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LeslieAnn — My Life As a Boy — Chapter 1 —


Relaxing as myself on summer vacation -- the rest of the year was spent as a boy.
Relaxing as myself — LeslieAnn — on summer vacation — the rest of the year was spent as a boy.

I didn’t like life as a boy; oh, sure, you got all the rights and privileges and perks of being a boy in a man’s world, but I had to constantly hide my gender. I bound my breasts down, wore socks to make a bulge and luckily or unluckily, my voice was naturally deep, like a 60 year old cigarette smoker — like, really deep.

My girlfriends used to make fun of my voice, and even though I could sing high harmonies in a perfectly fine soprano voice — and I can still hit the high notes today — I couldn’t make myself speak comfortably in a high squeaky voice, and I never did. Continue reading

Am I a Boy or a Girl in my Alternate Worlds???

Notice I said “my” alternate worlds. It’s because you have your own unique set of alternate worlds. If you travel in a group or team, you share this set of alternate worlds in which you operate.

Note that I said “operate”.

It’s different. Very different. “Operating” doesn’t mean what you think it does.

I’ll explain:

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