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A Warning Sign Takes you Back Home if you lose your nerve or want to try a different level or both.

It’s all iron-reinforced concrete forms into the sky and back again for the casual traveler on the first and easiest level, which is the the SuperBeacon & Matrix to the far left as you come into the World of Skywalking in GoDD®. You can experience this thrilling and challenging virtual world on your Android smartphone and on Pads and Tabs, too. Continue reading

Why I Re-Created Gorebagg in Diablo 2 Today


Kurt Russell signed this photo, one of several dozen cast-signed shots from the production, including original script.
Kurt Russell signed this photo, one of several dozen cast-signed shots from the production, including a signed original script. I’m trying to get Kurt or James Hong to sign one for Amy — it’s her favorite film!

Teena, if you read this, please ask Jim to sign & send photo, thx.

Yep, I did it; I went into ALL my Diablo II accounts and refreshed them, upgraded characters, settled the contents of backpacks and stashboxes, and in some cases took the character up a level or three, to make sure I wasn’t booted out for switching games too fast, although that did happen a few times in spite of my care.

In all, I’ve rescued about a hundred D2 characters, representing some $2,000 in value of what they carry, and another several thousand hours of gameplay over the past decade or more to bring them to that level.

So, they’re all fine, all doing well, none of them lost, none at all, including my level 77 HARDCORE chars in the EUROPEAN server and another 50 HardCore chars on the EASTERN server and still more, about fifty, in the WEST server, so I’m ready when you are to do Bardo Safaris in D2, and to hand out tons of great drops to those who join safaris. Continue reading

Snap-On Tools for 3D SmartGames

We’ve thoroughly player-tested our TouchGodd® games on browsers. Not only do they work, they’re very popular, but because they can’t really be played on a smart phone, they haven’t received recognition or massive downloads as yet.

One point of some paramount importance: I’ve included a video here on how some people are solving the massive-multiplayer issues of a browser-based videogame, but the real issue here is a combination of ignorance and arrogance.

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First New Game in 2 Years


It’s been a long time since I’ve released a 3D action first-person shooter, and it’s appropriate that it should be 2forts, on which I’ve been working on and off for about ten years now, adding detail, taking detail out, looking for that perfect balance of gameplay versus lag, and with the addition of the underwater and slime pools, I think this is going to be a release. I’m sending it out for testing today, and if it passes muster, we’ll try it online with multiplayer, then package it up and get it ready for download — the whole process will take about 1 to 2 weeks to get the install to you.

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Gemini Dancer

Just took a few fun minutes to explore the dance move potential in this model when I walked her into the Gemini to check on a few items, notably a bunch of missing lava lamps and a funny countertop. All was resolved, and as I had her stand there in admiration of the work I’d done, she all of a sudden started dancing to the music. It is a rather upbeat tune, eh?

I thought you might enjoy the challenge, so I invite you folks who are running any of the Prosperity Path orbs, whether they’re Remedials or Classes, to make a video of your avatar dancing to the music thereof. You’ll find the best music in the Classes and Higher Levels, where I’ve put most of the really good stuff.

Judith Spellcaster spellcraft app for iphone android iPod & more

It’s here at last! My Judith Spellcaster spellcrafting lessons are now available in a smartphone app. You can select which spell you want to learn and dance through a world of spellcrafting! The tradition invoked here is basically wiccan with a touch of sumerian and babylonian magic, kabbalistic magic and of course just a pinch of old-fashioned goofer dust, van-van wash and dragon’s blood mixed with a touch of black john the conqueror and 3-kings oil on a red-coated jumbo candle…

The principles utilized in spellcasting are very basic, and relate to their foundational base, which is, of course, the magic practiced in the distant past. What secrets did the ancients possess???

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