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“Do You Want to Play a Game???”

The voice rings out in the video arcade. Of course you do. What else? Stand around while others play? Wander outside? Of COURSE I want to play a game.

After a few dozen Billenia in the Void, you’ll start to wonder what they’re DOING in there, in the CREATION, and you’ll downscale into the world just to cop a peek, take a quick look, but WARNING, there is a definite danger here — GRAVITY.

As you look into the world, you’re pulled down, down, down, into it, and the next thing you know, BANG! There you are, incarnated again. It’s that magnetic gravity pull that does it every dang time, and you’re sucker enough for that gimmick that you fall for it again and again and again. Continue reading

How Can You Tell It’s a Real Meteorite???


From whence do meteorites originate?
Meteorites mostly come from the asteroid belt that’s all that remains of Zorgon, the now-disintegrated planet that lies between Mars and Jupiter. These aggregate rocks date from the very beginning of the Solar System, about four and a half billion years ago.  The asteroid fragments were knocked off their parent bodies. They migrated into the Earth’s gravitational field and crash-landed on Earth, where they were found in a coherent pattern called a “Strewn Field”.

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The Sun is the Nearest Star

Yes, if you really think about it, you realize that the Sun is the nearest star, not Barnard’s or Polaris or any other far out sphere. It’s the Sun. Our sun is called “Sol”, and its planetary system is called “The Solar System”. Some think the solar system is a surefire method of horse betting. Most folks on planet Earth have no idea that the moon goes around the Earth and that the Earth goes around the Sun, and that the Sun travels around the Solar System at a whizzing speed you’d find unbelievable without a background in astro-science … and furthermore, the Galaxy “Milky Way” — that’s the name of our galaxy — is currently colliding with the Andromeda Galaxy, although from where we are in the Western Rim, we can’t see the effects just yet. So if you’re looking for a pretty good bar bet, ask someone the name of the nearest star; I’ll bet you a banana smoothie they can’t come up with it.

See You At The Top!!!


Teens in Love — Shameless`

Teens in Love. Kids in most other games depending on subject matter; the little kids are notably not in Love, sad commentary on human life on planet earth, but that’s the way it must be. However, my teens are in LOVE, and boy, are they fun to run, and cute as heck-darn! You will recapture your youth of yesteryear when you run my orbs with these guys! There’s Archie, and Jughead and Betty and Veronica and the two kids I introduced back a blog or two. See You At The Top! — gorby


Beautiful Black & Blue Danube Waltz

Yep, I just couldn’t resist taking a few moments from my HAPI drumming class live on www.//justin.tv/gorebaggtv to post this extra-funny Spike Jones sendup of the famous Blue Danube, which most folks today associate with the Earth to Moon travel in 2001 A Space Odyssey. Here it is…get a good grip on the arms of your favorite chair before you press the “play” button:


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It Don’t Take Much

Here you have it; proof positive that intelligent life does not yet exist on Earth. This stunningly pretty ditherhead — on some pharmaceutical that tends to slur speech and scramble the brains like three jumbo eggs in heavily buttered frying pan — made a video that garnered 1.3 million views, and rising … I’ll bet you can’t sit through the whole thing without laughing at least once. I tend to stare at the whole Vampira-like effect with awe and admiration at this plucky youngster, with nothing more to worry about than the cost of a peroxide rinse.