void, you’ll start to wonder what they’re DOING in there, in the CREATION, and you’ll downscale into the world just to cop a peek, take a quick look, but WARNING, there is a definite danger here — GRAVITY.

As you look into the world, you’re pulled down, down, down, into it, and the next thing you know, BANG! There you are, incarnated again. It’s that magnetic gravity pull that does it every dang time, and you’re sucker enough for that gimmick that you fall for it again and again and again. Continue reading

Einstein’s Brain Now Only $49.95 plus free meteorite — Order Now!!!

“Dyan Cannon Multiple Exposure”, 1966, 16″x20″ gel print by E.J. Gold.

Yes, you can order Einstein’s Brain right now, today, not the sections of human brainĀ  not for $99.95, not for $69.95, I’m not even asking $59.95 for this incredible unit — just $49.95, no money down, no stretch pay, just a check, cash or money order for $49.95 will bring your very own Einstein’s Brain to your door.

Imagine the shock and surprise on the faces of your friends when they find out you have Einstein’s Brain, and you intend to use it. Be the first on your block to discover universal truths!

Here’s how it works, friends… Continue reading

The Clouds of Heaven


Heavenly clouds. If you ask the average Western schoolchild, you’ll get this about Heaven: angels sit around on clouds, strumming on harps. That’s it, end of line. Nothing is mentioned about singing, or humming or lunch-breaks. Clouds, endless clouds, on which there happens to be the biggest crafts fair in the known universe. Clouds. The fact is, the Ashram is hidden deep in the clouds, somewhere between Agharta and Shambala — Heaven & Hell — and that’s where it always will be. Once something exists in Quantum, it always is and always has been. (Ref: The Photon Effect) We’re surrounded by several other Heavens, but there’s plenty of room in Quantum Space. There’s nothing in hyperspace or Quantum Base to wear Heaven down — no friction, no entropy. That means foreverness, in the sense that as long as there’s a Kalpa running, there’s a Heaven. Just a little bit of Heaven is the 3200 meter level in the Ashram. You’ll now find the Hall of Heroes awaiting you there. Hall of Heroes is a contact point between yourself and any entity anywhere. You’ll be happy forever in the Bodhisattva Heaven. Plenty of work down below!!! You’ll find all the Keys to the Kingdom and easy rides to any world you need to get to for your Bodhisattva activities, through the Interdimensional Airport and Lounge. Horse and Hiking Trails, jazz and blues clubs, comedy club, winter sports, Throckmorton Desert Classic and accommodations at the Heavenly Hyatt.

See You At The Top!!!


Hell in a Breadbasket

Now, at last, you no longer need travel down the Blacktop-Paved Highway of Good Intentions to get to Hell; you can download it and jump right on into the fire and brimstone right away! Why wait? Avoid the Christmas Rush! Experience Hell today!

Quite seriously running through a Fear Object like Hell or Death or Hair Loss can reduce its power immensely! Try it, you’ll like it! See You At The Top!!! — gorby

Yes, but are you Perfect???

According to many self-styled experts on the subject, it isn’t enough to be Mostly-Perfect, you hafta be totally 100% Perfect in order to get into Heaven. I say that’s a bunch of horse-puckey. First of all, anybody can be Perfect. It’s proving that you’re Perfect that counts, and that, of course, is impossible, because part of Perfection is being humble, and humility is not what Proving Your Perfection is all about. It’s really quite simple. I’ll explain:

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What is Heaven Really Like???

Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die first. Here are a few visions of what it’s like day-to-day in the Big Place. Don’t forget that the real question of how well you did with the life you were given within which to do your Work will come the day after you die; “How well did I do with what I had to work with???” — if you did your Work, you’ll be happy with the answer. Everyone has their own opinion of Daily Life in Heaven. I’ll give you mine at the end of this blog.

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