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Mawwiage is a Sacwed Institution


After more than a year of wondering from which film the quote came that I used in the Prosperity Ashram Wedding Chapel (Our Lady of Perpetual Motion) I am told that it came from the Princess Bride, 1987 — a few choice scenes, otherwise petty romantic nonsense, the kind Snow Bunnies like.

You probably can’t read the sign from here, so I’ll set the words down here for you, spoken by Peter Cook as the “Impressive Clergyman” at the wedding of Prince Rupert and Goldilocks or whatever. I’ll never forget what’s-her-name. Continue reading

Teens in Love — Shameless`

Teens in Love. Kids in most other games depending on subject matter; the little kids are notably not in Love, sad commentary on human life on planet earth, but that’s the way it must be. However, my teens are in LOVE, and boy, are they fun to run, and cute as heck-darn! You will recapture your youth of yesteryear when you run my orbs with these guys! There’s Archie, and Jughead and Betty and Veronica and the two kids I introduced back a blog or two. See You At The Top! — gorby


Dandee & Candee

Introducing my two newest additions to our Trans-Dimensional Jaunting Team, Dandee and Candee, both adepts at Universe-Hopping and negotiating tough spaces with tough defenders and guardians, and can they dance!!! You’ll be seeing a lot of Claude’s latest models including these two terrific little characters — I’ll be adding them in, where appropriate, and uploading the results as updates as soon as I can get to them. In the meanwhile, all my newest Orbs will, where appropriate, have them. See You At The Top!!! — gorby

Back to School Week

It’s almost Back to School Week, time to download my newest releases for Early Education & Fun Learning Games. In my games, no one gets hurt! Nothing bad will ever happen to you in Prosperity Path Games. Only good things will happen to you! Try Experiential Learning Games today! You can order your Attention Bunny, Self-Esteem Bear and Cow of Learning on the Prosperity Path Rewards Page.