How Does a Cloak Work?
A Classic and Spectacular Cloak that will get attention wherever you go!

I like a Cloak that can accomplish all the magical operations you might want to engender, but it should also be striking enough, sufficiently eye-catching, to allow you to walk into the average museum’s gift shop and have the buyer ask, “Where did you get that dress?”

You can sell them wholesale, so that moment would be a good opportunity to speak right on up, with a phrase something like: “As it happens, I sell these, along with many other wearable art fashions and accessories, plus household objects of daily use — may I show you some samples?” at which point, you whip out your catalog, hitherto unobtrusively tucked under an armpit — but enough about me, let’s talk about you:

How does a Cloak work? I’ll try to explain, and I’ll keep it very simple. I make clothing, fashions of a different kind — they have “Attributes” and “Blessings” built into them, which gives the Level 1 Cloak a +3 To All Levels, which means it raises your Character’s Level from Level 1 up to Level 4, enabling you to act as if you actually were a Level 4.
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So what would happen if you wore a Level 1 Cloak is that you would go from:

You keep waking up every few days, you’re totally paralyzed by life, hand-eye coordination is minimal, you have no immune system whatever, you exist on a mental level that would find Gilligan’s Island intellectually challenging, clinging to dialtone consciousness with all the appeal of yesterday’s pizza, to:

Can’t quite push through a subway turnstile, Klutzy, misses once in a while, gets the flu every season, uses mottos and slogans, just on the edge of common sense, rude on facebook.

I know it doesn’t sound like much of an improvement, but actually, it is a big step up from where most folks sit, and where every Level 1 Begins. Let me mention right away at this juncture that you’re only stuck on Level 1 for a few days, maybe a couple of weeks, if you work slowly.
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You’ll soon be acting magically at a APPARENT LEVEL of 7 or better within six weeks, or your money back! If you’re really good at it, you can also MANIFEST at Level 7 — this works well if you’re a Healer!

Okay, what a Level 7 can do is:

You can toss a grenade or a can of soda more than 30 yards, Can surely hit the side of a barn, able to remain in the Waking State for long periods of time, can make logical leaps out of the box, senses empathically when someone is in pain, able to help others, able to easily use healing energies, is very interesting to others, respected.

Now, isn’t that worth a few extra hours on the SuperBeacon?

A Cloak is a kind of “Fabric Armor” that brings your CHARACTER up one or more levels, measurable by the skills and powers you are able to manifest and the armor load and movement stress that you are able to tolerate.

In short, it makes you stronger, smarter, braver, more instinctive and more compassionate than you usually are, without the added boost of the Cloaking Device — which is some form of “Armor”, albeit textile rather than metallic, such as ring-mail or plate armor.

In general, “Armor”, whether it’s made of textile, leather, chain-mail or plate mail, provides protection, but it can provide a great deal more than merely protection.

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Add On Higher Emotions — Heart Pendant & Chain, only $69.99

In the case of my Cloaking Devices for your Real Life Character, your RLC, they will bring your Character up one or more Levels, as I mentioned — in general , you can expect a triple-Level rise, meaning that if you’re presently operating as a Level 1 Character, you’d be able to do what a Level 4 Character can do.

This does not mean that your Character is AUTOMATICALLY SKILLED as a Level 4, zooming up from a Level 1 — that, all of a sudden, your Character has all the skill sets and powers of a Level 4. That’s not what happens.

What DOES happen is that when your Character is raised by one or more levels, it makes it POSSIBLE for that Character to haul around things that would ordinarily be far too heavy, or far too energy-demanding of a lower Level Character, see?

The Higher your Level, the Farther Out you can go!!!

So what a Level 1 Armor — in the form of a Level 1 Cloak, for instance — would or could do, is to bring the Character up 3 extra Levels, so that your Character would have the Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma of a Level 4 Character.

Okay, so now that your Character is an AS-IF Level 4, it can carry, use and otherwise manifest any and all Level 4 items, such as a Ring, Bracelet, Amulet, SuperBeacon, Charm, Rune, Belt, Helm, Watch, Boots, Gloves or other accessory item, and perform any Level 4 Operations with them, as long as you’re wearing that +3 To All Levels Cloak, which by the way is on sale this weekend on all my Cloak Marketing sites.

If you had a +3 To All Levels Cloak on right now, you’d already know that.

So by wearing one of my Level 1 Cloaks that are all +3 To All Levels, by the way, you suddenly you have the ability to wear AND USE all the Level 4 accessories and other stuff you can get your grubby meat-hooks on, see?

Plus you can now perform all Level 4 SuperBeacon Operations, which you could NOT do before, which means going far, far beyond where you touched as a Level 1 Character.

Wow, does THAT open possibilities — do you see them up ahead?

Voyagers at the Center learn how to work beyond their actual levels.

They are there. For instance, nothing can now prevent you from engaging in a Level 4 SuperBeacon exploration.

A Level 1 Character wouldn’t stand a chance in that “Cows” Level you want to raid to boost your Actual Char Level, which a Level 1 would find all-but-impossible, even with an experienced PLAYER behind it.

That Level of Life-Game would ordinarily not be available to you, but a Level 4 can handle it easily, and by the grace of your Cloaking Device — which is to say, a stunning and dramatic Fall Season Outfit by LeslieAnn — you have the abilities and skills, understanding and adroitness of a Level 4 Character, and you’re going to look absolutely marvelous.

Now the question is, does the Player Level match or exceed the Level of the Character?

There’s nothing quite like a Smarter Dog!!!

This is an important point, because your Character cannot possibly play beyond the Level and abilities of the PLAYER — YOU yourself are the limit imposed on the Character’s ability to manifest.

If you had all the imagination in the world but no skills, you’d be out gathering nuts and berries for the winter. The Cloak gives you the carrying and using abilities, but you yourself must develop the skills to use the Enabling Devices, which are the accessories you’ll want to add on to your Cloak, to take advantage of the rise in Character Level that allows you to carry more and use more.

Deeper Levels of achievement with higher levels of Character!

Applications will vary, depending on the user, of course.

Smartness by itself is useless. It needs to be applied to something. If you’re naturally adept at handling situations and your PLAYER Level is high, you’ll be anxious, perhaps, to raise the Character Level as quickly as you can, but a word of caution here:

Sure, you can “RUSH” the Character for an ACTUAL change in Level, but you’ll still have to do the quest, finish the run, all the details will still be there to clean up the mess you left behind.

So a genuine rise in Character Level can be achieved in a Special Quest, but you’ll need a PRO COACH to do that.

You can use a fashion accessory like this to protect your groceries.

You can achieve a genuine Level change which then can be compounded by an apparent Level change through the judicious use of a more powerful Cloak, one that takes advantage of the rise in Level.

If you managed a genuine change to Level 2 while using a Level 1 Cloak, you would keep the Cloak, because a Level 1 will still raise you to Level 4.

If you want to raise your Level 2 Character up to Level 5, you’d have to get hold of a Level 2 Cloak. You can’t get to Level 5 from Level 1, no matter how much you’re willing to spend.

You can tell which Level you’re on by what Level you’re able to manifest.

The Highest Levels of Brane-Power are now available to you through Cloaking.

Read the descriptions of the various Levels and you’ll see what I mean. Where do YOU fit on that scale?

You will see a MEASURABLE change when wearing your Armor item, such as a Cloak. If a good description of your condition was “stopped” or “frozen” or “paralyzed by fear”, then you would notice a definite change in that condition to some Level above that.

Matching your condition with the scale, you can easily determine how many Levels the Cloak was able to raise your Character, which will be anywhere from one Level, for an especially resistant PLAYER, to a full Level 4 with all its capacities.

It all depends on YOUR capacity. Your Character can only go as far as YOU will allow it to go, will only evolve to the Level at which YOU YOURSELF are able to manifest.

In short, if after you don the apparel, you’re still weak, sick and stupid, don’t look too far for the problem.

You need to USE the equipment, just like in a gymnasium. Merely BUYING it and stashing it in a nearby closet will not get the exercises done.

Cloaking and Accessorizing can be almost invisible, yet powerful.

If you’re entitled to wear an Eagle feather, you’ll find that it has been powerfully magnified, and it’s already powerful, so watch out! I figure, if you can wear it, you can handle it.

So even though you can now perform a MUCH higher Level of Work than you could without the help of the Cloaking Device and its Accessories, a limit is definitely imposed on the Character’s Additional Skills & Powers — by your own limitations, and if you’re already on a Mastery Level, a Cloak can add IMPOSSIBLE Levels to your Char, Levels that, without help, simply cannot be achieved, more or less like getting hold of a 3.9 kg. sample of “Unobtainium”, the rarest element in the universe.

Now that you have, thanks to the addition of a Cloak, the additional Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma to carry, handle and use more advanced magical items, you can accessorize as you wish, from a much larger list of powerful allies and implements.


Your ability to reach out through the SuperBeacon will greatly improve once you get out of the “Rogue Encampment” mentality and self-imposed limits of the organic human mind. As an As-If Level 4, you can go just about anywhere and do just about anything in your Home Realm, meaning “where you live”.

Emotional levels are also EXPANDED as well as raised, which means better ability to handle upsets, anger management will be far greater, compassion will be strong and understanding of the suffering of others will improve.

Better Leadership is the result, and if you’re on the Bodhisattva Trail, you’ll definitely feel the improvement in your ability to help others, especially in the Healing area.

Healing Powers can be greatly improved for a Level 4 Character, where there isn’t much you can do for a Level 1 Character other than teach them to offer solace to the next of kin.

A Level 4 Character can carry things that a Level 1 Character can’t touch, can’t even lift, and certainly could never use magically.

An "Instant Level 4" with Cloaking can actually stop time.
An “Instant Level 4” with Cloaking can ACTUALLY STOP TIME!

With a Level 1 Cloak, you can wear a Sumerian Magic Eyes Watch and use it with hand gestures and mudra forms in a Healing Ceremony — it’s the latest high-tech method of directing energies, and YOU ARE GOING TO LIKE IT.

You can actually stop time for a few seconds using this watch, and if you’re looking for spectacular effects, there’s nothing quite like stopped time.

Get better results from your magical actions by pumping them with an accessory booster, such as a watch — but there are other accessories that might excite and interest you.

We have one of these messenger bags — they are great!!!

Rings, Charms, Bracelets, Watches, Earrings, Pendants, Cufflinks, Wallets, Purses, Hats & Caps and so many other accessory items can be added ON LEVEL 4, to make your manifesting so much more powerful.

Imagine your healing sessions with the added power of the Cloak!

Once you get to a genuine Level 4, you can carry and wear much, much more, and will be able to manifest as a Level 7 or 8 with the help of Armor, again in the form of stunning outfits with great accessories for every season, designed with your higher mind in mind, by LeslieAnn & Friends, which includes YOU.

If you’ve gone the whole way through the Basics, you’re ready to get out there!!!

That’s right. You can make your own Cloaks and Accessories, for yourself and for others, and it’s not that hard to learn the skills and the knowledge necessary to channel the forms and lines on Flat-Plane Fields.

Flat-Plane Technology is here, along with Crystal Technology, and it can help you achieve the goal of Self-Completion, so you can move on to higher realms.

It’s my intention to not merely produce these items myself, but to also show and demonstrate HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF, how to create and manage these incredible quantum Flat-Plane Constructs, and most importantly, how to alter designs to accomplish different actions, goals and instructions.

These Flat-Plane Designs are nominally two-dimensional, although I know a few photons who could convincingly argue the point.

Photon Trails by ProsperityPath
iPhone covers are amazingly powerful, heal through phone!

They also more or less resemble Cosmic Consciousness in its Manifesting Form, a space which can be reached through the Gateway “Satori”, which is a returnable excursion, meaning you can come back from it and report what you saw and learned, and nobody who hasn’t been there will understand a word you’re saying.

There’s no better magical device than one you hand-crafted yourself, and if an uploaded PNG design isn’t hand-crafted, what is???

Thank goodness you don’t have to actually SEW THE SELVAGE yourself to fulfill the orders, or you’d be living in a factory for the rest of your life when the first order for 10,000 dresses comes in, and if you’re good, it will.

Thanks to this new technology, you can now stay home and create designs all day or night long, and enjoy the benefits to both your economic condition and your general well-being.

No need to hack out a living in the Garment District. There IS no Garment District. Just the internet and facebook.

A Cloak can be as subtle as a hoodie with a patch.

Is there no superhero who will rid me of this troublesome priest, “the internet”?

I joke, of course, because at some point — I can’t remember the exact date, but it’s not that far up the line from here — the internet has to be closed down, at first temporarily, and then permanently, I forgot why, but that’s why I’m here doing this 21st century history project, and not at sports practice, although frankly I hate sports, except chess.

Wrestling, the competitive kind, not the sideshow kind, is okay, and so is fencing. I can tolerate a little track & field now and then — I earned my “R” — but if you need a javelin-catcher, leave me out of it.

The Cloak enables you to work far beyond your ordinary limits. Take advantage of the “boost” to do work you could never do, to achieve goals you never have been able to reach, and to attain levels of consciousness and ethics beyond the pale.

In short, knock the ball out of the field, and walk the winning home-run.

How about these Heart Earrings? You can feel the vibes!

Imagine suddenly growing six inches taller and being 400% smarter and more aware. Now imagine what happens when you put on a Level 5 or 6 Cloak, and experience what that does for your Waking State.

That doesn’t happen with the lower grades, but after Level 5, you will definitely experience a profound change of state toward Wakefulness and Mindfulness.

It takes a few weeks of intensive sessions to get from Level 1 to Level 5, if you apply yourself diligently, otherwise expect about six months to a year for the Levels to get made.

We have presently five Level 5 voyagers who will take the training to be coaches, and they will be able to coach you online, so you don’t have to struggle with airfares, hotels, limos and tips, plus all the headaches and fears of traveling today.

From the privacy of your own home, you can achieve these goals, and the sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll experience the thrill of working as a Level 5 and above!

If you’re a Healer, body worker or medical practitioner, you are going to appreciate the subtle Cloaking Devices I’ve prepared for you. Check out my Accessories below by clicking on the hot-link:

Cloak Up For Kitchen Work, only $35.99!!!


All the smaller gear can be worn as a Mini-Cloak, if for some reason you can’t wear a dress or top because of “dress codes” in your school, college or workplace.

You might live in a very intolerant area and might be well-advised to wear something small and subtle, lest you be harassed, bullied or intimidated by locals.

Christians are not the only intolerant ones — every tribe has its automatic instinctive hatred of all other tribes, and it gets worse at these cyclic “Troubled Times” before the Final Catastrophe, the End of Fashion Marketing as we’ve come to know it — thousands of ads in magazines, no discernible editorial content whatever.

Selling dresses in a post-apocalyptic environment is very difficult. You need a gimmick, and there are none left at that point.

So where does that leave us?

This Ring of Power is on sale today for only $59.99!!!

Clearly, THIS IS THE TIME, KATO, to get out there and market the hell out of all the raiment we can produce, the charms, amulets, talismans and other “Helpers in Hell”

“For this is Hell, Faustus, nor am I out of it. Of all the inhabitants of Hell, none but Lucifer knows that Hell IS Hell.” — Mephistopheles Hale, Demon-At-Law.

Sure, it’s Hell, but that shouldn’t worry a Level 4. A Level 1 has PLENTY to fear. Almost any accident can happen to a Level 1, but a Level 4 has some ability to TRANSCEND, and that’s what you want to learn to use easily and at will, under your total control without internal conflict of any kind.

That’s the result we want for our First Stage of Spiritual Evolution.

Magical Item Charger Box, only $39.99 on sale today!

This will manifest as a greater ability to handle life and life’s emergencies. In short, the crap that’s coming down from Washington, all the shenanigans of the crooks in Congress will have exactly ZERO effect on you!

You need MONEY for this to happen, to be free to move around, to help others. Put aside your personal feelings of abhorrence for money and just dig in, as if you were in a Diablo II game, and gather as much gold as you’re able as fast as you can.

Now, you’re in a position to help others.

While you’re lying in the gutter, crushed into the asphalt by government steamrollers — they’re called “Senators” and ALL of them are crooks and bastards, so don’t expect a miracle from them, they’re incapable of compassion and mercy — you’re in no condition to help anyone.
Stunning Winter Season Fashion will get compliments!

You have to be free before you can exercise power, and great power doubly so. You can’t afford to allow anger or frustration to dominate you — find the positive, the constructive, in anything you encounter, no matter how foul it is to begin with.

This is the primary consideration: “Do No Harm”. In healing or any other Blessing Operation, you want to always work toward the good, toward the benefit of others, toward the general benefit of all beings everywhere.

That is the job.

See You At The Top!!!