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Quick Easter Workshop BlueLine Academy Rundown

A full set of these work tools are part of your Easter Workshop packet.

For the first time ever, you get a full professional world-creation system that is easy to use, easy to master and makes fabulous reality environments that YOU can make. No math skills, no programming skills, any artist can use this INSTINCTIVE system of world-making.

I’ve made a video of the most basic first introductory lesson in Bluelining technology. The video is being uploaded even now.

This world-making tech is amazing and has several powerful advantages over simple mental imaging and visualization, the most vital of which is that repeated exercise of these actions WILL have a major effect in the spiritual zones, because you are taking actions in the deepest and most enduring levels of quantum mechanics.

Repeated uses of these Orbs will at some point trigger Thalamic or Pineal reactions and a wormhole type gateway could open up within your own brain and hey, like I always say, if they offer a price on your head, take it.

The underlying quantum world is electronic in nature, and so is the 3D GODD® Game-Maker Engine & Editor.

If you go wildcatting around with the editor, you’ll never master it, even in several decades. There are just a few, not many, definite tricks to using the GODD Editor, and you need to know them.

First of all, you’ll have to learn to refresh your map in order to get a firm update of all the textures and box placements. This is easily learned, but MUST be mastered before doing much else.

Of course, if you don’t know how to download and/or install something on your machine, you have a much deeper learning-curve ahead of you. A quick review of your computer, as in, “this is the keyboard”, “this is the monitor” and “this is the mouse” will have to suffice. Do try to keep those straight as we plow ahead into the simple mechanics of creating a universe by carving out a section of the Void.

That is what we’re doing. The map is Voidness until you define the space within the Void, and fill it with boxes and models and other objects and a number of invisible “operators” that in fact are the things that make things happen.

What appears to be happening in a game world seldom is. Operators are essential, and they reflect the actual magical conditions of the quantum world.

Bluelining will eventually yield some serious answers in that area, but be patient — the teaching comes in stages, meaning that there are some flat stretches ahead.

There are always flat stretches between each peak you’ve conquered behind you. Those allow you to develop and deepen your understanding at each stage of development. Continue reading

Phasing With Interference Waves

Griffith Park Love-In, 1967 -- photo by ej gold.
Griffith Park Love-In, 1967 — gelatin photoprint by ej gold.

When transcending compound-complex wave-forms, you’ll want a Resonance Factor of about 10.0 with a Beat-Frequency Oscillation of zero or about zero.

Jiggle & Bounce are two factors you’ll want to note, both results of integrated and differential vector analyses. The Vagueness and Weirdness of the quantum world will cloud up any ordinary results.

Non-located vibration sources require harmony, hence harmonic tuning is indicated when riding a continuous wave in a diodal formation.

Essence Memory is the footprint of all your memories of all your lifetimes and non-meat excursions, meaning spirit flights during intermission or interregnum.

Pitch, Roll & Yaw are automatically adjusted in-flight. You don’t have to do anything to correct them.

Remember that there are eleven different directions, or “dimensions”, including upness, downness, sideness, deepness, timeness, in-ness, outness, and a few more to contend with when voyaging in any dimension.

Frequency Shift through Parallel or Serial Universes can be transcended. Continue reading