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How Does a Cloak Work?

A Classic and Spectacular Cloak that will get attention wherever you go!

I like a Cloak that can accomplish all the magical operations you might want to engender, but it should also be striking enough, sufficiently eye-catching, to allow you to walk into the average museum’s gift shop and have the buyer ask, “Where did you get that dress?”

You can sell them wholesale, so that moment would be a good opportunity to speak right on up, with a phrase something like: “As it happens, I sell these, along with many other wearable art fashions and accessories, plus household objects of daily use — may I show you some samples?” at which point, you whip out your catalog, hitherto unobtrusively tucked under an armpit — but enough about me, let’s talk about you:

How does a Cloak work? I’ll try to explain, and I’ll keep it very simple. I make clothing, fashions of a different kind — they have “Attributes” and “Blessings” built into them, which gives the Level 1 Cloak a +3 To All Levels, which means it raises your Character’s Level from Level 1 up to Level 4, enabling you to act as if you actually were a Level 4. Continue reading

Judith Spellcaster spellcraft app for iphone android iPod & more

It’s here at last! My Judith Spellcaster spellcrafting lessons are now available in a smartphone app. You can select which spell you want to learn and dance through a world of spellcrafting! The tradition invoked here is basically wiccan with a touch of sumerian and babylonian magic, kabbalistic magic and of course just a pinch of old-fashioned goofer dust, van-van wash and dragon’s blood mixed with a touch of black john the conqueror and 3-kings oil on a red-coated jumbo candle…

The principles utilized in spellcasting are very basic, and relate to their foundational base, which is, of course, the magic practiced in the distant past. What secrets did the ancients possess???

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